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  1. I will probably not be doing much in the way of recording, as I plan to do most my viewing online where I can pick and choose what I wish to watch and have it presented in a nice, neutral feed. I'll try to catch anything I miss right after the Games and before NBC takes down the on-demand video (I have no clue how long they plan to keep it up, Beijing was up into early 2009, but Vancouver for only a couple months afterward).

  2. Just paged through the USA Today preview that Durban mentioned earlier. It really was a waste of money. Largely a series of getting to know the athlete profiles and rather devoid of any meaningful analysis (I guess they figured a lot of people could care less about the strengths and weaknesses of Tunisia's men's basketball team).

  3. Both the Olympics and Paralympics are inspiring in their own way, but I think the Paralympic events would get lost if they were merged into the Olympic Games, so they deserve a showcase all their own. Besides the total number of Olympians and Paralympians in 2008 totaled over 15,000 not including coaches, officials, and team staff, toss in all the logistical issues and this would be a massive organizational headache.

  4. The NBC coverage numbers are absolutely mind-blowing, I remember back in 1996 when the total coverage came to roughly 170 hours, all on the main network.

    For all the hours on TV though, for me it is all about the streaming and being able to watch what I want when I want which, until four years ago, was something I never ever thought would be possible.

  5. The boxing coverage at past Games always included features such as Teddy's Corner with Teddy Atlas (don't know if he will be part of this year's coverage), plus he and Bob Papa spent about 10 hours griping about the judging in Beijing. And don't forget about all those extra commercials you can slot into tape-delayed coverage.

  6. I'm surprised to see the BOA rep got any camera time at all. I remember seeing a news photograph showing a cameraman facing the crowd with his back turned towards the track as the flag went by the camera's position.

    When i think of 1980, I think of really big flags. They look like you could pole vault with them.

    A final note. Thanks to the boycott in 1980, Sochi 2014 will likely outnumber Moscow in terms of number of participating nations.

  7. As someone who enjoys Yanni, Jarre, and John Williams, I disagree with your assessment of Atlanta. Otherwise I concur with you on Albertville, Barcelona, and Lillehammer. The collection of Japanese folk songs used in Nagano was rather neat as well.

    BTW the music for the Spanish entry in Barcelona was titled "Espana", sadly I have not found a recording of it elsewhere. Which was probably a good thing as my wife and I got married the weekend after the Barcelona Games and every piece in our ceremony had an Olympic connection of some sort and I would have probably tried to stick that one in at the last minute.

  8. I don't think it was necessarily the signs that upset the Koreans as much as the lack of respect for the tradition of the parade as demonstrated by some in the American delegation. The let themselves get strung out, wandered off the track into the shade and get interspersed with the delegations that followed (poor Vanuatu, making it's Olympic debut had its grand entrance spoiled by a bunch of US fencers who carried a large sign to get NBC's attention because they figured they would be ignored in the network's coverage. The tactic worked). It really was a disrespectful showing that alienated a host country (that already had some anti-US sentiment over non-Olympic issues) that values reverence to tradition. One could say that it reminds them of Atlanta in 1996, but that was more poor execution of a novel idea and not ignorant behavior on part of the athletes.

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