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  1. I did not exagerated. I just posted what O Globo had published that day. Mr. Beltrame denied there was such a truck. However, as you certainly know, it was said by the Police that some Garis found explosives in two different places while cleaning the streets and that the explosives were probabily to be used to destroy cars and buses. So, it was not a rumor. I want to apologize because I did not believe the Government would give such a strong, direct response to drugdealers, and you can easily understand my position. For decades nothing was done. If you had asked the average cariocas last week whether they trusted the Police or not, the answer would be a ressounding "NO". Today, people support the Police and the Government because they have done what our people expected for years and years. I hope they will not stop fighting drugdealers. Complexo do Alemão, although very important and iconic in this war, is not the only place in Rio that needs similar actions. I am not a strategist, but I think if it was possible - and I am sure it is not - this would the right moment to act in other areas, like Vidigal, Rocinha and so on, to seize the timing, the morale of the troops and the population support. This is a good political moment too since President Lula is eager to clean the way for Mrs. Dilma administration. I repeat now proudly: IOC, this is the city you chose to host the SOG in 2016. But now I think you don't need to have a "B" plan anymore. The Government and the Police finally understood the nature of their constitutional duties.
  2. IOC, this is the city you chose to host the SOG in 2016. Have you a "B" plan? It is still time. This won't change: drug dealers support some politicians. Video: Bandits of a gang arriving in Vila Cruzeiro, with guns to face the police. Pay attention to the kind of weapons they have. http://video.globo.com/Videos/Player/Noticias/0,,GIM1380709-7823-FLAGRANTE+MOSTRA+CRIMINOSOS+NA+VILA+CRUZEIRO,00.html
  3. O Globo, Rio de Janeiro's most important newspaper, published in its online edition today, police sources said they are searching for a truck with 600kg of explosives to be used by drugdealers in atacks against authorities and landmarks of the city. According to the newspaper, the explosives were stolen in São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul.It is said Governor Sergio Cabral has asked for federal help to face this threat.
  4. So, if am not mistaken, you are talking about 07 hotels to be reformed, 4 under construction and 26 projects. Among those in project, 2 with no location. Right? What do you think about the time left to reform and/or build those hotels, having in mind that they are not the only concerns related to the Games. You know, subway lines, buses, stadia and everything else? It is said that Brazil enjoys a good moment for its economy. As much as I am aware, there is a lack of human resources to finish constructions not related to the Games, like housing and infra structure in general. It is said that more than 10,000 paraguayan people asked permission to cross the border and work legally in Brazil. Is that true? If that is true, are these numbers the correct ones, given the so said lack of control Brazil has over its borders? By the way, talking about borders, have you heard any news about changes in the borders control to the security of the Games? I've been to the Três Fronteras zone, some years ago. To be honest, the control I saw was a joke. People in line coming from Paraguay to enter the Brazilian territory. Frontier guards used to choose one or another person and let the rest free to enter the country. Is it still like that? Tx
  5. So we are talking about 07 hotels in reform, 4 under construction, 15 projects, 03 in the Port area, 03 in the Northen zone and 2 with no location yet. Is that what you said, Jim? I have heard that Brazil is going to face the lack of workers due to a boom in civil construction. Even giants of this sector have being training workers to build houses, buildings, not to mention the Games needed infrastructuring. At the same time, we have to remember Brazil is hosting FIFA 2014 WC which, I suppose, also needes human resources. Do you think the country will be able to manage this situation and deliver all the necessary constructions as scheduled? Tx.
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