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  1. Previous champions Norway and Germany booked their spots at Canada 2015 today, maintaining their perfect WWC attendance records. France qualified for the third time and second consecutively, while Spain join the party as debutantes. The final day of group qualifying takes place Wednesday after which the final group winner (Sweden or Scotland) and the four playoff teams will be determined.

    Also the Women's Copa America is now underway in Ecuador. The tournament serves as a trio of qualifying competitions. The top two to Canada 2015 with the third to a playoff vs CONCACAF #4, the first two qualify for Rio 2016,and the first four for the Pan Am Games 2015. Play continued through 28 September.

  2. It's a shame Spirit of 84 didn't start recording three hours before the ceremony, then I could watch my beloved Seahawks thrash Tampa Bay 38-0 in the Hall of Fame Game...It was a good day.

    Watching that video made me remember that I didn't even get to see it in color back in 1984. We had just moved into our new house and the TV wire would only reach as far as my bedroom with the old black and white set (Didn't have any place to set the bigger color TV yet). So there we sat me, my sister, and my mom all crowded on my tiny bed watching the OC. Thankfully my dad had a softball tournament and was away.

    I enjoy seeing those ABC promos, I know we had a discussion elsewhere about how shows fare after heavy promotion during the Olympics. so I looked up that Glitter...it lasted only three episodes before being yanked. It was brought back later and didn't last any longer than the first time.

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  3. Strange that they would play at all at home during the Games with everything else going on. But given that nobody really expects any structural alterations to the stadium for the ceremonies it really isn't much of a problem. It might need to be undressed and redressed for the closing at the most.

  4. Jim McKay was like a hyperactive child whenever the Olympics came around and I think it was infectious. Looking back, he did seem to talk way too much but back then we had nothing to compare him with. He was Mr. Olympics and just having him on our TVs every night for two weeks was special (of course, I grew up in a four channel, no cable home so having sports on every day for two weeks was truly special). I think it is why it took awhile to get used to NBC broadcasting the summer Games, especially with the haughty I'm superior in intellect to you attitude of Bryant Gumbel in 1988 and Bob Costas, who did well in 1992 but has become increasingly smarmy as time has passed.

  5. I'm disappointed in the lack of information in today's announcement. Just a generic schedule, no details about session start times or venue specifics. I hope at least the start times are available on Sept 15 so I don't buy tickets to events going on at the same time.

  6. Thanks Durban, this made my day.

    One thing I happened to notice was that Andorra's flagbearer Joan Tomas, also was their flagbearer in 2012 (at age 61).

    I miss the ceremonies with the orchestra playing during the parade as opposed to all the tecno and dance music they have used lately (except Torino which I loved since I'm addicted to disco).

    Really the only OCs I need to see yet are Montreal (an original broadcast, not the dubbed over one seen on Youtube) and Sarajevo.

  7. Those are some interesting numbers that do put things in a different perspective. I think if people were told that the stadiums were to be privately financed and then were actually built with public funds, then their anger would still be justified. However if these numbers are true it just shows how easy it is to start a smear campaign via social media against such large targets such as mega sporting events.

  8. We will be driving up (it's only a little over a 5 hour drive from central PA). But we plan to use the public transit wherever possible. Hoping to get OyC tickets too, may be my once in a lifetime chance to see one live. Also looking at canoeing, judo, rugby and a few others TBD once the official schedule with start times is released. Also want to take a couple days away from the events so we can do some recreational things, I'm taking all the mistakes I made with my one Olympic experience (Atlanta), and trying not to make them here, one being don't buy tickets for every day of your visit, take some time to explore the area.

  9. Thailand qualify as the fifth place team at the Asian Women's Cup. This will be the nation's first appearance in either a men's or women's world cup. They join Chinese Taipei (1991) and Equatorial Guinea (2011) as nations whose have qualified for the Women's World Cup but have not for the men's edition.

    Six of the 24 spots are now claimed. A couple European teams may clinch their spots next month, otherwise we now wait until autumn to resume filling out the field.

  10. As expected, Japan and Australia joined the field of 24 today. Australia will be making its 6th consecutive WWC appearance, while the defending world champions become the first team to guarantee it's continued streak of qualifying for every WWC will remain intact (Germany, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, Nigeria, and the USA are the others who could join them in doing so as qualification plays out).

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