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  1. I'll be honest, my interest in college football has been nonexistent for about 15 years and the only way I said I might come back was if some form of meaningful playoff was established. As we debated earlier I thought the four teams were insufficient, but binary was right, it actually has turned out great. I felt really engaged during the two semifinal bowls and I eagerly anticipate tonight's game (Go Ducks). Tomorrow will be very different from the past, I usually rejoiced in the end of college football season, I think I may wake up tomorrow with a bit of anticipation for September.
  2. The first thing Boston's bid committee should do is track down the descendants of James Connolly, native Bostonian and first modern Olympic champion, and line them up for their final pitch to the IOC.
  3. I re-read my post and I can see that the sarcasm really did fall flat so Quaker's reaction, given what we do deal with here, is certainly understandable. My apologies for my initial reaction. I'm done with 2022 now, and this time I mean it.
  4. You actually thought I was serious (question mark, that key doesn't seem to work on my laptop). A little levity does not hurt once in a while around here. It might, however, have been a great idea for the annual April 1st article and I think a lot of people might have fallen for it.
  5. Excuse me if somebody has already broached this idea (as I've been avoiding the 2022 stuff as if it were a plague), but the IOC should call off 2022, let Qatar host the WC in February. Then declare that the Centennial Winter Games will be held in 2024 with a fresh slate of bidders. Then resume the regular rotation in 2026.
  6. BAM! POW! WHAM! At least I waited and let my wife buy it for me as a Christmas gift instead of spending the $135 myself.
  7. Unfortunately it would be a matter of working it into our schedule. The only possibility would be the second session of the opening day of the women's tournament but I'm scheduled to be at badminton in Markham until 530 pm.
  8. I also noticed today that CONCACAF is playing a Gold Cup doubleheader at BMO Field on July 14 (the first Tuesday of the Games). Granted BMO will be finished as a venue after the first weekend, but it is located within Pan Am Park I guess PASO doesn't care about the competition for the spectator dollars.
  9. I would have ordered some basketball tickets had I known that the Ryerson Athletic Center is actually located inside Maple Leaf Gardens
  10. 37 bowls plus the championship game is utterly ridiculous, so is the four team playoff (okay, it's better than what we used to have) but a 16 team championship tournament would be perfect. the 10 FBS conference champions plus six at-large teams The others can play in a scaled down Bowl system.
  11. I remember that game well (in fact I think it was played on my birthday). The Korean ref lost control of that game early and never got it back. Hopefully the referees committee remember it as well when making the assignment for that match.
  12. Unlike the US men, I have total faith in the character of the US women when up against strong opposition. I still believe they Sweden and Australia, in that order, will go through from this group. Spain seem to be the best of the newcomers, from what I saw of them in Euro 2013. Switzerland and the Netherlands look like round of 16 material. Costa Rica beat Mexico in CONCACAF qualifying and cannot be easily dismissed either. I'll post my full picks at a later time when I feel a little more confident about them. The tricky part is figuring out which third place teams will go through.
  13. The soccer sales intrigue me given that the WWC and Copa America end the weekend before the Games and the CONCACAF Gold Cup runs concurrent with them. The men's is a under 22 event so the senior competitions will not drain the talent pool completely. The women's has no age limit and could be impacted by how far some teams go in the WWC. The fact that more tickets were requested for equestrian and canoe slalom than for athletics and swimming is interesting. I'm glad to see so many tickets were sold in the greater Toronto area. If you believe the losers who post comments on any Pan Am story in the Star or the Sun, they'd have you convinced that absolutely no one is going to show up to watch a bunch of second class athletes.
  14. I don't get it , even with all these new teams the US still gets put in the same group with Sweden for the fourth straight WWC and Nigeria for the fourth time out of the last five. It is definitely the hardest group. Group C is easy maybe Group B slightly easier. All in all it's a decent draw with a lot of matches to look forward to, unfortunately though that they are six months down the road. There will be a lot of staring at these groups until then, trying to figure out how it's all going to play out.
