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  1. Have to correct your spelling as it is actually Hämäläinen. Quite a common surname and also my mother's maiden name. I believe back then it was written as Haemaelaeinen for international broadcast which many Finns find very amusing and this is often used as a point of reference when the traditional conversion of umlaut-topped vocals is mentioned. One isn't anything special but three in a same name is bit of a comedy.
  2. Yeah, I'm interested too about why is Rome strong relative to some other cities. Having been to Rome recently I could see major obstacles, quite literally, in their bid. I am not saying it can't be done, just that the city has some infrastractural issues due to its characteristics that other big European capitals don't have.
  3. What a disgrace. Hopefully there will be fines for the club and lengthy bans for those involved.
  4. There's three pairs that are repetition from last year's play-off phase. I think it goes to show how narrow the competitive field is with the same clubs going this far over and over again.
  5. This has been discussed over and over again but football is quite lucrative as it still tends to attract big crowds and brings nice revenues usually without a need to build new venues as most host countries have a few ready stadiums available. Also this way some of the Olympic spirit is spread throughout the country. At least as far as men's tournament is concerned FIFA might be quite pleased if the sport was dropped considering their general dislike of the tournament and the reluctance to let top players play in there, though for women it is more prestigious. For many other top professional sports such as tennis, road cycling and golf the Olympic competitions are not the most valued ones either so these sports have been selected because of their prestige. Personally I don't care about Olympic football but this is just the way it is.
  6. The potentially good years for Paris to bid that have been mentioned here include 1988, 2000, 2004 and 2020. Even if some of them may be debatable, I do think that Paris could have been very strong on some of those occasions. 2016 of course they were wise not to enter. I wasn't referring to you or anyone else particularly when I mentioned Istanbul, that's just the prime example of someone bidding for the sake of bidding without thinking about it too much. Or who knows what their motives are/were. Paris could have bid more often without turning into another Istanbul unless they picked their battles really badly, like going for both 1996, 2008 as well as 2016. I do however think that even with wisely elected years a credible city like Paris could bid too much and gain battle fatigue, so there must be a limit to everything. For the sake of this hindsight argument I believe that if they want the Games, the French should enter the 2024 race as even with or without South Africa I see it as an excellent opportunity for Paris. If they do that and lose more than very narrowly like in 2012, I'm ready to admit I was wrong. But they might not care about the hosting anymore, it's their business and so be it.
  7. I think it is clear that Madrid bid a couple times too much when they should have not and that's the difference with Paris that could have tried a couple times more but chose not to enter the race. Of course bidding too many times à la Istanbul can also be counterproductive but I think we can agree that Paris is not Istanbul nor France is Turkey and Paris would always have been a very credible option. They don't also have the burden of another city in the same country having hosted recently. Actually it is very difficult to think of any major opposing arguments against Paris in general apart from their possible internal issues such as lack of support. Minor issues and flaws exist with every bidding city.
  8. I have wondered too if Paris took the 2008 bid that seriously and only considered it as a warm-up for 2012 which certainly wasn't a wrong battle. If that is the case it certainly makes sense. Even with hindsight I like to maintain the idea of picking the battles a bit poorly, but it's not so much about when to bid but when not to bid. At least 2020 is still fresh in our minds and when South Africa wasn't entering, the competition didn't look too strong.
  9. I think also that Paris would run clear favorite against them but do the French again miss their luck by sitting out? Berlin looks politically unpopular both within the city and the rest of Germany and there is also the big possibility of Euro 2024 in Germany. Rome might be beautiful, historic and exotic, but even leaving aside the economy I am not sure if it is the right place to host a 21st century Olympic games. Rome is congested, chaotic and has a deficient public transport. It's simply not at the same level as cities such as Paris, London, Madrid or Berlin with their wide avenues and sophisticated infrastructures. Rome is like a third world city compared to them. I haven't been a vocal supporter of Paris in the past but the idea of them hosting has began to grow on me when thinking about what the other options might be.
  10. I've said this before but the French have picked the wrong battles before. Granted 2012 was a very close one and 1992 had the Samaranch influence but 2008 immediately after Athens and against Beijing looks foolish. Then again, I believe Paris could have got the Games in 1988 and 2020 easily if they had put forward a bid, maybe even 2000. Not all of them of course but one of those, although I am ready to admit that 1988 is a bit too much to ask for considering the state of the Olympic movement after what happened in 1976 to a French speaking city and the boycott of Moscow.
