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  1. That game is representative of why I hold the WWC so dear. A hard fought, but cleanly played game by both teams. I rarely feel a great deal of joy while watching sports anymore, but tonight it overflowed. Hopefully Japan and England do the same tomorrow.
  2. Release from ESPN on coverage plans. http://espnmediazone.com/us/press-releases/2015/06/more-than-ten-ways-to-follow-the-pan-american-games-toronto-2015-on-espn-and-espn-deportes-platforms/ It's really a shame that some sports will have no coverage at all since the host broadcast agreement with CBC only covers certain sports. But then, it still beats having no coverage here as was the case from 1995-2003.
  3. Finally, all my tickets are here. Interesting to note that the OC is the only one where I have a specific assigned seat. All the others are sit anywhere you want within your assigned category or section. To be honest, when I look at the drawings of the field hockey venue, I can't help but think our seats will be on the ground.
  4. Sorry, but I do not use the term gay marriage, I will use same-sex marriage, because I am certain there will be people who may decide to take their close platonic friendship and marry because they can't stand living with the opposite gender.
  5. Another great catch Durban. I remember this being the first time I got irritated because they cut out some countries and I just griped about it all day during school the next day. I was also floored that 49 countries were participating, that was a lot at the time. Always got a kick that USA in Serbo-Croatian is SAD, that definitely summed up our performance in Sarajevo (or at least ABC's expectations for our performance). Such a beautiful setting, and wonderful people who genuinely looked forward to welcoming the world. I have a co-worker who is from Bosnia and I always want to hear his memories of the Sarajevo Games, but I'm afraid those memories might be tinged with pain given the events that have transpired since.
  6. Thanks for posting that. It's hard to believe that the Games are just about 2 weeks away, guess I'd better start studying my three-letter venue codes.
  7. Did you get them all in one mailing? I'm still waiting for all my other tickets as none came today.
  8. Actually they are mailing the sports tickets is multiple mailings. Got 2 sports today, 7 to go. Very, very strange distribution system, but I've never been a big Ticketmaster fan to begin with. One small thing about the tickets. They also allow to you to ride the transit to and from the event. You would think they would have the event date in big bold print on the tickets so the bus drivers, station attendants, etc could read them easily. But the print is actually quite small, this could cause a bit of an inconvenience if lines start backing up.
  9. An unlimited government bankroll can buy perfect (unless you are dealing with mechanical Olympic rings).
  10. Our OC tickets arrived today. They must be mailing them separately from the sport tickets.
  11. Round of 16 is set. Saturday Germany vs Sweden China vs Cameroon Sunday Brazil vs Australia France vs South Korea Canada vs Switzerland Monday Norway vs England USA vs Colombia Tuesday Japan vs Netherlands Despite the occasional blowout, this has been an outstanding tournament thus far. As I stated a few weeks back, the spirit of the women's game would rule the day and make us forget all the extraneous issues facing FIFA (it's been really refreshing not to see Mr Blatter and his accomplice Mr Valcke anywhere near the matches). There have been some issues with the officiating (as usual), but this is virtually a new generation of referees making their WWC debut and they will take their lumps and learn from them. That being said, there were only two red cards shown in the group phase. Three of the eight first time qualifiers advanced out of the group play with Cameroon having to be the biggest surprise and Spain perhaps the biggest disappointment of the newbies. Having watched all 36 matches thus far, I need a few days off to catch my breath.
  12. That isn't surprising given the bear hug winter had on us (and Toronto) just a few months ago. I watched the Toronto Indy today in the hope of enhancing my anticipation for next month and I was a bit disappointed. Last year's race had Pan Am signage all along the track but this year had none. Was this a missed opportunity to promote the Games or were the race promoters irritated that they had to move the race up a month because of the Games.. Also the rainy, dreary weather prevented any aerial shots, I was hoping to see if they had even started the beach volleyball stadium yet. I only want to know one OC spoiler. I'm sitting in section 115L and want to know how close the athlete's parade comes to my seat.
