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  1. Come on, that's just silly. Population isn't everything if things are done wrongly. China and India aren't football nations and small countries like Portugal and Croatia can be successful but a bigger country will beat a smaller one if their level of traditions and training are equal. In Brazil those 11 players will in the long run and on average be better than in Uruguay, although in an individual match or tournament the result can be different. That's why big nations usually win the titles. With all due respect, Uruguay won their titles in an era where the competition was far different from what it is today.
  2. This might seem overly cautious but I prefer not to reveal too much of myself. It's not just due to travel but yes, I know first handedly the whole Cono Sur and especially Buenos Aires quite well over many years now. I don't have time or interest to follow Argentine politics very closely especially being away from there so I don't have a clear view over those issues. I can however say something about the infrastructure, especially transport system, and I want to emphasise that in fact over the years I have seen Buenos Aires' infrastructure improving, often frustratingly slow but still improving so I don't share Danny's view that the city is completely in ruins and going towards disaster. For example, the ridiculously old wagons he has seen must be the original carriages of the first subway line that have been replaced now. The subway is not the major problem, because trains have more delays and are more dangerous, especially in the Sarmiento line like those tragic accidents show. Still, these problems haven't been wiped under the carpet and they are being discussed and criticized in media. Also the airport has a new, modern terminal now, so things get better, it just takes time. Buenos Aires is currently far from being a first world city but it's even further away from most major cities in Latin America and other developing world metropolis.
  3. La Plata pitch was bad in the latter stage of the tournament, yes, and fortunately it wasn't used in the final, but it was still only one of the many stadiums, most of which were in good conditions to play. I don't know why La Plata was that bad, maybe due to lack of sunlight or a more humid climate because it's near the coast. South Africa also had a couple of bad pitches in 2010 in the rain affected cities at the coast. In terms of Buenos Aires infrastructure, I can't compare to Brazil, but I can say that Santiago's metro is like another world compared to Buenos Aires' Subte. Buenos Aires transport system is much cheaper for the user though because of government subsidies. There have been also some improvements, like modern Chinese wagons in the line A, that don't have opening windows unlike Danny says. The stations are decrepit and lacking in elevators and stuff like that, there isn't enough capacity and delays are frequent, thus making journeys in rush hour very uncomfortable. I have seen some improvements also like new stations and extensions, unified tickets (at last!) so Danny has some point with his critique but he seems to exaggerate a bit.
  4. I strongly disagree on that. Sure there were a few matches that were dull and by the time the final was played it's possible that heat had some effect but overall the matches were entertaining and many goals were scored. I don't judge football purely by the number of goals scored but it is an indication of something. I don't recall anyone else ever claiming that WC '94 was boring and for me each one of the tournaments in this century were more tedious. Also it wasn't the first time that the competition was held in North America with matches kicking off at noon. Mexico staged two WC tournaments that are usually considered vintage and in case of the first one in 1970 even the greatest ever, despite the heat AND high altitude which were a great cause of concern back then, some irony, heh? I would also suggest that you get to know what catenaccio really means. Italy's coach in 1994, Arrigo Sacchi, was the biggest innovator and modernizer of calcio in the late '80's.
  5. Yes, we all know the reason for that. I was only trying to say that FIFA hasn't considered heat an obstacle in the past when that has been necessary. Nor high altitude, like in the case of Mexico.
  6. Temperatures around 40 degrees Celsius, I guess I don't have to link some weather site here. It's hot at least from May to September but of course July and August are the hottest months. I have read about proposals within FIFA to stage the tournament from May to early June when it's somewhat cooler than in midsummer and have the matches kick off in the evening. That would also solve the problem of Confederations' Cup as it could be easily played in the same timeframe as the WC. And let's not forget that for example in 1994 matches were played in midday heat in places like Florida and Texas.
  7. Who will? It's not like FIFA can order UEFA, an independent entity, to stand in line and do as they are told. Nor can FIFA force the big European leagues. Granted, technically they can, as FIFA could order the release of players for their respective national teams during the World Cup according to the International Match Calendar but that would only create a giant s**t storm and a real possibility of breakaway of many national associations. The relationship between different representatives of the game are not good to start with. IF the World Cup is moved to winter, whether to December or January, it will need the consent of European elite clubs. That's decisive, and I'm not saying that WOG are insignificant but only secondary in the decision. If the European clubs agree on staging WC in January but not at the end of year, then that's what will be done. I believe this to be theoretical though because there will likely be another solution.
  8. November-December is more difficult to accomodate to club football and other international tournaments. The effect of WC would then spill to the next season, 2023-24, because the club season, that is national leagues and Champions' League, would run well into summer of 2023 due to a two month break. The qualifying matches to European Championships will begin in August or September 2022. Granted, qualifiers for a competition could begin before the previous tournament has ended, and there are no FIFA dates in late November or December anyway, but it doesn't seem very logical. Also Copa América and Asian Cup are most likely to be played in June or July 2023, so they also would need to be allocated to another time and there aren't many options for that.