  11. I am quite sure I know more of them. Though I can't speak for every individual, I don't believe your claim can be generalisized too much. The Argentinians often don't consider themselves as Latin Americans and may say that their country is the most European in South America, together with Uruguay, which is true, and that Buenos Aires has a European touch (also true) but it doesn' mean that they consider themselves Europeans per se. It's like saying that Australians think of themselves as English. But enough of this OT for now. *generalized
  12. I've also been wondering if smaller stadiums actually do make sense considering the possibility of reduced spectator attendance. It's not something I would hope for and wouldn't do any good for the atmosphere but may become reality.
  13. FIFA didn't force Brazil to build stadiums specifically in Manaus and Cuiaba, it ws the Brazilians themselves (=the corrupt Teixeira) who chose the venues with FIFA's requirements. Anyway, it is disappointing that Russia with its already minimum capacity stadiums is given permit of cutting the capacities even more. Even South Africa had bigger venues. Maybe Russia should have built fewer stadiums but made them larger.
  14. I see it only natural that Australia's presence in the AFC is raising voices as it is not always considered an Asian country and has qualified quite easily to two World Cups in a row taking a spot fom a 'real' Asian nation. Australia has of course benefitted from all this but hasn't given much in return. The only thing puzzling me is how they got to AFC so easily in the first place because this should have been foreseen but didn't cause any objections back then as far as I know.
  15. Yes, InDesign is for designing text pages and magazines and that sort of things, not really for any graphics whether pixel or vector based. From Adobe there are Photoshop and Illustrator with the latter being better equipped for vector graphics but also PS will do the work (at least most of the times). They are far from intuitive and take a long time to master though (depending on one's previous experience of course). The new cloud based subscription plan makes the purchase of them less restrictive than what used to be the case.
  16. Cheap provocation, I have never heard anyone claim that. It's only a myth.
  17. They already know it through the information given when buying the ticket. It's not like on flights from LA to New York IDs are needed just because it's a long route, or are they?
  18. I think there's no city that somehow deserves the Games more than someone else. Each bid race is unique with its dynamics and the hosting is awarded to the city that the IOC feels is the most suitable one on those circumstances. Although no one is due the games, it would be foolish for the IOC to give cold shoulder again and again to a city that would most certainly be a great host, in a traditional Western European nation when it's precisely the interest of that type of cities that the IOC is worried about losing and now trying to attract. Paris is not entitled to hosting the Olympics but if they bid and lose, the French would probably be much less likely to come back than certain other cities/countries. It's up to the IOC but would they be willing to take that risk?
  19. No, 2012 was not an error but 2008 clearly was (although I'm not sure how serious they were), 1988 or even 2000 would have been better than 1992, 2020 could have been there for the taking and so on. Of course we have the advantage of hindsight but I still see this as a perfect opportunity at the moment. There aren't guarantees but with the IOC probably desperate to return to Europe after 12 years and the opposition not necessarily as stellar as people might think (Germany's referendums and interest in the Euros hosting, Italy's sluggish economy and more recent hostings in both winter and summer) the stars could align very, very well for Paris.
  20. The French have often chosen the wrong battles so I hope they realize how good an opportunity this could be for Paris. Such an excellent chance just doesn't come around too often and I think Paris could win with a margin as wide as Beijing, Rio and Tokyo.
  21. I admit I was harsh in choosing my words but the point remains that unless you show some deeper knowledge of the issue and express reasons as to why you think Santiago would be the next SA host, then your predictions of things that would take place several decades from now and involving many intertwining scenarios has about the same weight as claims that the sun will shine next May 15th.
  22. I thought Tony favored Santiago? Don't know his reasoning though. As if I cared about his opinions or thought he had any idea about the reality. I do agree that it's pointless making predictions long into the future when we don't even know who will finally bid for 2024. The only thing I am willing to say is that due to the continental rotation there won't probably be another South American hosting before the 30s.
  23. San Francisco is the US city that I most would like to host. It's exotic but at the same time has a certain old world feel ie. a tight urban core and not too spread out, suitable climate and nice scenery. Then again I wouldn't want it to lose and that's quite likely depending on the European opponents. I get the impression that LA will be chosen but it's a 'been there, done that' option. Boston might be a nice town but leaves me indifferent, I get the impression of a little brother for New York. I don't know Washington very well except for the government, but for some reason I am not particularly fond of the East Coast cities as Olympic hosts with Miami perhaps being an exception but it is culturally and climatically very different from the cities up north and anyway not suitable due to the weather.
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