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  1. I don't have any great reason but I think LA is going to win. Of course Paris is the sentimental favorite, and all those euro-centrist IOC voters will always fall all over Paris or any big European capitol....until they don't. With all the crazy election happening it seems like upsets are the norm now.
  2. Donald Trump Los Angeles can never win against Hillary Clinton Paris, Hillary Paris has been working for this for so long...it's definitely her their turn! I'm with HER PARIS!
  3. There used to be such a push to get the Olympics to Africa asap.......what happened?
  4. If those cities can't provide facilities for these important Olympic sports then WHY are they hosting, did they forget it's a sporting event not a costume parade? If you can't afford it or don't have the facilities to host then bugger off.
  5. TIME- Eleven tons of marijuana, a stockpile of semi-automatic weapons—and a mural of Justin Bieber? Welcome to the dangerous world of Rio's drug trade. On Sunday, more than 2,000 heavily armed forces raided Complexo do Alemao, Rio de Janeiro's most notorious shantytown, hoping to drive out the drug cartels that control the area's 70,000 impoverished residents. The Guardian newspaper reports that amid the skirmishes—which left at least 50 people dead—drug lords disguised themselves as evangelical preachers and fled the neighborhood through sewers. Police began combing through the drug mob's abandoned houses almost immediately and uncovered lavish accommodations replete with swimming pools, saunas and flat-screen televisions. In the home of "Pezao"—one of the country's most-feared traffickers—they found several tons of drugs, one missile and a hand-painted mosaic of the Biebs. An adjacent wall also featured several posters of the Canadian pop star. Brazilian news outlet R7 published a photo of the mural here. NewsFeed has not yet confirmed Pezao's first words when forces stormed his home. Our money is on "Baby, baby, baby noo...." - TIME Gotta love the Beev
  6. One of Brazil's most feared drug lords shocked police when they raided his Rio De Janeiro home - and found an entire room dedicated to teen pop sensation Justin Bieber. During the raid on the home of suspect Luciano Martiniano da Silva - better known as Pizzou - officers found stacks of illegal drugs and piles of weapons. But it was the room filled with memorabilia of the 16-year-old Somebody To Love star, that left them stunned. The kingpin had installed a huge hand-painted mosaic of Bieber across one wall and plastered another with posters of the Canadian pop singer. The mosaic features Bieber's face, with his signature haircut, as well as the words 'One Time' - the name of a song by the teen idol. 'I've never seen anything like it,' said police spokesman Marcos Vinicius Braga after the raid in Rio. More than 2,500 officers were involved in a number of raids on two of Rio’s most dangerous slums, including da Silva’s house. According to local reports, Pizzou fled the mansion before the raid. - People
  7. The war in Rio continues... BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-11852588 Brazilian soldiers deployed to Rio favela Soldiers on patrol in Rio Soldiers have blocked off the entrances to the Alemao and Penha neighbourhoods Brazilian soldiers have joined forces with police in Rio de Janeiro to drive out suspected drug traffickers from one of the city's poor areas. Defence Minister Nelson Jobim said he had deployed 800 soldiers, 10 armoured vehicles and two helicopters to gain control of the Penha and Alemao areas. Hundreds of suspected gang members were seen fleeing there after police took control of neighbouring Vila Cruzeiro. Thirty-five people are reported to have died in six days of clashes. 'Necessary confrontation' Mr Jobim told a news conference that "the confrontation is necessary so we can have a state in peace". Police said Thiago Ferreira Faria, 24, whom they accuse of leading a drugs ring in the Alemao area of Rio, was shot dead on Friday during the confrontation. At least three soldiers and six civilians were injured, among them a two-year-old girl hit by a bullet in her arm. Gen Fernando Sardemberg, one of the commanders deployed to Alemao, told Brazilian newspaper O Globo the soldiers were surrounding the neighbourhood to prevent the alleged gang members from fleeing, but stressed they would not harass local residents or motorists. And spokesman for the military Enio Zanan said that even though the soldiers had been fired upon, they had not fired back out of fear of hitting civilians. The massive military deployment comes a day after the authorities took control of the Vila Cruzeiro neighbourhood, a move Rio state governor Sergio Cabral called "historic". Rio's favelas have for years been controlled by heavily armed drug-trafficking gangs. The city's pacification programme is aimed at improving security and the rule of law in the run-up to Brazil's hosting of the football World Cup in 2014 and Rio's staging of the Olympic Games two years later.