  13. A day of firsts: Homare Sawa (Japan) became the first player, male or female, to play in six World Cups. Cameroon became the first African nation to win it's debut match, and the first African side to score six goals in a match. Ri Hyang-Ok from North Korea became the first person, male of female, to both play and referee in a World Cup when she officiated the Sweden-Nigeria match. She played in the 1999 and 2003 WWC's.
  14. No, we just had the misfortune of having two of the weakest teams in the field placed in the same group. I knew today would be a little tough to watch as soon as the draw was made six months ago. Today could conceivably have been Norway vs North Korea and Germany vs South Africa, but NK was excluded from this WC and South Africa failed to beat Cote D'Ivoire despite being favored to win. It's not a matter of expanding too fast, it's just hoping the right 24 qualify. Yesterday we had tight 1-0 matches and today we had blowouts, what will tomorrow bring....well that is the fun thing about a World Cup. You just never know.
  15. ESPNDeportes schedule July 10-730pm-1030pm July 11-1030am-9pm July 12-10am-1am (last two hours are tape-delayed soccer) July 13-10am-8pm 10pm-midnight (tape delayed soccer) July 14-10am-1030pm July 15-10 am-11pm July 16-10am-midnight July 17- 10am-11pm July 18-10am-830pm July 19-10am-8pm July 20-10am-1130pm July 21-10am-830pm July 22- 10am-8pm July 23-10am-1130pm July 24-10am-8pm July 25-10am-4pm 8pm-11pm July 26-10am-6pm 730pm-10pm Most of the early end times during the second week are due to those annoying MLS-Euro club or Euro club vs Euro club summer friendlies. I was going to add ESPNDeportes to my satellite lineup like I did four years ago and just record all the coverage while I am in Toronto from the 10th to the 18th. Turns out they need to send a tech out to realign my dish to actually pick up the channel. Still debating whether to do it for a channel that I will keep for only a month or two and then dropping it. Almost forgot to add that most days feature a highlight show from 9-10am, and a show called Toronto al Dia at different times during the Games.
  16. Just two days until kickoff, the purity of the women's game will be a refreshing change from all the vile, disgusting disclosures of the past week.
  17. A great day for football fans everywhere. For the first time in a long time, I can say there is hope for the future of the game. We just need to rid FIFA of the remnant of Blatter's cronyism and hope their successors are truly dedicated to change and reform.
  18. Look who is calling the vase Ming.
  19. The comments beneath any Pan Am Games article in that paper all always the same, written by the same people over and over. They used to tick me off with their worn out rhetoric, but then I decided they are just a bunch of people who don't like sports and complain constantly about their politicians. To judge the impending success or failure on 20 comments (don't know the exact number since I ignore them), which may or may not have been written by 20 different people is just preposterous.
  20. Everyone of Throne's posts constitutes a MAJOR FACEPALM event. Sorry, couldn't help myself. BTW, the official Games app is now available for download. It's a work in progress, as is Triplinks.com the site that is supposed to help you plan your way around the games. The site doesn't seem to want to give me any direction on how to get from my hotel to Centennial Park for BMX.
  21. The website has a new look today.
  22. Throne needs to study the history of the Pan American Games in order to understand just how good these Games will be. Cali 1971 and Caracas 1983 had claustrophobic accommodations for the athletes who also suffered from a lack of availability of safe drinking water. Indianapolis 1987 also had a overcrowding issue at the military barracks that served as the Pan Am village, a problem only solved when he US athletes moved out to hotels. Then there was Santo Domingo 2003 and the cows wading in the rowing venue. Rio 2007 had issues with the power supply at the one venue cluster. Guadalajara's athletics stadium was not ready until the Games got underway. Toronto's preparations have been almost impeccable in comparison.
  23. At the risk of turning somebody into a music critic, I will post that the official song of the Games, Together We are One by Serena Ryder is now released. I just listened to it on Spotify.
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