  15. The pots for the draw: 1) Canada, USA, Germany, Japan, France, Brazil 2) Nigeria, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Mexico, Costa Rica, New Zealand 3) Australia, China, South Korea, Thailand, Colombia, Ecuador 4) Sweden, England, Switzerland. Spain, Norway, Netherlands There was some thought that FIFA would use the world rankings to decide the top seeds as they did for the men's this year, which would have had Sweden on the top line instead of Brazil. The issue with the women's rankings is the disparity in the number of matches the teams play. Europe has a full-blown qualifying procedure, while CONMEBOL has a tournament to determine its qualifiers. Only 79 of the 128 nations that attempted to qualify actually played a home match during qualifying, so I do not think you can base the seeding decision based strictly on rankings.
  16. Well it was obvious that expansion to 24 was going to open up opportunities for new qualifiers, but it happened on a scale greater than I would have imagined. I figured nations like Spain and Switzerland would be there and one could say that Thailand benefitted from North Korea's exclusion. But I did figure that sometime qualifiers like Russia, Argentina, Italy, and Denmark would e among the finalists. it is great to see how this sport is growing.
  17. Talk about leaving it late, Ecuador scores in second half additional time to take a 1-0 win to claim the final berth in the 2015 FIFA WWC. Now it is on to the draw Saturday in Ottawa. The draw procedures will be announced Friday. I will be away all day Saturday, so if anybody wants to post the results, feel free. I feel I have really dominated this thread the past few months and I don't want others to feel they can't participate.
  18. I look at that map and my mind flashes back to my last day in Atlanta back in 1996. It went like this.. 2 hour drive from the hotel ACOG booked me in Greenville, SC to the park and ride in Norcross. 30 minute bus ride from park and ride in Norcross to drop off near the Georgia Dome. 45 minute ride on MARTA train from Five Points Station to Indian Creek Station. 45 minute bus ride from Indian Creek Station to Georgia International Horse Park. Other than making sure I stay a lot closer to the city, the rest of the itinerary to attend equestrian over in Virginia might entail a similar sort of plan. As I stated earlier Washington is not bereft of perfectly adequate venues within DC. A few sports could be held outside the district, but certainly not marquee sports such as swimming or gymnastics. But I get the feeling the success of this bid hangs on factors other than any venue plan and I am not optimistic.
  19. They seem more interested in getting the NFL team back from the suburbs and using a potential Olympic stadium to do so than building a stadium for United than can then be retrofitted to accommodate the typical 15000-20000 fans who attend MLS matches. DC United probably has not even thought of that possibility, and the fact it would involve another 10 years (if the bid were successful) at RFK and they want to be out of there ASAP. I agree with you about this venue plan. It totally ignores the many university facilities within the district at GWU, Georgetown, Howard, and American as well as the downtown arena, Nationals Park (should baseball ever return), and FedEx field. A dearth of quality venues should not doom this bid.
  20. The Netherlands beat Italy 2-1 to win the playoff 3-2 on aggregate. The Dutch are the 23rd team and 7th debutante of which we will e guaranteed another however the Ecuador-Trinidad & Tobago playoff turns out. I thought I'd include a list of debutantes by WWC. 1991-China, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand, Germany, Brazil, Japan, Sweden, USA, Nigeria, Italy, Chinese Taipei 1995-England, Canada, Australia 1999-North Korea, Mexico, Russia. Ghana 2003-Argentina, France, South Korea 2007-No debutantes 2011-Colombia, Equatorial Guinea 2015-Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Costa Rica, Netherlands, ECU or TRI.
  21. Ironic that they are the same four areas that hosted the 1984 soccer tournament. The venues then were the Rose Bowl, Stanford, Harvard, and the Naval Academy. Now they could use MLS stadiums such as the StubHub Center in Carson, the new Avaya Stadium in San Jose, DC United's new stadium (if it gets built) and now the Kraft family are making their annual noise about building a new stadium in Boston for the Revs. Of course there are larger capacity options as well in every region.
  22. I spoke enthusiastically about a DC bid a few months back. Now I could care less. Getting the DC United stadium built is my number one DC sports concern.
  23. I certainly wrote the Alouettes off when they were 1-8 at midseason. Calgary has been the best team this year and the Stamps should be champs for the first time since 2008.
  24. Italy and the Netherlands drew 1-1 in the first leg today in Den Haag. The teams meat again Thursday in Bologna. I'd love to see on TV somewhere so I can drive my relatives nuts at Thanksgiving dinner.
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