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  1. I do not dispute that Singapore will put on a great games, I just am not convinced that the rest of the world will care.
  2. Somehow, I have the feeling in my gut that these games are not going to be as successful as the IOC wishees - which is a polite way of suggesting they could be an unmitigated disaster. Maybe it will take a few YOG's for us to get used to them, but it doesn't have the same feel as the real games Does any one else feel this way? Don't know if I would be supporting my city trying to be host for something nobody cares about
  3. Whatever has happened to Canada's perpetual bridemaid in the Women's event - Mira Leung?
  4. Do we know if Pleshenko is going to Europeans - that may sort out a few things Don't anticipate any American's going to 4 Continents as US Nationals is being held over about 10 days to mirror the Olympic schedule (I think)
  5. Then there is the situation where right metal, but wrong athlete
  6. Who do you think will be applying for these games - both in the short-term and long-term (if there is one) - countries and cities that couldn't hope to get the Olympics or cities using this as a stepping stone to the big games - and if you get these games. will it hurt your changes to get the Olympics because your just being greedy as you have already had your games - give someone else a chance? I'm also not sure which athletics will attend - in some sports - gymnastics, swimming, diving, etc the athletics in the Olympics can be awfully young - who gets to go to these games?
  7. Do you believe that the IOC would give Sheffield the Youth Olympics of 2010 when London has the 2012 Olympics Also, countries have to consider if a "Youth Olympics" would be held against them in the future if they plan a bid for the big games?
  8. I hate to spoil the party, but I agree with someone who said the NZ is too small and it would cost too much Remember, NZ is about 1,000 from Australia - that's a far piece to go for your nearest neighbour (of any size) If NZ we faced with a $9B (projected) or $14B (actual) bill that The citizens of Athens/Greece now face, it will have a significant effect on the financial position of the country i had read somewhere that NZ was holding itself out as a country that had been able to get is deficit under control and is actually paying off its debt (this could also have been a very old article) i would hate to see a country that size take on something like the Olympic Games ( and I see the SOG as being an easier case that the winter one) Sorry for a little realism. And yes, I have been to NZ, and maybe I don't want to see it spoiled by making all the changes that would be required to hold the Olympics
  9. Next time you get this problem make a note of the number of users on GamesBids.com Forums indicated at the bottom of the main page. I'm not sure what may be causing it but it could be traffic. I am still getting this message when I try to open any topic in the "General olympic discussion" section, and its been the same for the last week Am I just too impatient, if i leave the screen on for about 30 seconds, it takes it that much longer to go back
  10. This morning I posted a new listing in the Sports Illustration Predictions category of Athens 2004 general - it was a comparison between the Sports illustrated predictions and the USa Today predictions - and now its gone - how and why did it disappear?
  11. At the present time, if i try and get into any of the topics in "General olympic Discussion", i get an internal server error message - is the problem mine or yours?? only about 40 users on
  12. Has anybody followed what has happened to these stadiums since the olympics took place? - while the stadiums are great looking for 16 days - the city or country has to try and do something with them after the games - and hopefully not become a white elephant
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