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  1. Well, I know that my team, Uganda, is one win away from qualifying for the first time in forever and a half. If, on independence day, they beat their archrivals Kenya, they are in. If they don't, then they are pretty much screwed. So... Go Cranes!! lol
  2. Detroit

    Qatar 2022

    Oh yeah forgot about that. Isn't he getting charged with rape in Sweden though? And he hasn't been charged YET. He will be. The Department of Justice likes to take its sweet precious time doing things though. And I guess FIFA has not done anything wrong. Technically. I still think they should be fired though
  3. Detroit

    Qatar 2022

    Blatter needs to go and NOW. Fire Blatter, fire the whole FIFA executive committee. They all need to be GOTTEN RID OF. And now before they get prosecuted like Mr. Assange of Sweden.
  4. Detroit

    Pearls of Wisdom from Sep

    And USA will get that in 2026 if we have the same rules. I mean why wouldn't the USA be begged to host in 2026? Who else would? Mexico? Canada? Only viable other option is Argentina. Unless Australia and NZ go the comibined route, which is very unlikely.
  5. Detroit

    2019 Pan American Games

    Fudge. It's going to South America in 2019 I think, since central in 2011 and North in 2015. Buenos Aires can do it. Would they want to though?
  6. Detroit

    Andrew Jennings on the 2018/2022 Attack

    So... It was unintentional bribing?
  7. Please support Manchester, New Hampshire 2022 for the XXIV Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

  8. Lions win road game! First time since 2007(26 in a row) That should be greatest sports moment of the year :lol:

  9. Detroit

    Qatar 2022

    Winter? Honestly? When would they play the club season? Only the MLS would benefit for not losing out in the season for playing at the same time
  10. Detroit

    England 2018- World Cup Bid

    Same. Also got one from the States the day of the bid from Donovan himself. And I love how a nation of 300 million people aims to get 1 million fans and barely does it, while the 51 million England population gets 2.5 million fans. Both lost. And they said the Aussie site is down ):
  11. Detroit

    Why Did Russia and Qatar Win

    ((You know, we knew they were corrupt already. We just didn't think it was Blatter himself))
  12. Detroit

    Pearls of Wisdom from Sep

    (((Just to say, not like Russia's all perfect. Mr. Putin from his office is running things pretty good at the Kremlin. Not to mention Zuma pretty much consolidates power, and homosexuals cannot marry in most places in the West, including 92% of the USA. So it's not like we are let's make homos marry and stuff all the time either.)))
  13. Detroit

    2020 Olympics short list

    Detroit? But seriously, it will either go to Cape Town/Durban, or it will hit the road, and go to Istanbul. Do not rule out possibility of a Middle East bid though, everyone seems to forget about them.
  14. Detroit

    Doha Or Dubai?

    What Middle East Countries DO recognize Israel? Temporary recognition?