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  1. England decides to follow the EU vote result also in Euro 2016. Iceland advance to the quarter-finals against France.
  2. It's nevertheless larger than the Netherlands, Ireland and Switzerland combined with plenty of space remaining for Liechtenstein and Kosovo to join in the group.
  3. Uruguay is still only an Argentinean province though.
  4. Such a sad moment for Atlético Madrid. I fear they won't have another chance soon. Then again, I thought the same two years ago...
  5. It's kind of a pity actually that FIFA is so opposed to joint bids. 2002 wasn't a success but it was never meant to be a joint tournament anyway, no one wanted that, it was just because of a political compromise. Korea and Japan are separated by history, sea and language, in that order. European Championships have shown that a joint tournament can work and there are a few places where they seem logical and natural like Argentina and Uruguay with others including at least the Iberian peninsula and Benelux.
  6. Moscow won't have one either after the ongoing renovation of Luzhniki is finished. I can't see athletics being dropped, it's such a central part of the Games and gets the biggest audiences. One has to see the things in wider perspective beyond personal dislikes. I don't for example care about swimming and think they could cut off some of the events but I recognize it is one of the biggest Olympic sports.
  7. I hope so and hopefully the voting IOC members think that way too. Do you really think it doesn't matter if the attacks happen before the voting or after it? Can you imagine the outcome in 2005 if the explosions in London happened one day prior to the vote and not after?
  8. My choice of words may have seemed tasteless to you in the aftermath of a tragedy but I still don't get your reaction. This was the second attack in Paris this year and it seems that considering the complicated relationship of France with many Arabic countries Paris has become the top target for islamist terrorists. Taking into account the growing problem of unsuccessful integration of their muslim population in the banlieus it's not something that will go away soon. They are not dead and buried yet (figuratively speaking!), will so far still run as favorite and I hope Paris will be host in 2024 but a third attack, especially shortly before the vote, would all but ruin their chances. The comparisons with London experiencing the attacks after the vote are simply not valid.
  9. The day the hopes of Paris hosting the 2024 Games vanished...
  10. I think India's biggest problem, as well as some regions in South East Asia, is the monsoon season that hits them hardest during the months of July and August. It's not convenient to try to run marathons or compete in road cycling with torrential rain.
  11. I guess this could be updated now that I have visited Rome. London (attended the games and went inside the main stadium). Saw the stadium at least from outside: Berlin Stockholm Helsinki Seoul Barcelona Visited the cities but didn't see anything important related to the Olympic theme: Paris Rome I have still not been to any winter host city.
  12. Still there was at least one Argentinian celebrating the win, Jorge Sampaoli. In fact all four semi-finalists had an Argentinian head coach out of six in total in the tournament. Is that the solution also to Brazil's problems?
  13. The semi-final results: Chile-Peru 2-1 Argentina-Paraguay 6-1 Clearly the two best teams of the tournament will contest the final on Saturday 4th of July at 17:00 local time when the host nation Chile will face their neighbour and bitter rival Argentina. Will Chile's collective effort overcome Argentina's individual brilliance and will there be more controversial refereeing decisions favoring the home team?
  14. Unless it is stolen, of course! (That was the destiny of the original Jules Rimet trophy in Brazil btw.) This could be better than Guardiola's team that won the first treble, or at least more effective. This year's Barcelona faced better opposition than in 2009 but pushed everyone aside quite easily.
  15. I guess we agree that Durban has many attributes over Johannesburg and Cape Town like weather, coastal location and an existing stadium fit for the Games. I never claimed that Johannesburg would be a better choice, just argued that the climate doesn't have to be such a major obstacle that some made it to be. The altitude is probably much more limiting to their chances and there might be also other issues more important than the weather. I didn't understand the highlighted phrase though.
  16. Powerful African sun, Mediterranean sun... I'll tell you a secret: the sun becomes more powerful the closer you get to the equator, and Johannesburg at the 26th latitude is quite well located in that regard. And yes, I know athletics finals are mostly held at night but at least also London (and maybe Sydney?) had many cool nights where thick overcoats could have been useful and that didn't bother anyone. Also I didn't say Johannesburg in late winter and early spring would be the most ideal as Durban fits that timeframe better, but it could be doable.
  17. Looking at the weather statistics from the past few years at wunderground.com I would say Johannesburg could host the Games if they'd be able to push them to begin at the last week of August and end during the first week of September. Yes, the nights could be chilly but most outdoor events are held during daytime anyway, when, considering the constant high pressure and lack of rain in the Highveld, the powerful African sun would have a considerable warming effect by late winter-early spring. Cape Town with its Mediterranean winter rain season is climatically the least suitable to be a host of the three major SA cities IMO. Although I don't think that Jo'burg is the best or most probable choice for South Africa due to reasons stated earlier.
  18. In the era of Internet and Google this must be one of the most ridiculous postings I have read for a long time here. You do realize that Australia is a continent and at least the southern parts have clearly defined seasons, do you? July and August are clearly not suitable for Summer Games in Melbourne as has been discussed before and even September is debatable. The next week looks like the day time temperatures will be in high teens for Melbourne, in late April. Assuming we are talking about Celsius here.
  19. When has this rule been officially changed? Ok, you could say Qatar but I guess that is an exceptional case in every way. And I think too that with many English stadiums the biggest issue is the tight spaces around them because of their ancient inner-city locations which are nice in their own way but easily create logistical nightmares. Capacities shouldn't pose any problems though.
  20. Like people have said here, the vote taking place at a really bad moment in 1984 was probably decisive. Italy had already hosted once before but I'm not sure how USSR would have fared even without those boycotts though. FIFA never seemed passionate about communist countries and the Soviet Union suffered some really bad refereeing decisions against it in the World Cup history. UEFA wasn't keen to look for the Eastern Bloc nations if you look at their choices for European club competitions' finals. The USSR was of course by 1990 trembling so it might be better that they didn't have a hosting burden added to all their problems.
  21. Yes, you are right, Canada isn't like Qatar by any means, although I wasn't making direct comparisons between them. Still I would expect the men's national team to improve a bit before awarding the WC there. What I really wanted to say was that I would hope a better balance between new territories and the traditional powers as hosts.
  22. To me expensive and time consuming pretty much equals difficult with regards to practicality and availability for most people (the 'general public').
  23. I wouldn't like to see the World Cup in Canada immediately after Qatar. Another country with so little significance in the game won't be good for the brand. Maybe some day but not so soon. I'd prefer the tournament get back to its roots to (Western) Europe, preferably to England or Spain. Not only is Canada a backwater for this sport, it's also incredibly huge and difficult to get around, like Russia and Brazil.
  24. Spot on, that's what I have always thought about this rule. This is FIFA after all, they do as they like.
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