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  1. A view point substantiated by the fact that Canada put forward Halifax (small provincial capital of Nova Scotia) for the 2014 commonwealth games, but then withdrew the bid as it was deemed too expensive at $1.3 billion (despite this being trimmed down from 1.7 billion). The Canadians then decided to put together a $2.4 billion bid for the 2015 Pan Am Games, ( $1 billion more expensive than the Halifax bid), this time putting forward their no.1 city: Toronto. It’s clear where their priorities are – clearly the Canadians view the Pan Am Games to be more valuable/ more worth hosting than the commonwealth games (even though Canada recently hosted the Pan Am Games with Winnipeg in 1999, more recent that the Victoria 1994 CWG in Canada).
  2. Even though I am against this Gold Coast 2018 CWG bid, the Gold Coast is actually well suited to host these games. The Gold Coast is a great place to visit for 1 week where you can stay in a hotel and go on tours to Mount Tambourine, Movie World, Dream world, sea world, go up Q1 etc. It is a very tourist orientated place, so is perfect for a games that last for 10 days. To live in the Gold Coast is another story. It is a very transient place, lots of people visiting for a few days/ months even (on short term contracts). Not much arts/ culture here, gets boring when you live here permanently - at least in Brisbane you have the different building styles and more culture eg. QPAC for theatre etc... The Gold Coast is about the suburbs - Robina, Main Beach, Broad Beach, Harbour Town. We locals tend to spend our free time in these areas, away from Surfer's Paradise. Surfer's Paradise = most disgusting street in Australia - FACT. On Friday and Saturday evenings, the most trashy people from all over Australia (and from abroad) tend to converge on Surfer's Paradise - bogan trash..... They have ruined what was once upon a time a great place (like Byron Bay is at the moment). You speak to any local from the Gold Coast - he/ she will tell you they practically NEVER go into Surfer's Paradise.
  3. A big issue here in the Gold Coast with regards to the 2018 CWG is the athletes village could be built on land that is being used for the Gold Coast show at Parklands. Check out this article titled: "No show for Gold Coast Parklands development." http://subtropic.com.au/2010/10/19/no-show-for-gold-coast-parklands-development/ Tuesday, October 19, 2010, 6:52 am | Reported by Tom Kojrowicz Gold Coast residents are petitioning to prevent the closure of the iconic Parklands facility, a move that could see the Gold Coast show left without a site. Parklands is the host of the Big Day Out music festival, which is likely to move interstate upon its closure in 2013. (Image courtesy of aeryxz) The plea comes after the State Government revealed its ultimate vision for Parklands to be a Transit Oriented Development acting as a support centre for the Gold Coast Health and Knowledge Precinct. The redevelopment will contain a low-cost, high-density housing proposal and will see the closure of Parklands in June 2013. It may also be used to accommodate athletes if the Gold Coast wins the 2018 Commonwealth Games bid. Parklands was originally zoned by The Queensland Government to be a Health and Knowledge Precinct to contain The Gold Coast University Hospital project, before it was realised that Griffith University and University Hospital project did not require the land. LNP member for Gaven Dr Alex Douglas, who is supporting the petition, says the critical issue is the loss of a venue for communities who use Parklands. “I think the aspects are multi-dimensional. The Show Society is losing its site, The Indoor Sports Centre, and The Harness Racing Club is having their whole club closed and no replacement of it,” he said. “What people don’t know is besides these three main groups there’s literally thousands of groups who use the space.” Dr Douglas is also concerned about the loss of The Big Day Out festival, which will be moved interstate upon the closure of Parklands. “For the Gold Coast it is our biggest young-person event every year,” he said. “It also drives tourism, it basically gets people in the habit of just being able to go to The Gold Coast and we’re going to lose all of that – the state will lose it.” Contrary to the petition’s suggestions, spokesperson for the Office of the Minister of Infrastructure and Planning Stirling Hinchliffe ensures the development will boost employment and will not leave the Gold Coast Show without a site. “The redevelopment of the State Government owned Parklands site as a vibrant office, retail and residential precinct could generate a total of up to 6380 jobs and an estimated $550 million per annum,” he said. “The state government is currently investigating a number of options for an alternative showgrounds site on the Gold Coast. The leading option is at Carrara.” Spokesperson for Save Parklands Action Group and Gold Coast Show board member Peter Johnston says the State Government has in fact offered this site to the Show Society an alternative, before it was determined unsuitable. “The Gold Coast Show was offered 12 hectares of the Carrara Floodplain,” he said. “12 hectares… is around about half the size of those required to conduct the activities currently being done at the Gold Coast Show. “That tells me 104 years of Gold Coast Show history is now seriously in jeopardy.” Plan for actionIn addition to losing a venue, the communities based at Parklands are losing patience waiting for a proper answer on the State Government’s plans for the site. In fear that the people of the Gold Coast have been sold out, Mr Johnston says everybody is being kept in the dark. “The Government will not tell us why it is necessary for them to rip out this major infrastructure to put a village in for a commonwealth games that is going to last three weeks,” he said. Mr Johnston says the government has alternative options and he is suspicious the move is about selling state assets. “Parklands has an estimated value of between $75million and $100 million and it’s our understanding the state government is looking for partners to develop that land and sell it,” he said. “The only commercial sense it makes in any way we look at it is the fact the state government are looking for funds.” According to Dr Douglas, the state government owes keeping Parklands to the people of the Gold Coast. “The reasons the show society agreed to move out was because if the hospital or the university needed the space for the knowledge precinct, and neither of them do,” he said. “The government has no right to resume the title and they should withdraw. “It does not belong to them and it is held in deed of trust for the benefit of the community that it serves.” Despite the tension, Mr Hinchliffe’s spokesperson reiterates that there will eventually be a suitable site for the Gold Coast Show to resume operations. “The Parklands site is state owned land,” he said. “In 2007 the Government announced that the Parklands site would be transformed into the Gold Coast Hospital and Knowledge precinct… The Government announced on a number of occasions that as part of this process an alternative site for the Gold Coast Show would be identified.” Queenslanders can have their say in the debate by signing the e-petition on the Queensland Parliament website.
