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  1. Last time Argentina was bidding their economy collapsed a few years later and the country would still need more economic stability and better international relations. The 2018 YOG will be an interesting test for Buenos Aires and they way Rio fares will also play a role. As for the winter games, the way 2022 is going it would have been a good opportunity to push for more radical ideas like southern hemisphere winter edition but I guess it is yet too early for that. Overall I see summer games in Buenos Aires still more probable than winter games in Patagonia. Both are for now quite a long shot though.
  2. Granted they are oriental and not part of the traditional Europe but still they are not proper Asia either, otherwise they wouldn't be members of UEFA and Eurovision, for example. Also Baku is staging the European Games next year. I do agree that Turkey's and Baku's presence is an indication of the power shift to the east, but it doesn't still mean that the options aren't quite limited for true Asian hosts.
  3. Very little really, and sports don't seem to be part of their national psyche except for a couple of British colonial remnants. That, more than the bureacracy and chaos, is a bigger obstacle, if they don't have any interest in the event. Another example that may look good on paper but is trickier in practise. I don't see India hosting the SOG for a very long time.
  4. Well, apart from some minuscule Gulf states so far there really haven't been that many eager hosts besides the proven and traditional triumvirate of Japan, China and Korea. I'm not counting Istanbul or Baku in here because one could claim also that they belong to Europe. Most countries seem to understand their limitations caused by climate, political instability, lacking infrastructure, economy or the combination of all of them. While there are many countries in Asia with theoretical chances of hosting, in practise the options are so far still very limited.
  5. By 2022 those three East Asian countries will probably have hosted six times in total, within 35 years, each a summer and a winter edition. Japan would have 4 hostings in total, not too bad, is it? I think it goes to show how the IOC has in the recent times felt the need, justifiably so, to spread the games to all parts of the globe relatively equally, IF there are viable hosts. I could see China hosting another summer games in the near future considering their size and economic rise, but other than that it will be difficult to go to the same region over and over again if the potential hosts are so few. Vietnam could be an option some day, like India, but that will take decades.
  6. It seems artificial and runs the risk of being eclipsed by the Euros. Besides, the more international tournaments there are, the more they are devalued. This is ok maybe as a one-off event but I hope it won't become a recurring tournament every four years. The top players won't participate in an international tournament every year in order to avoid fatigue nor will the clubs accept it.
  7. I'm pretty sure Tony has some inside information.
  8. Complete waste of time. I hope the South American teams send B-teams to this tournament. Can't even think what this causes to the 2015 Copa America winners' World Cup aspirations. By 2018 they may be playing a tournament for the fifth consecutive year, or even sixth if it's Brazil or Uruguay.
  9. It's up to the Scots to decide but I hope they don't vote for independence because it could trigger a wave of separatist movement elsewhere. If those went through everywhere Europe would soon consist of 500 Andorras and I don't think that's what is needed. Wonder how much of this recent rise of nationalist agendas has to do with the incompetent, faceless and aimless EU decision making leading to a will of taking the matters into own hands at local level?
  10. US Dollar is the currency used in Ecuador and the Euro is being used in Montenegro to give a couple examples.
  11. Summer months are the most prone to heavy thunderstorms which is the reason why the rain amounts are biggest in that season but I think it's overall better than continuous and lighter rain. Anyway, everything on the north side of the Alps is risky even in summer, and more so the closer you get to the Atlantic. In the European Athletics Championships in Zurich there was pretty crap weather despite it being mid-August. There is guaranteed warm weather only in the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.
  12. But the stadiums usually exist already. It's not difficult to find a few suitable venues around the country with most olympic hosts. Exactly, what many here don't seem to understand is that the IOC probably needs football more than other way round. The (men's) Olympic tournament has always been a headache for FIFA with age limits and other criteria because it's meant to be a secondary competition and not to threaten the World Cup's prestige. For women it's of course more important. January would be a better time than Nov-Dec as it would disrupt less the natural flow of a season and many leagues are on a winter break anyway. That would piss the IOC but in principle FIFA isn't obliged to give them any explanations.
  13. Thinking about that system with 10 venues could work if there were four clusters and each one of them had two groups and two stadiums, in total 8 venues. Two stadiums for two groups to share wouldn't be enough and besides two stadiums would be still left over, so perhaps neighbouring clusters could share one stadium so that all of them would be evenly used. The two western clusters sharing one stadium and the eastern clusters sharing another of the remaining ones that is, just to give an example.