  9. This is the issue here. It's neither in FIFA's nor IOC's interest to clash, but the World Cup would outshine the WOG should FIFA decide to have the tournament from mid-January to February. Nothing is prohibiting them to do so, although I don't think they will go for it. The winter games are much, much smaller and in many countries they are not followed at all.
  10. I still think that January would be the best time for the World Cup. That way it wouldn't affect the international calendar that much. Many national leagues have a winter break anyway, and there wouldn't be clashes with qualifying matches for other tournaments, Champions' League, etc. I don't see how staging the tournament in winter would affect olympic football even if there was a fight between FIFA and IOC. It's a tournament that I don't care about, but I think it's more important to IOC than FIFA, after all football gives one of the biggest incomes from ticket revenues in the Summer Games. Is there any reason why the WOG couldn't run from February 25th to March 13th? That way the World Cup could be held starting on January 6th (or maybe a week later). Confederations' Cup is problematic though any way you look at it, but I guess it should be a U-21 tournament on this occasion.
  11. No, unfortunately it was not. Of course it was exciting for the fans of Brazil and Italy but certainly not for neutral spectators. Like I said, in that tournament I supported Brazil but still found the final disappointing. Besides, maybe you were not referring to me but I'm not American and have seen exciting matches ending scoreless but the '94 final was not among them. Yes, there were a few scoring opportunities but other than that it was like a sleepwalking contest in the middle of the pitch, much like that parody of a football match in the Simpsons. Like BTHarner said, much of the blame goes to the huge distances that the teams had to travel during a month plus the fact that matches were played in preposterous conditions in midday heat. In the end the teams must have been exhausted.
  12. Yeah, all the IAAF WC's in Japan and Korea (1991, 2007 and 2011) have been held in the last week of August/first week of September. That's why I thought it might be slightly better time than July. At least in Daegu I remember the commentators mentioning that the weather had become a bit less oppressive after the first half of that competition.
  13. Of course they won't be. Still, makes me wonder why not have them from 14th to 30th of August when it could be slightly cooler.
  14. Seoul held the Games in late september because of the climate and the conditions were pretty ideal. Almost makes me wish that the Tokyo ceremonies are ruined by torrential rain.
  15. What match are you referring to? Portugal didn't even qualify in 1994. The 1994 tournament was fantastic, BTW I also supported Brazil back then, but the final was the most boring in history.
  16. Moving the World Cup to October-December would make a real mess and disrupt the international calendar for a couple of years. It would be when the qualifying rounds for Euro 2024 would have started and delay the ending of the season well into June or even July next year 2023, that's also when Copa América and the Asian Cup should be played. If it's moved to winter, then the competition should be held in January 2022 so it won't clash with WOG which would begin in mid-February. Even that leaves the problem of short time of preparation for qualified teams and their fans but the WC qualifying rounds should end earlier than normal to leave some breathing space between them and the competition proper.
  17. If not, then you should at least try to finish reading the whole message.
  18. Tecnically Madrid was such a strong bid that it would have been very difficult to eliminate it from the short-list. It's the lack of compelling reasons, economy and closeness to Barcelona that got them.
  19. Do you often have difficulties in reading comprehension?
  20. Danny, under the current rotation policy Spain can't bid for 2026 WC. It would make a fantastic host though, even better than England in my opinion. Euro's would be nice too, and easily reachable if Spain only bid for them. Everything is mostly in place, only some minor tweaks here and there.
  21. We can't know yet if 2024 would have been a good time for Madrid to bid. Maybe, then again maybe not if their economy doesn't improve and there are bids from South Africa and some major European capitals. 2020 was a weak race and thus a good chance for Madrid. I agree that 2016 was a ridiculous time to bid and finishing second gave the Spanish a false hope. I guess three failed bids with no hopes to win has worn out Madrid in IOC's view and now they must wait at least a couple of bid cycles before coming back again with a fresh image.
  22. There's perseverance and then there is pure stubborn headedness... Madrid began bidding too soon after Barcelona for 2012. By now they had become jaded in the eyes of the IOC and the timing was still far from optimal. In an ideal world they would have sat out at least on two of their three attempts and then began bidding again in a better economic situation maybe for 2024/28 and eventually grabbing the Games in the 2030's.
  23. I truly hope so. I believe that was part of the original plan and I don't know how to increase the capacity to over 80k other than lowering the pitch and making more space for seating that way.
  24. I guess playing at night time wouldn't be worse than at noon in Mexico and US. It would also be quite ideal considering most time zones, if the kick-off times were for example at 7, 9 and 11.30 pm. That would still leave the comfort and safety of the fans to be resolved, though.
  25. He is very old though and has said that he will step aside in a couple of years. By the time 2030 is decided he might not be around anymore.
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