  4. Yes- exactly. This is where other regional events such as the Asian Games are changing with the times, and therefor ehave a much better prognosis compared to the commonwealth games. After Incheon 2014, the next Asian Games will be in 2019 and 2023. The OCA know that 2014/18/22 are years with crowded sporting calendars - winter olympics, youth summer olympics, commonwealth games, and of course the FIFA World Cup (above everything else). Asian Games in 2019 and 2023 will not clash with as many events (IAAF world athletics championships in 2019 and 2023 will last for 1 week compared to the FIFA world cup in 2018 and 2022 which will last for ~ 1 month) and also being in a pre-olympic year means that many athletes will want the practice of competing and fine tuning their performances ready for the summer olympics the next year.
  5. The current bid requirements are simply ridiculous for the CWG. There needs to be drastic reductions in requirements. Athletics stadium 15-20,000 seats minimum (like for the Pan Am Games, York University will be using a 10-15,000 seater athletics stadium for the 2015 Pan Am Games, after Hamilton lost the atheltics events). Aquatics centre 2000 seats(olympic sized swimming pool), 500 seats (diving area) A cap on the number of athletes 3,500 or 4,000 athletes at a maximum (to ensure that building an athletes village is not too expensive) Less compact bids At the moment, the CGF prefers compact bids with a small footprint, like with olympic bids. However this is simply not feasible for some countries which could use neighbouring cities to host some events to make it cheaper. PASO approved the large footprint plan for Toronto 2015 - the plan for Hamilton to host athletics and cycling was given the thumbs up (although now Toronto will be hosting athletics in 2015) - Such basic bid requirments may possibly attract bids from places like Port of Spain (Capital of Trinidad and Tobago), Valetta (Capital of Malta), Halifax, Winnipeg etc. If cities like Kuala Lumpar want to build a 100,000 seater stadium, or Melbourne wants to carve an athletics track into a 100,000 seater cricket ground - then that's up to them, but smaller cities shouldn't be pressured into building huge, expensive venues which may not be used afterwards.
  6. I am a Gold Coast resident, based near Southport and let me tell you all I am 100% AGAINST the 2018 Commonwealth Games being hosted here. They are a waste of time and more importantly a waste of money. NO THANKYOU....... The fact that NO-ONE else wants these games (2018 CWG) should make Gold Coast residents very nervous indeed. I mean who is going to pay for these games? The residents! Expect a massive tax rise to pay for this useless 3rd/ 4th tier sporting event. The fact that Auckland, New Zealand did a feasibility study which predicted something like a $400- 500 million dollar LOSS, is all the more reason why the Gold Coast shouldn't be going for these games. WE CAN'T AFFORD IT EITHER.... Notice how there were NO bids from Canada (last hosted in 1994), South Africa (never hosted), Singapore (never hosted), New Zealand (last hosted in 1990) - why? Because Canadians, New Zealanders etc can all do maths - Anna Bligh clearly can't... This woman needs to get a calculator quickly and do her sums right. What we (Gold Coast) should do is to bid for single sporting events eg. FINA World Swimming Championships or the IAAF World Athletics Championships - would require only 1 venue - either an aquatics centre or an athletics stadium (Carrarra stadium which which host athletics in 2018 is nearlt complete, so would be so much cheaper). Why is the Australian taxpayer being continuosly BURDENED with hosting this irrelevant "wannabe olympics?" Delhi 2010 cost billions to host. Melbourne 2006 cost over $1 billion to host, and that's despite having several venues already existing eg. MCG, Telstra Dome, Aquatics Centre etc. 2 commonwealth games within 12 years??? Who is gonna pay for it?? Not me - NO THANKYOU
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