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  1. To you, everything is a rip-off of Athens 2004, and Athens 2004 is the most original Olympics with copyright over every aspect of it.

    So henceforth, no other opening ceremony shall have two dancers hugging each other.

    thanks for your conclusion, but plez dun simply modified my opinions... To me, Athens 2004 of course was the most original and creative opening on certain aspects(performances)... BUT i never said everything is a rip-off of Athens 2004 :)

    Judging on that scene, that performance seems a copycat to me... the atmosphere was too similar to the Athens one... well, anyone could have different opinion. :rolleyes:

    For an example, both athens 2004 and beijing 2008 were using drums in their percussion performance. but i wont said beijing copied athens, becoz they performed the instruments in different way. Unless London 2012 again plays their percussion instruments with the LED lights during countdown moment... then i would said, "oh.. thats a rip-off bla bla bla.." then somebody will come up with "So henceforth, no other opening ceremony shall have percussion play. Full stop." :o

    so, can u now differentiate on how ppl judging the copycat issue based on the situation??

  2. Of course it wasn't, but there were some things better about it.

    i personally think that the only thing that better than Beijing 2008 was the atmosphere and the overwhelming response from the crowd.

    The overall performance was not creative enough, it just only a bunch of dancers spent their time on the stage. At first the different mode of dancing were good... after that... they kept repeating their dancing for quite a long time... eventually it became mundane. Just like Doha 2006, the performers danced for a long time while waiting the 6 trains to be evacuated from the stage, this made the dancing part became very ordinary...

    Luckily the show reached its climax with AR Rahman's commonwealth song and Jai-Ho song, really can't believe that they sang the slumdog millionaire song... but i liked it. :D

  3. The different methods of transportation on India...this reminds me of Athens closing, just that a bit more happier

    It reminds me of Doha 2006 Asian games where 6 regions of Asian were presented in each train. It also looks similar to Beijing 2008 closing ceremony where the performers beat the huge portable drums. Comparing to Athens 2004 opening ceremony, Delhi's trains seemed spontaneous while athens's one was so artistic and fine!

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