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  1. Well, to be honest the nationality of the person who said it was Mexican, Don Mario Vázquez Raña, late-President of the Pan American Sports Organization, who said the Winnipeg Games were the best-organized since his own Games in Mexico City in 1975. Despite the "unpardonable attendance record" the 1999 Games still turned a healthy profit of $8.9 million.

    Throne, despite the fact that I have blocked you, I still come across your posts because others quote them, or I happen to check this page out on my phone where I am not signed in and my block list in not in effect. That aside, I must say your mostly negative posts about these games are really dragging me down, given that I will be spending a fair sum of money to attend the Games. I have made my peace that this event is not as popular as it once was, and that the populace of Toronto may not we enthralled as a whole about hosting them, I frankly, do not give a damn about what other people think about them. I care about the Games and given the proximity to home, felt an obligation to support them. I do not care that I will not be seeing Usain Bolt and Micheal Phelps (I am not mesmerized by superstars). I will be still be seeing top level athletes who are grateful for the opportunity. Then you come along and criticize all the marginalia (the street banners, the torch, the Brazilian uniforms) that will be forgotten the day after the ParaPan Ams end. Like I said many pages ago, start a new thread about that stuff and leave this one to Games news. Give the handful of us who care about the Games and the competition a break.

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  2. I predict a slow start to the games attendance wise, but once the locals get a feel for the event, you'll see a lot of walk-up sales. Some sports will naturally draw better than others (keep in mind that the ceremonies, soccer, and rugby represent 500000 of the available tickets just by themselves), and the success of the Games cannot be measured in attendance alone. Everybody considered Winnipeg 1999 a success yet I remember reading that one of the women's water polo games was played before 21 fans.

  3. You would expect Toronto to go slow with the decorating since the city has so many events going on between now and July (the IndyCar race is one event that comes to mind).

    I need some advice for my trip to Toronto, pertaining to our cell phones. My carrier here offers an add-on package for Canada but it costs way too much and probably does not include enough data to make it through the week. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  4. Quaker, I used the programming search on ESPNmediazone.com. I also had ESPN Deportes included in the search, but nothing turned up (like Durban just stated).

    It really is an impressive time commitment and hopefully it serves to re-introduce the event to those who assumed it didn't exist anymore because they had not seen it on tv in decades.

    Durban, I do not think the closing ceremony starts until 8pm on the 26th. Events in that afternoon time slot include the men's soccer and volleyball finals and I think the women's baseball gold medal game as well.

  5. ESPN/ESPN2 Broadcast Schedule

    July 10 8-11pm ESPN

    July 11 6-10 pm ESPN2

    July 12 7-11pm ESPN2

    July 13 630pm-midnight ESPN2

    July 14 7pm-midnight ESPN2

    July 15 7-9pm ESPN2 (ESPY's night)

    July 16 7pm-midnight ESPN2

    July 17 7pm midnight ESPN2

    July 18 7pm-midnight ESPN2

    July 19 130-5pm ESPN2

    7-10 pm ESPN2

    July 20 7pm-midnight ESPN2

    July 21 6-11pm ESPN2

    July 22 6pm-midnight ESPN2

    July 23 6pm-midnight ESPN2

    July 24 6pm-midnight ESPN2

    July 25 430-11pm ESPN2

    July 26 1-530 pm ESPN

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  6. Indoor volleyball schedule released.


    Ticket sales have resumed now for all sports. It is interesting to note that I was snooping around Stubhub.com and noticed that people are re-selling their tickets (which will not even be printed until next month) already, which is actually commonplace. I did a double-take, though, when I saw somebody was asking $1900 each for A

    category OC tickets. I do believe somebody's expectations are a little out of line.

  7. I don't believe there has been a fully private funded Games. The security involves a federal, state, and local element. highways a state element, and subways a local element. The money for these projects comes from public dollars, not from an organizing committee. I really would have, had I read the article about the various cities in a more timely fashion, laid into the lady in the comments area who posted all those articles about Atlanta. She clearly lacked an understanding about who is responsible for what and where the funds come from for such projects.

    The Montreal games wound up costing each taxpayer $700 in increased taxes, I think that was spread out over 25 years, an average of $28 a year. Some of us can only wish to be that lucky.

  8. Except football in France is the No1 sport by far ... in the US, football is a minor sport so could easily be overwhelmed by such a major culture event.

    The US played Brazil on July 4, 1994 and drew one of the largest TV audiences for a soccer match up until that time (though about half of what some US games drew last summer). You obviously are oblivious to how big an event the World Cup has become in the USA.

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