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  1. Read the bid books at 2018.gaygames.org --------------------- San Francisco 1 March 2013 Federation of Gay Games receives bid books for Gay Games X Amsterdam, Limerick, London, Orlando, and Paris continue in race to host 2018 event Today the Federation of Gay Games announced that it had received bid books from groups in Amsterdam, Limerick, London, Orlando, and Paris vying to be chosen to host Gay Games X in 2018. The documents can be found online at 2018.gaygames.org. Officer for Site Selection Dennis Sneyers (Chicago) expressed the Federation’s pleasure at these submissions: “Bidding is an intensive and costly process, mobilizing dozens of volunteers in each bidding city. We began this process with over twenty expressions of interest. Groups from seven cities submitted letters of intent to bid. Five responded to our Request for Proposals. Now all five groups have completed this most recent major step on the road to Cleveland where our site selection meeting will take place in October 2013.” Cochair of the Site Selection Committee David Killian (Philadelphia) noted the months of communication between bidding organizations and the FGG: “We began by providing these organizations with our RFP which lays out the requirements for hosting the Gay Games and for presenting their bid. The Gay Games are a major endeavor, the largest sport and culture festival open to all in the world. For an event with over 10,000 participants and 40 sport and culture events, just producing a bid book is extraordinarily demanding. We have provided as much pertinent information about past hosts as we could, and have remained in constant contact with these organizations, holding weekly teleconferences to respond to their questions and requests for information.” FGG co-president Emy Ritt (Paris) spoke of the excitement among FGG board members, delegates, and volunteers: “After the Gay Games themselves and the site selection meeting, the submission of bid books is one of the most important moments in the life of the Federation. It’s a bit like unwrapping a present when we discover the very different visions these organizations have of producing the Gay Games, which have changed thousands of lives since 1982, and which will be celebrating their 36th anniversary in 2018.” Ritt’s male counterpart Kurt Dahl (Chicago) laid out the next steps in the process: “We have set up a system to collect questions about these bids. At 2018.gaygames.org,anyone can submit a question to bidding organizations in view of it being selected for publication on our blog. In the meantime, we are pleased to have received 14 applications for the position of site inspector for the visits to finalist cities that will take place in late July and early August of this year, and will soon be announcing the teams. Those three finalist cities will be chosen by the FGG Site Selection Assembly at the end of May. The Assembly will meet in person at our 2013 Annual General Assembly to be held in October in Cleveland, Ohio, which along with neighboring Akron, will be hosting Gay Games 9 in just 18 months.” Sneyers concluded: “I’ve got to say that given the demands put on potential bidders, we are surprised that all five organizations that submitted letters of intent have followed through with what appear to be excellent bid books. We’re all very eager to look at these documents, with a total of nearly 1000 pages of information, and will be providing a summary of key points in the coming days. To follow all news about bids, visit 2018.gaygames.org and blog.gaygames.org.”
  2. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21122005/140/new-...y-deadline.html
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