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  1. The diagram showing the what seats fell into which price category had it in baseball configuration, though football would be more ideal, especially if the athletes have sections of seats reserved for them. I didn't care for the setup in the 2011 pan ams where they had the big soccer field but lost a lot of it to the folding chairs they set up on the field for the athletes and the large stage. It really looked claustrophobic.
  2. The ticketmaster page mentions GA 39, whatever that means. I checked a RC seating chart and found no section 39. Got the $350 seats (roughly $312 US). I'd better get some serious goosebumps for my money.
  3. Got my ticket confirmation today. I did get everything I requested. The OC glitch was caused by my credit card being red flagged when they thought somebody in Canada was making fraudulent charges on my account. According to the csr I spoke to today, it was a frequent occurrence.
  4. Well, my credit card statement is showing pending charges for all the sports tickets I requested, but not the OC. I either missed out on the random selection or it hasn't happened yet.
  5. It's Cirque du Soleil, they charge over $100 for the best seats at their Disney show.
  6. 1980. I was 12 years old, in the middle of summer vacation, no job to worry about. Looking at that broadcast schedule I think it fair to say that I would have watched every second of the coverage. Thanks for nothing Mr Georgia peanut farmer.
  7. It has become one of my favorite songs, Thank goodness for the internet so that I could learn the words.
  8. I meant politically speaking.
  9. http://www.insidethegames.biz/sports/summer/handball/1023727-bahrain-withdraws-from-2015-men-s-world-handball-championship-in-Qatar The issue is having an impact on the 2015 World Handball Championships.
  10. Of course I have a full day planned for the 6th already and will have to DVR the draw (workday,weekend, it doesn't matter, I can never seem to catch one live) as I believe I heard one of the FOX stations will be showing it. Ecuador and Trinidad & Tobago drew 0-0 in the first leg of their playoff today in Quito. T&T endured the altitude today and has to feel good about it's chances heading home for the return tie on December 2nd.
  11. Well, they were only awarded the Games two weeks previously. Not much time to put something elaborate together.
  12. Eugene would be a nice departure from normal, a bucolic college setting in a beautiful part of our country. Hayward is near a number of interstate highways so it is not out there in the middle of nowhere and the stadium could easily be expanded to achieve the same attendance numbers that Osaka and Daegu drew during their championships. It might be "roughing it" by international event standards but it would be a refreshing change, if only for one time.
  13. Lyon won the 2011 and 2012 UEFA Women's Champions League.
  14. The Netherlands beat Scotland 2-0 to advance 4-1 on aggregate. Netherlands vs Italy for the final UEFA spot. Only four teams, and four matches remain in qualifying for two final spots. Only 37 days to the draw.
  15. New Zealand is #22 to qualify after dominating the OFC Women's Championship. This is the third consecutive appearance for New Zealand and 4th overall. Personally I hope New Zealand and Australia get drawn into the same group, that would be one fun matchup. Italy and Ukraine drew 2-2 so Italy advances to the European playoff final, 4-3 on aggregate. Netherlands and Scotland play their second leg tomorrow.
  16. NBC Universal already has the media rights to the 2017 and 2019 championships as part of an extension of their current rights agreement that originally covered 2013 and 2015.
  17. Given the trend in recently unveiled logos for other FIFA competitions, I'd say that this was rather predictable. As for the stars within the circles, I count 11 so maybe it represents the 11 host cities.
  18. Mexico became the 21st team to book its spot in Canada with a 4-2 extra time win over Trinidad and Tobago, who now face Ecuador in the the CONCACAF-CONMEBOL playoff. The first match is in Ecuador on 8 November, with the second match in T&T now scheduled for 2 December (the original date was 23 November). Now that will determine the final qualifier and not the European playoff as stated previously. Mexico will be making its second consecutive appearance and third overall.
  19. Cote d'Ivoire claim the third slot from Africa and will make it's WWC debut. The Netherlands and Italy both win their opening playoff legs by 2-1 scores overy Scotland and Ukraine respectively.
  20. Costa Rica and the USA advance to the WWC. First time for Costa Rica and the US has never failed to qualify. All the teams who have contested every WWC will be in Canada next year.
  21. Nigeria and Cameroon qualified today with 2-1 wins over South Africa and Cote d'Ivoire in the semifinals of the African Women's Championship. The semifinal losers meet on Saturday for the third African spot in Canada. Nigeria maintains its perfect WWC attendance record while Cameroon are through for the first time. CONCACAF's Women's Championship is down to the semifinal stage on Friday as Costa Rica face Trinidad and Tobago and the USA meet Mexico . The winners qualify for Canada as does the third-place winner. Fourth place faces Ecuador in a playoff.
  22. I can sympathize with Durban, for the longest time Moscow 1980 was like a forbidden frontier. Yes, you could read snippets about it in books and old magazines and newspapers. But video was largely impossible to view for the longest time. I bought Bud Greenspan's Olympiad series and there are only a few seconds of 1980 footage in the whole series. I don't think I ever saw the cauldron lighting until youtube came into being and now finally the whole OC is getting pieced together and I'm grateful for that, so much that the poor video quality doesn't bother me.
  23. The ticket request phase is now closed. Now the waiting begins to see if we get everything on our wish list. For the record I requested the OC on the 10th. BMX and Judo on the 11th. Rugby on the 12th Field Hockey and beach volleyball on the 13th. Canoe sprint on the 14th, Badminton on the 16th and archery and team handball on the 17th. Ticket sales will resume December 8th.
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