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  1. Unfortunate scheduling with this running almost concurrent with Euro 2016. People are saying you can watch the Euros during the day and the CAC at night. Well, some of us work for a living. They could have kicked this off the Friday before the Euro final and wrapped it up the weekend prior to the start of Rio.

  2. As much as I enjoy the WWC, it is not yet a high profile event and not one that needs bidding nations to propose a plethora of large venues. I think you dismiss Sweden too easily, they made do with five respectable venues during Euro 2013 and they'd need maybe only one more, given that Canada is using six for a 24 team tournament next year. That is if Sweden actually pursues a bid. Of those listed, only South Korea has confirmed it's intentions, the others have expressed interest, but have not confirmed and only have until Tuesday to declare so.

  3. If you need a good laugh go to the Google Play store and look for the Olympic.tv app. Then read the comments from people who were looking forward to free Olympic coverage only to find out it isn't available where they live. It's like a bunch of kids complaining that life isn't fair. WAAH. I guess they don't understand the concept of TV rights.

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  4. Yoshi, I don't think that Russia moves it time back or forward an hour in the autumn and spring like many places do. I noticed that tonight when I was looking at the Formula One schedule and there is an eight hour difference between my time zone and Sochi time for the Russian GP in October, yet the difference is nine hours for the Olympics.

  5. That is great news. Now I can watch everything I want and get to bed at a decent hour in order to get up for my 5 am cross country races the next morning.

    Durban mentioned the USA Today preview issue in an earlier post. I picked up a copy today and while I will not spoil the fun for others, I'll just say that it's pretty good, a lot better than their London preview which was just a regurgitation of athlete profiles that they had been running on their website.

  6. Baron, this is what I remember of all that. FIFA was less than enamored with the way things were being run by then USSF President Werner Fricker and the leadership of the OC which was Scott LeTellier and Chuck Cale. They had signed a TV deal with NBC and SportsChannel America which in FIFA's eyes was for way too little money. So FIFA convinced Rothenburg (a known quantity to them from his serving as LAOOC commissioner for soccer in 1984) to run against Fricker with the less than subtle hint that Rothenburg had better win or else. Rothenburg won. Don't know much of Kissinger's role in this, but his experience may have come in handy if FIFA did try to take the cup away from us.

  7. Before we get too excited here, let's recall the long discussion we had last year whether NBC was going to stream the OC live and in the end they decided that the ceremony was not a sporting event but an entertainment spectacle and did not stream it live. They did stream the closing though (a last minute decision). Has it been said for certain that the OC will be streamed? If so., I will need to arrange for a personal day at work since it starts at 1114 EST.

  8. Well of course. But out of 48 Super Bowls you would think it would happen at least once. The closest were the Rams (XIV-Pasadena) and 49ers (XIX-Stanford). Both were the host franchises but not in their actual home venue. Those good Dolphins teams of the early 70s somehow missed out on it even with Miami hosting it like every third year at the time. More recently the Saints and Colts have enjoyed consistent success, but the Colts had Manning's injury and the Saints were dealing with the fallout of Bounty-gate during the seasons they were the host.

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