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  1. Practice still counts as presence in the competition, as only people who qualified would be able to practice. I.e. the Virgin Islands qualified for the Olympics with Anne, and she was just unable to complete the competition. She still officially "competed" as she qualified and was present with the intent of competition.

    That's good enough for me. I'll update my lists to include Anne as well as the Puerto Rican bobsled team in 2002 which had a similar issue.

  2. Just a question for those who keep track of such things. He mentions that 80 nations took part in Torino. I don't include the Virgin Islands because Anne Abernathy (aka Grandma Luge), broke her wrist in practice and withdrew. Does anybody count a nation as competing simply because they were present at the Opening Ceremony?

  3. Happy New Year everybody.

    This is one of those years where all the good stuff is jammed into the first half of the year. Keep in mind the CG are all but ignored here in the US and I'm still kind of skeptical about the YOG and how they will be perceived as a sporting event. That is still down the road a bit. It is now Vancouver's time and I am truly excited (and jealous) for all those who live in and near that beautiful city. It will be a memorable time for all involved. Best wishes.

  4. That list is far from final. More nations will qualify athletes and some of those who have only one athlete run the risk of not being able to participate should that athlete suffer an injury in the months leading to the Games (I hardly believe the Bahamas have another athlete to replace the one who has qualified). I remember the final list at Torino was only set the day of the opening ceremony and a number of nations that were listed the day before such as Mexico, Jamaica, Pakistan, and Peru were deleted and did not participate.

  5. These people are too caught up in their self-importance to realize that hosting events such as these can have long-term benefits for the city such as needed infrastructure improvements. They always seem to cite the effect such games have on the impoverished, but haven't many past hosts used their athletes villages as low and middle income housing?


    and yes, it seems like some people are anti-swedish in here! In the whole Scandinavia, the support for Ara and Sweden are very strong. Some Norweigans are mad totally on the Italians. Then note, Scandiavians are NOT friends in sport! We are biggest rivals. But in this case the support are very strong.

    FILA may conduct the contests, but the IOC owns the event. Any attempts at redress will need to go through them. I would not hold my breath though after his tantrum.

    I'm going to leave this discussion now. Pillan, I think you need to cool off. You are refusing to listen to reason. You may feel free to fire off another emotional diatribe, but I will waste no further time reading them. I have an Olympic Games to follow.

  7. Pillan, calm down. You are getting a little irrational about this. I don't detect any anti-Sweden bias in any of this discussion and I personally am quite fond of your country. This thread is about an athlete who displayed inappropriate behavior and spoiled the dignity of the occasion for the other medallists. It wouldn't matter if he was Swedish, Russian, American, etc, I would be appalled the same regardless. The IOC might look more favorable on his complaint if he didn't ruin a truly cherished ritual.

  8. Sorry Pillan, sometimes life just isn't fair. Anyone who has been associated with sports has been on the wrong side of a referee or judges decision. A true sportsman will accept such setbacks with grace and dignity. I find acts of poor sportsmanship such as this one or, as another example the 1972 basketball final, to be absolutely deplorable. If Ara had a legitimate complaint, then there would have been more appropriate channels in which to protest. Instead he acted like a spoiled baby who didn't get what he wanted and for that I have no sympathy for him regardless of the particulars of his situation.

  9. Am I the only person that feels there are too many medals in Swimming? And whilst the achievement of Phelps can't be denied, it is much easier for someone like him to gain lots of Gold Medals, and therefore have an added advantage of becoming a legendary Olympian.

    I know for certain that I don't feel the emotions swell up in me for Phelp's medal ceremonies as I do for, to give an example, the judo victors who worked hard for four years for that one brief moment on the podium. Phelps gets to spend more time on the podium than some people spend in competition. The guy is an awesome swimmer though and we are truly blessed to see such an accomplishment in our lifetime.

  10. Well, it's is the night before the opening ceremony here in the Eastern US, Friday morning in Beijing, and I just wanted to wish all my fellow GamesBidders a very enjoyable Games. This is what a lot of us seem to live for and even though the buildup to Beijing has been cluttered with issues that cannot and should not be swept under the carpet and ignored during the course of the Games (they will be brought up, constantly, lets face it politics in the Olympic Games is a reality, like it or not). Nevertheless, the Games are here and they should be memorable on many fronts.

    For those who are in Beijing, I hope you have a very inspiring experience, especially if this is your first Games in person. I think one needs to attend at least one Olympic Games to truly understand the magnitude and the scope of the event and appreciate what it is truly about. I hope you have a safe and enjoyable time and I look forward to reading about your experiences.

    For those of us consigned to the TV or internet, I hope we are able to get a true feel for the event regardless of distance.

    This is one of the truly great spectacles in sport and even though the Olympics sometimes fall short of its lofty ideals, it is still a magical gathering of peoples united in one of our few social common denominators, sport. It's time for the Games, let the wonderful moments begin.

  11. As far as the competition is concerned, my excitement level is about where it is for any Olympic Games. I could live without all the extra baggage that these Games are carrying (I'd much rather be looking forward to a Games in Toronto, a mere seven hour drive from my home).

    I'm at the point in my in my life that I just can't wish four years away to get to London 2012. I'm going to enjoy these upcoming competitions, then take a short breather, and start getting ready for Vancouver.

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