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  1. Cattledog

    Hambantota 2018

    Don't forget the Suns start playing at Carrara this year David. That means they have at the Gold Coast real footie. Theyll fill that ground with everyone wanting to watch Gary Ablett Junior. I don't see how a place in Sri Lanka that hasn't got more than a cricket stadium can rival all the grounds and ovals on the Gold Coast.
  2. C'mon Aussie, don't let those Poms win in Sydney

  3. Cattledog

    2011 Irb Rugby World Cup

    I hope the Aussies win. But they played pretty bad for most of last year so not expecting it.
  4. Cattledog

    Hambantota 2018

    Your a BS artist. And don't call me mate. You never give a straight answer except to show drawings and then abuse people because they look into things more than you do. I may be new on here but I can already see that unlike the people like Aronious and Eusebius and Rafa you have no idea about what a commonwealth games means. What a clown.
  5. Cattledog

    Rio 2016 Logo Poll

    Its cool. Plus from what I saw of the London logo it looks way better than that one.
  6. Cattledog

    SOGs in the Former Eastern Bloc

    Prague coz they have good beer there. And cheap accommodation (was there in 2009 and loved it).
  7. Cattledog

    Hambantota 2018

    Why would anyone wanna go to this place. I neva heard of it until reading the forums and from wat I read from that guy gamesl it sounds like nothings there but a port for Cinese ships? And he hates Aussies too which is dumb coz we won the most gold medals in Melbourne and Delhi. Also didn't we give money to them when they got wiped out with the tsunami? They should hold the commonwealth games in the Gold Coast and then maybe take them to London or someplace in Canada.