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  1. They are voting on this 9 years in advance, which leads me to believe that Blatter wants more influence in this decision (assuming he is re-elected which is probably a done deal) than had it been voted upon in 2019 or 2020. It has been speculated around here the he really wanted 2022 in the USA and perhaps he sees this as an opportunity to make amends. Remember the USSF is one of the few bodies that kept it's mouth shut after the Qatar decision and publically accepted the decision.

  2. ESPN has carried select events on their networks in the past, with a large portion of events online. I'm sure we might see an increase in this with the Games being so close in proximity to America.

    True. In 2011 though the English coverage on the main channel just consisted of a US basketball game here or a US volleyball game there. Not enough to give anybody a real insight into the Games at large. The streaming was just a simulcast of the ESPNDeportes coverage. There was supplemental online coverage on a website called Terra Sports, though which allowed one to view a whole variety of sports.

    Back in 2007 ESPN started the minimal English coverage while the bulk was on Deportes (along with the online simulcast), but during the second week started to add to their coverage on the main channel, it was popping up at unexpected times and was an unexpected surprise. It was still in Spanish, but I didn't care. Given that this year's Games fall into a similar time frame (2011 was in October when ESPN was heavy with programming commitments) perhaps we will see a similar scenario. I will add the Spanish channels onto my satellite package just before the Games just to be on the safe side (and to record every second of the coverage while I'm actually in Toronto).

  3. You're delusional. How can an event's profile be raised when people don't have a chance to watch it. Hype plays a big role in the success of things in the sporting world and in this case, no one cares to do so.

    This will be my last reply to you. Welcome to my ignore list.

  4. The profile of the Pan Am games is changing, Well as far as the US is concerned that has been the case for a couple decades now as we can't find an English speaking network to broadcast the Games after CBS did a commendable job in the 70s and 80s and ABC in 1991. The marquee athletes now skip the Games because Pan Am gold doesn't come with cash or a new car attached to it like the other competitions sanctioned by their respective IF. This is a challenge that the new leadership of PASO faces since Don Mario just let the Games rot in certain major markets. The design of a torch or medals or mascots or logos has nothing to do with this process.

    By the way, I was joking about selling my OC tickets. I thought the emoticon indicated so.

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  5. Add my name to those who lament what this place has become. At one time it was a fascinating gathering place to debate, share, and learn. Now it has just become another crass outpost in that untamed wilderness called the internet. We have lost a lot of good people as a result and I, too, plan to leave at the conclusion of the Pan Am Games. I'm only sticking around until then because I am attending them and I might be in a position to make some final, meaningful contributions to the forum.

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  6. The reason the venue plan is the way it is, is because the provincial and federal government would only support a Toronto bid if the Games were geographically spread across the GGHMA.

    BMO Field, Hershey Centre, Ricoh Coliseum, Rexall Centre, Rogers Centre, Direct Energy Centre, Maple Leaf Gardens, Varsity Stadium, Midlands, Caledon Equestrian Park and the venues for mountain biking would all be used in some capacity for a Toronto Olympic Games.

    The rowing and or canoe flatwater venue would probably make that list as well. Let's also remember the Air Canada Centre, and the FirstOntario Centre in Hamilton, which are not being used in the Pan American Games. Really all they would need to do is build a new stadium (as I posted back a ways, the Blue Jays will probably be looking for a new stadium in the next 20 years), aquatic center and velodrome (both could be temporary structures) perhaps all in an Olympic park setting with the new village nearby.

  7. The venues are in line with what we have seen at recent Pan American Games (perhaps with the exception of Rio 2007). Indianapolis, Winnipeg, and Guadalajara have all used modest sized athletics stadiums. These venues are designed for an intimate spectator experience (as opposed to sitting six rows from the top of the Georgia Dome watching basketball in 1996). If architectural eye candy is your thing, the Pan Am Games will just continue to disappoint you.

  8. Since it will be in the middle of baseball and the start of the CFL season, you will not be having them rip holes in the stadium floor for special effect use, so you can forget covering the field with water or placing a giant screen in the middle of the field or other wow features seen in recent Olympics. A simple ceremony does not equate a bad ceremony. Lots of goosebump musi, dazzling choreography and ample pyrotechinics can make for a memorable evening. It might be a little blasé for the connoisseurs of stadium theatre here, but for the world at large it would be fine.

    The ceremony is now sold out, that is great news. Timing is everything though. When my tickets were charged two months ago I paid $312 American. Now with the Canadian dollar dropping, they would have been around $283. Oh well.

  9. Age-46

    Location-Sunbury, PA

    Nationality-American, with German and Swiss ancestry

    Sexuality-Straight, married 22 years

    Religion--I am a born again Christian, I am also an ordained minister, However, I hold absolutely nothing against those who follow different faiths, or don't follow at all. I welcome friends of all beliefs, orientations, nationalities. etc,

    Madonna--Like a Virgin.

  10. I'll be honest, my interest in college football has been nonexistent for about 15 years and the only way I said I might come back was if some form of meaningful playoff was established. As we debated earlier I thought the four teams were insufficient, but binary was right, it actually has turned out great. I felt really engaged during the two semifinal bowls and I eagerly anticipate tonight's game (Go Ducks). Tomorrow will be very different from the past, I usually rejoiced in the end of college football season, I think I may wake up tomorrow with a bit of anticipation for September.

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