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  1. Well of course. But out of 48 Super Bowls you would think it would happen at least once. The closest were the Rams (XIV-Pasadena) and 49ers (XIX-Stanford). Both were the host franchises but not in their actual home venue. Those good Dolphins teams of the early 70s somehow missed out on it even with Miami hosting it like every third year at the time. More recently the Saints and Colts have enjoyed consistent success, but the Colts had Manning's injury and the Saints were dealing with the fallout of Bounty-gate during the seasons they were the host.

  2. As a Nationals fan, I do not need many more reasons to dislike the Barves. But this one is a big addition to the list. Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Stade Colombes in Paris the last main Olympic stadium to have been demolished and those games were 90 years ago. (I guess Tokyo's 1964 stadium is also a goner, but they have a good excuse to build a replacement.)

  3. My apologies intoronto, it's just that I have been misled by Wikipedia on a number of occasions and yes I guess I will just have to wait until they actually go on sale to start planning. November, ouch, putting tickets on sale just when I have to start Christmas shopping, guess I'd better start saving up the money.

  4. I do not have a problem with NBCs programming strategy as long as the events are live online. However the experience in 2012 with the high profile sports such as athletics and swimming was just awful with the feeds buffering constantly. It was almost as if they deliberately provided an inferior online service so that you had to watch prime time to actually see the event.

  5. Brazil had an advantage in that they played their semi in the Rose Bowl and didn't have to travel. Italy played their semifinal at Giants Stadium on the same day three time zones away and had to travel across the country for the Final. It made for a brutal final.

    Other than that I would say World Cup USA94 was the greatest month in our nation's sporting history. I can't believe the 20th anniversary is coming up next summer because it just seems like it happened recently.

  6. I think you're right Durban, there may have only been a shot of Samuelson.

    All these clips bring back great memories as the CC in 1992 was six days before my wife and I were married. She let me pick out the music and of course every piece had an Olympic connection. Too bad It was too close to include some of the Barcelona pieces in the ceremony.

  7. It's very alliterative but it does not conjure up pictures of Ohno's sport. There are also names like Rocky Balboa, Bob Cvrtlik, Anton Shikuriludze or Shahkisvili. How about: Iranian weightlifter Said Mohammmadpourkarkaragh? And the 1984 gold-medal winning US Men's Indoor Volleyball with the most same initialed names: Dusty Dvorak, Karch Kiraly, Pat Powers, Steve Salmons -- no other Olympic team in history is known to boast as many same-initialed players as that team.

    But in terms of achievement, probably the really greatest names (repeat, multiple medals) are: Jim Thorpe, Paavo Nurmi, Jesse Owens, Al Oerter, Mark Spitz, Nikolai Andrianov, and of course Michael Phelps, the greatest one of all: 18 golds*, 2 silvers, 2 bronzes (over 3 Games). *In terms of Olympic golds, NO OTHER athlete has won double-digit gold medals as Phelps has.

    For the winter athletes: these are the greatest: Bjorn Daehlie (Norway) - he is the most bemedalled winter olympian in winter Olympics winning 8 golds and 4 silvers in dominating cross -country skiing during 1992, 1994 and 1998 Olympics.

    2.) Lyubov Yegorova (Russia) - she is the most successful female athlete in Winter Olympic. Just like Bjorn, she dominated cross country skiing in 1992 and 1994 Olympics, winning 6 golds and 3 silvers. and

    3) Eric Heiden -- sweeping ALL 5 long speedskating golds at Lake Placid 1980 - the biggest gold haul by ONE athlete in one Winter Games!!



    Nice anecdote about Larisa Latynina: apparently she was present at the night in London when Phelps was going to break her record. When he did, she asked to present his medal. But the IOC and FINA refused, saying it was against the rules. How stupid and idiotic the IOC has been!! What a sweet moment for the 2 winners, for the fans and for history to have the baton passed from one record-holder to the next!! What a wasted opportunity! BIGGEST BOZOS of all time: the IOC!!

    (Man, if I was Latynina, I would've knocked over that official and gone over and handed Michael that 19th Olympic medal of his! Damn the consequences!)


    They could have at least let her present the flowers. I remember a medal ceremony at Beijing where an athlete from Azerbaijan won gold in one of the judo classes and they let the President of Azerbaijan participate by presenting the bouquets. Dang IOC and IF poobahs think they are the stars of the medal presentations.

  8. The leagues can still play, it will give some of their high-priced benchwarmers some playing time. It's a fact of life here in the US where MLS has played on through the World Cup (although they did take a two week break in 2010). Obviously, the Euro leagues would lose a larger number of players compared to MLS, but they have more than enough players to fill in for the matches over a two month period.

  9. Except it would probably be Christian nations in the semis and the finals (Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany, France, Argentina, Netherlands...the UK, the USA :) ) ...so what would their supporters be doing in a muslim land on Christmas Day??? :blink: Plan NEEDS lotsa work.

    True, but if they did they would have an easier time doing their Christmas shopping in their free time as the malls in Doha will be a lot less crowded on the 24th.

  10. I don't know. The idea of watching the World Cup on Thanksgiving has a certain appeal. Theoretically the final could be on Christmas Day. which falls on a Sunday in 2022.

    Seriously though, this is the only reasonable solution. It is going to be an inconvenience to many parties, but they will just have to adapt. The whole coordinated international calendar will need to be re-worked, but this can be accomplished. It just another price to pay for the decision to award this WC to a highly dubious candidiate.

  11. I am so over this Qatar 2022 thing. I was upset for a long time, but I just accepted it as a by-product of the rampant corruption going on inside FIFA since the Havelange years. It will be interesting to see how they pull this off. It looks like they have been rehearsing for 2022 recently when Doha hosted two WC qualifiers in a given day when Qatar and Iraq (playing their home matches in Doha) both played home matches on the same day, albeit on a much smaller scale.

    If they move it out of the summer, I hope it is towards the end of the year. I know that would require a re-working of the football calendar as we know it, but we are talking the greatest championship in sport here. As far as the US TV rights. Fox and Telemundo have already been awarded the rights for 2018 and 2022 for a combined $1 billion. Fox could have a field day with a October World Cup, bundling the World Cup during the day with the World Series at night (although I think their current MLB deal only runs to 2021).

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  12. Don't know if this story is true but I read somewhere that they were going to add a ring to the logo for each celebration of the games but then decided to keep the five ringed version that debuted at Antwerp (obviously this did not count cancelled celebrations or there would have been six rings). To me the five rings are the greatest symbol in the world (I'm biased, of course). In fact I almost got up and cheered during a church service a few years back when the minister mentioned in his message that a survey showed that more people worldwide knew what the five rings symbolized than knew the significance of the cross. That's the power of those rings. People generally (not us GBers) forget boomerangs, olive wreaths, snowflowers, samtaeguks, and other elements of logos past, but they never forget the rings.

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