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  1. There isn't any rule saying that Brazil has to wait for another South American country hosting the Games before being able to repeat it, so Rio, Brasília or some other city could have them but I don't like to make accurate predictions several decades into the future. Even for Brazil only 15 or 20 years ago it would have looked very unlikely that the country should be awarded not only Olympic Games but also the World Cup and only two years between them. *Could have them if the stars align right.
  2. I agree with that, it's probably the place that would make most sense in the whole southern hemisphere for WOG.
  3. Russia was at the moment completely legitimate and logical choice and I find it rather silly to put it in the same basket with Qatar. If the vote was held tomorrow they may not win but there are other reasons behind that.
  4. Even Lima could host before BA, who am I to claim otherwise as I can't see into future, but I see it quite unlikely. Although Santiago as a city would be capable of hosting, you still have to remember that Argentina and Buenos Aires are about three times bigger than Chile and Santiago respectively. One needs to take into account the critical mass, requirements and needs for venues that may extend beyond the city's borders to the nation as a whole. Also international recognition and image play their part and Bs As is still South America's primary visiting card, perhaps along with Rio. Meanwhile Santiago, although more modern, has a provincial feeling to it and even the slight disadvantage with the weather.
  5. Of course after Tokyo the games will first go to at least to Europe and North America and probably to Africa if there is a suitable candidate, so it will take most likely a minimum of 20 years after Rio before a possible return to South America.
  6. Well, obviously it's pure necessity as very few cities could organize two football tournaments (London could have done it though but instead wanted to spread it to other parts of the country) but volleyball is played entirely at one venue if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Santiago is the most advanced major capital in South America and would be large enough to host as a city but might be too unknown internationally and Chile as a country may be too small for SOG. Santiago would be probably the most suitable candidate as the first southern hemisphere winter host, if that possibility will be seriously considered some time in the future. I do agree that despite their progress Peruvian or Colombian cities are still very far behind Buenos Aires which will be with 80-90 percent probability the next Summer Games host in South America. I once read an article about Buenos Aires's olympic aspirations, now I'm not sure if it is this one (in Spanish): http://www.efdeportes.com/efd7/tag7.htm Basically it states that the olympic hosting has been almost an obsession for the Argentinian NOC since the beginning of the modern olympic movement with Buenos Aires bidding on several occasions during the 20th century. It has been said that for example Argentina is the only country among the original 12 founding members that never served as a host. For the IOC the biggest obstacle has always been the economic and political instability which was again proved to be valid after the 2004 bid race when Argentina collapsed a few years after the vote had taken place. For the 2004 Games there were plans of creating an Olympic corridor http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_H2Kf5A0Tg9A/TOHU-OgAo4I/AAAAAAAAAUU/bD6T-MJ1mOQ/s1600/escanear0001.jpg along the Río de la Plata estuary. An interesting claim in the aforementioned article is that the IOC would be very unwilling to award the Games outside of Europe or North America and especially to a southern hemisphere country, which had happened only twice by then (written in 1997), both times to an English speaking Australia, and picking a Spanish speaking host, which also had happened only twice. Again, this was written in 1997, so with Rio and possibly South Africa hosting plus Asia doing it three times in a row the times might be changing.
  8. First cut the "sports" where results are most heavily dependent on judges' decisions such as rhythmic gymnastics, synchronised swimming and especially equestrianism, an elitist hobby for ex-nobility members which requires animals to take part, don't they have their own competitions?
  9. Not to mention the 2013 Session in BA where the previous summer host was elected.
  10. I think people make too much fuss of the economy and its effect on something like the organisation of one tournament. After all, Russia has gone through such turbulent times during its history that the slowth of economy is a relatively small issue.
  11. Well the truth is, like it or not, that the WC 2018 will be in Russia so just deal with it. I have some hopes that Qatar will be stripped the hosting rights but I don't think Russia will be. Besides all the corruption issues have dealt primarily with Qatar but I don't recall many stories of Russia's involvement. Not that I think there wasn't anything murky about it but not necessarily more so than with England or Australia who played their part too. Before the vote Russia and England were considered by most to be the favorites for 2018. Russia does make some sense, unlike Qatar, for being a big new market that never hosted before and a decent football power. In fact, Soviet Union's achievements as a national team were at least on par with England's, if we're going down that route. Soviet Union could even have got the 1990 World Cup hosting if it wasn't for the LA Games' boycott. I'm personally not exceptionally thrilled about the Russian World Cup because I fear it might be an insipid event with regards the spectator attendance and atmosphere. The stadiums are of minimum capacity, which indicates that they might be oversized for use after the competition, except in Moscow, St. Pete and a couple of other cities.
