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  1. As Olympic fanatics we get into these musical pieces because of what they represent to us, the attachment of the memories from a certain Olympics to a piece of music associated with that particular celebration. But it dawned on me today while sitting in my car with an Olympic-related CD playing that friends of mine who haven't experienced these memories would probably think I was strange for listening to this stuff. To each their own.

  2. I commend your perseverance in regards to these pieces of music. I wish I knew more of the titles myself. I must have watched that ceremony a hundred times while I was still on my buzz from attending the Games, but for the longest time I didn't know many of the titles myself. I loved Santorini, but it took until 2004 before I found out what it's title was and who composed it. Don't get discouraged, sometimes you get lucky and just stumble unto these things when you least expect it, especially in the internet age.

  3. I can't speak for SkiFreak, but I've always enjoyed that music that is played during the parade (except for Beijing, ugggh). There are many people who actually enjoy the procession, and to them it, along with the lighting of the cauldron, are the opening ceremony. I know Baron is very much into the theatrical elements of the ceremony, I have no problems with that. We all have our own interests, and the Olympic Games not only brings athletes from different parts of the world together, but is also unites fans with different interests and perspectives.

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  4. I was peeking around NBCOlympics.com last night and I decided to take a short look at the re-play of the US-Canada Gold Medal men hockey game from 2002. That authentication process to prove you subscribe to a provider took about five minutes to get through. I hate to see what it will be like come Games-time. It also raises a point, how can they show that archival footage yet they couldn't keep their Beijing videos online past a certain point?

  5. Of course such an article is going to provoke negative reactions from those of us who believe in Olympic values and the worthiness of the institution. People are always going to think what they want to (even if it seems stupid from our own perspective) and there is no point in trying to reason with them, it is usually a waste of time. If anyone in Vancouver actually comes in contact with any of them, just ignore them. Any reaction they get from you will be considered a victory for their compaign of hate. I believe in freedom of speech and assembly, but when groups like this threaten to harm the public good through acts of arson and vandalism, then they must be crushed.

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