  14. You can't use the old system of the past World Cups of assigning one venue to the seeded team and two venues to each group because in a 32 team tournament that would require 16 stadiums. USA '94 used a sort of cluster system where there were fewer stadiums, only 9, than between 1982 and 1990 (the previous 24 team World Cups) with the neighbouring two groups sharing three venues and each team playing two group matches (the seeded teams two consecutive matches) at the same stadium. For example group A had three matches in Los Angeles, two in Detroit and one in San Francisco. The group B played three times in SF, also twice in Detroit and once in LA. And so it went for the groups C-D and E-F with their respective groups as well. Copying that model with 8 groups would require 12 stadiums though.
  15. Actually, I'm pretty sure the dates were those earlier ones, I remember they would have finished before October. Correct me if I'm wrong, maybe someone knows better.
  16. If Russia and Qatar were stripped the hosting rights, shouldn't they logically be awarded to Spain/Portugal and USA instead?
  17. I've seen them somewhere and if I'm not mistaken they were similar to Sydney's. In 1996 that would have meant September 13th-29th or a week later... either one of those I think.
  18. For me Athens was the least anticipated Summer Games of the past 20 years, but it had less to do with Athens and Greece itself than Sydney which I at the moment felt to be such a climax that afterwards there was an incredible sensation of emptiness. I kind of lost my interest in the Olympic Games for a while and even thought of not following them. That's not what happened but my attitude towards Athens was quite indifferent. For that reason I don't have (m)any memories of the disputed OC even though I did watch it. I have now even rewatched it and it seems a beautiful piece of art, it's easy to see why it's a favorite for so many, although frankly I can't judge it 10 years later because back then I was too nonchalant to really care about it. I have often watched parts of athletes parade though, which may sound a bit weird, but I find that Tiesto's soundtrack makes it at times magical. London had a nice soundtrack for the parade too, but still gets only the second price. What annoys me a lot are the three female announcers with especially the English speaking one trying to outshout the others. I believe mixing it with one male voice would have been better. The lingering image of Athens remains quite negative though due to the Greeks' partisan nationalism that they displayed in some of the disciplines where their banned athletes were about to participate and the marathon attack incident, not to forget the organisational issues and the crumbling image of Greece a few years later. Still, can't even imagine what a surely unforgettable, magical summer that 2004 was for Greece with their shock victory in Euro 2004 followed by olympic games returning back home. In hindsight this could have been a good opportunity to see the games live but at the moment it didn't seriously even cross my mind. It's like the Greeks didn't want to embrace the world but rather showed the world how they embraced themselves as a sign of feeling superiority.
  19. Nagoya proposed to begin a week later than Seoul finished, that is Oct 8th, but it was a different era and maybe the last time when it could have been still possible to have such late dates, even when it wasn't absolutely necessary.
  20. Let's put it this way, what would Melbourne offer to the IOC? The answer is, a proven, reliable host with a passionate audience in a stable democracy. It might be an attractive proposition against weak opposition also to raise the fading interest among the traditional western powers. Australia of course benefits of geography for representing alone such a big part of world, not only due to Oceania but also because there are no credible options in SE Asia at the moment. Even East Asia might be out of question for some time if 2022 goes to China. Realistically though, an Australian games before 2040's would most likely require quite exceptional circumstances. Weather-wise, didn't Melbourne propose similar dates than Sydney for 1996? I know it's colder than Sydney, but then again with a bit of luck it shouldn't be colder than London was.
  21. Even excluding the likes of Beijing and Boston B-cities are the only ones with even a theoretical chance of equalling the 1968-80 M-series and Brisbane fits in the string of Buenos Aires, Berlin and Busan.
  22. Yeah, maybe 5 or 5,5 places would be ideal. Generally I would like to see more intercontinental play-offs, but they are politically tricky for being so uncertain in terms of confederation allocations especially with Africa and Asia most likely not being favored by them.
  23. Chile is too small to host. It would make more sense for Colombia to host in SA as they, unlike Chileans, have never had the tournament. I don't need another fantasy list of suitable stadiums here either.
  24. At this stage experience and history start to matter more than before, so it should be Holland, Argentina and Brazil making it through to semis. Ger-Fra is trickier though, their World Cup pedigrees being closest to each other among the QF pairs. Also no country has ever reached the semifinals four times in a row and France has had the habit of a successful tournament every eight years followed by a dismal failure.
  25. I agree on the accommodation, I actually paid a lot less for my hotel in London than the normal price would be when I booked it so late. The trip can be cheap if the games are close to your home and you only go for a few days, that way there's no need to spend a ton on plane tickets. Still, the rising prices in Brazil make me wonder if these could be the most expensive games since Sydney at least for anyone coming from outside South America.
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