  12. Despite of his name Jérôme Champagne has given an impression at least based on his media appearences of willingness for real and good reforms and more openness. I think the only way to achieve that is by someone bringing the change from outside. The insiders of FIFA seem to be all equally corrupt. The way to influence FIFA is indeed probably by putting as much outside pressure as possible, via media, sponsors and even the Swiss government. Thankfully the modern way of spreading information will force more openness everywhere... I hope. The problem with FIFA is however that the current state of affairs is made possible because many actually benefit of it. Blatter has for example given the World Cup to Africa and before that Havelange raised Africa's World Cup places from 1 to 5. It's not that everyone is unhappy about the way they are treated.
  13. China will already start playing qualifying matches for the 2018 World Cup by the time this tournament kicks off so they had to withdraw.
  14. In normal circumstances I would say there's no chance for southern Winter Games, not yet at least, and even though this might be pointless and purely hypothetical speculation, would NZ stand a chance in a bid race as weak as 2022 has turned out to be?
  15. I guess it is very difficult to propose the idea that the biggest competition, occurring only once every four years, would take place at dates that are normally associated with the training season without that build-up and preparations, smaller competitions and everything else that normally lead to the Olympic Games. Also maybe people just wouldn't be tuned in to watching winter sports, snow and ice and be reminded of the cold season in the summer warmth. Southern hemisphere viewers may be used to it but they are a minority anyway both globally and probably in their own countries as well. Personally I find the southern winter games an interesting proposition but very difficult to become reality.
  16. Actually four or five matches but yeah, you have a point. In theory it would be easier in many countries to find 10 stadiums in different cities than building all kinds of rare venues such as BMX arenas in only one city but FIFA's requirements are often excessive and demand new or totally renovated, oversized stadiums instead of using existing ones.
  17. Who is regretting here? Someone in the government? Because that's what should matter. Surely the NOC would have wanted to remain in the race. Another thing is that all this should not have come as a surprise. It's not like there wasn't uncertainty of any Western nation taking part. This change of attitude would have been more understandable if the likes of Germany and Norway were entering the race all gung ho at the beginning of this year.
  18. I'm not against someone creating a thread for themselves and their issues, if it serves the common good, but isn't there any limit to how many topics one can hijack?
  19. It's the stupid opinions that cause arguments and not the people.
  20. Surely sponsor named seats aren't allowed in Olympic Games, at least not in what is going to be (one of) the main venue(s).
  21. I'm inclined to believe this is truly the case. Certainly no appetite for a club to move into a stadium as big as Stade de France. Even PSG despite their star players is not vastly popular and seems happy at their centrally located and more intimate Parc des Princes.
  22. We are sliding a bit off the topic, but in most of the big European countries the most successful clubs have traditionally come from the second tier, industrialised cities. Even though London has many teams in the top divisions, the best English teams come from the north, Manchester and Liverpool. Spain is an exception but the foundations for Real Madrid's success were laid during the Franco era, when the club represented the central government. Paris and Berlin maybe too diverse to be football hotbeds. Anyway, Stade de France was meant to serve as a French national arena and there are very few clubs that need a stadium for 80,000 spectators. Berlin's Olympiastadion might also be too big for Hertha who only slightly exceeded the 50k mark in the previous season.
  23. I think the Transsiberian route is quite popular among travellers and many people indeed continue to southern China or all the way to South East Asia. In theory one could also take the southern route through Turkey, Iran and India, but it would most likely be more complicated and I guess even longer in time though not in distance. Some parts between Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand would have to be crossed by bus, but the route you described is not uninterrupted either between Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. This is the southern route: http://www.seat61.com/India-overland.htm#.VD2HXxaDsYQ
  24. Ok, I may have emphasized the importance of English language a bit too much but I still maintain the idea that being culturally very familiar to the IOC may have been the deciding factor in winning the games for Sydney and very narrowly beating China. Of course this is very hypothetical, but I guess that all things being equal, speaking French or Spanish could also have been enough for Australia on that occasion but that's about it.
  25. I've felt that Australia with a relatively modest sized population has been very lucky to host twice in half a century and part of the attraction is due to it being an English speaking country. Obviously the geographic location, organizational ability and sports success play a role as well, but I have a feeling that especially Sydney 2000 would not have happened, not so soon and right after Atlanta, if it was a culturally more alien nation with all other aspects like economy etc.remaining more or less equal.
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