  8. BBC Now some of the recent attacks have spilled into wealthier areas closer to the beach. "The scary part is that now it is getting close to us," said Olga Silveira, shopping in the wealthy Ipanema neighbourhood. "Before, the violence was always far away. The criminals have discovered the power they have and they want to show it." BBC 24 November 2010 Last updated at 15:39 ET Rio de Janeiro shaken by fresh gang violence Police and gang members have clashed in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro for a fourth day, despite further raids by security forces. At least 13 people were reported killed on Wednesday as police sought to quell the wave of gang violence. Heavily armed men continued to stop cars and buses, rob passengers and set vehicles alight, police said. Officials say drug traffickers are fighting back against police operations aimed at pacifying city slums. "There are groups of criminals who have been installed here for 20, 30 years, and they might not want to give up," said Rio state public safety director Jose Beltrame. "But we're not giving up either. If they keep this up, we will redouble our efforts. Anyone who gets in our path will be run over." Military police said 10 suspected gang members died in shootouts with agents early on Wednesday. Officials later raised the number killed to 13. One of the victims was a 14-year-old girl hit by a stray bullet in the area of Penha, the Brazilian newspaper O Globo reported. Two policemen were wounded in the clashes, officials said. The Brazilian G1 news website said bombs, grenades and guns had been seized in police raids. World Cup fears Gang-related violence has plagued Rio for decades, but most has been contained within the city's slums, known as favelas. Continue reading the main story At the scene Bill Wilson BBC News, Rio de Janeiro At first glance it seems to be life as normal on the famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. But at some of the top hotels, sightseeing trips to the favelas are no longer available. Taxi drivers have seemed noticeably tenser in the past 24 hours. Since being in Rio I have witnessed prostitution and petty thefts on Copacabana beach. But on Tuesday night things took on a totally different aspect, with armoured vehicles and camouflaged police out in force. Drugs gangs have been evicted from many of the favelas and police stations have been established. The gangs are now showing the law enforcers that they have not gone away. Now some of the recent attacks have spilled into wealthier areas closer to the beach. "The scary part is that now it is getting close to us," said Olga Silveira, shopping in the wealthy Ipanema neighbourhood. "Before, the violence was always far away. The criminals have discovered the power they have and they want to show it." Correspondents say the latest wave of violence has raised further doubts about Rio's ability to safely host the 2014 Fifa football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. The latest clashes began on Saturday night when armed men began blocking some of the main roads leading out of Rio, robbing motorists and setting vehicles on fire. By Tuesday, police said officers had been deployed in 17 slum districts. More than 1,000 officers were removed from desk jobs to join the operation and 300 extra motorcycle police were on patrol, they said. Two suspected gang members had been shot dead by Tuesday and there have been many arrests. Rio's favelas have for years been controlled by heavily armed drug trafficking gangs. The city's pacification programme is aimed at improving security and the rule of law in Rio in the run-up to the World Cup and Olympics.
  9. BBC 23 November Brazil police battle Rio de Janeiro gang violence http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-11824432 Police in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro have launched a major operation to try to stop a wave of violence by criminal gangs. For three days, suspected gang members have been blocking roads, burning cars and shooting at police stations. Military police have been deployed in 17 different slum districts. Rio's governor says the violence is retaliation by drugs gangs who have been driven out of some areas by a police pacification programme. More than 1,000 officers had been taken away from desk jobs to join the surge on the streets, the military police said, and 300 extra motorcycle police were on patrol. Rio de Janeiro's state governor Sergio Cabral has also asked the central government for police reinforcements from outside Rio to keep the main highways open. Two suspected gang member have been shot dead. More than eight others have been arrested, including four suspects who were found with petrol bombs in the Copacabana beach neighbourhood. Orchestrated attacks Starting on Saturday night, armed men have been blocking some of the main roads leading out of Rio, robbing motorists and setting their vehicles on fire. The authorities are convinced that the attacks are being orchestrated by drugs gangs in retaliation for being forced out of their traditional strongholds in some slum districts by police pacification units. "Without doubt these attacks are related to the reconquest of territory and the new policy of public security in Rio de Janeiro," Mr Cabral said. "We are not going to retreat in this policy. We are going to push forward, pacifying communities and bringing peace to the population." Rio's police have been taking back control of poor neighbourhoods, known as favelas, that have for years been controlled by heavily armed drug trafficking gangs. The pacification programme is aimed at improving security and the rule of law in Rio, which will host the Fifa football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016.
  10. If everyone still loves to hate the US like all the games-bidders...then Toronto will have a few opportunities in the coming decades, but truth be told.....it's a pretty ugly city with a tall pointy tower that was once a tallest this or that. It's a concrete mess. If you love a concrete games, I'd much rather go back to Calgary for winter spin.
  11. Keep this thing away from the US.
  12. So what are the sponsors that wouldn't sign a deal? Bet the IOC is bummed about having to fork over 22 million for hay bales.
  13. Did someone think this was going to be a bigger deal?? Not really a shocker. There barely seems to be 3 bids for the real deal these days.
  14. Button's attack in Brazil sparks concerns over World Cup, Olympics -USA today -Heavily armed gunmen targeting high-profile sports stars on the streets of Brazil, it's the ultimate nightmare scenario for Olympic and World Cup organizers. Button escapes Brazil gun attack -Al Jazera -"That's when we saw six men, all of them brandishing machine guns". The attack happened on the same night that three engineers from the Sauber team were robbed just outside the Interlagos track, heightening security concerns in the country set to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Button attack an embarrassment for Brazil as lessons need to be learned -Yahoo Sports UK -On that matter, with the 2014 Football World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games both on the radar for Brazil in the not-too-distant future, pressure is rising upon the country’s authorities to solve its crime issues and reduce the risk of danger for foreign visitors, with Williams ace Barrichello – who partnered the reigning F1 World Champion at Brawn GP last year and is a Paulista himself – writing on his Twitter account that the attack was an ‘embarrassment’ and globoesporte columnist José Ilan conceding that ‘it’s an horrendous postcard Button is taking back home’.
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