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      Nobody cares about your shithole country.

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    Hambantota 2018

    South Asian Beach Games 2011 - Theme Song
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    Hambantota 2018

    ICC T20 World Cup 2012 Sri Lanka
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    Hambantota 2018

    hambantota in a winning position “Hambantota presents an exciting opportunity for the Commonwealth Games to assist in the development of the city and country in a substantial manner creating an impact. The proposition could provide a blueprint for other Commonwealth nations,” full report
  5. You think comments like that will make me want the CWGs in your shithole of a country? Think again moron and GO GOLD COAST 2018!

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    Hambantota 2018

    Hambantota bid pictures > http://www.hambantota2018.com/photo-gallery Hambantota pictures > http://goo.gl/zQwE9
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    Hambantota 2018

    Progress of Hambantota development Hambantota International Convention Center Hambantota Administration Complex Hambantota Airport
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    Hambantota 2018

    Hambantota 2018: the most compact design concept the games have ever seen ALAN LAFLEUR / Sports Features Communications TAMPA/HAMBANTOTA, Jun 28: Today the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) Evaluation Commission is visiting the second of two 2018 candidate cities, Hambantota, Sri Lanka. The commission spent four days at the competitor, the Gold Coast, last week. The commission was treated with a tour of what is considered to be the most compact design concepts that have ever been developed for the Commonwealth Games. The Sri Lanka Sports Minister and Co-Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Hon. Mahindananda Aluthgamage, had this to say about the design process for these compact games: “We’ve listened to athletes and put functionality and convenience at the forefront of the planning and design process.” That design process has led to all but three competition venues in a single cluster. The cluster will also house the Games Village and most of the training facilities. Most athletes will not have to travel more than 1km to their respective competition or training venues. The plan sounds great for the athletes but what about the spectators of the event? How will Hambantota keep it from becoming one big traffic jam getting from event to event? The plan is to have two main boulevards, with entertainment all around, that will provide pedestrian-only access to the venues. The plan looks detailed enough that spectator traffic should be accounted for. Another great thing about the design of the Hambantota 2018’s bid is the access to the international airport. The main cluster is only 13km from the airport and will be accessible by new road and rail. The Hambantota 2018 plan is part of a bigger national journey called, ‘Taking Sri Lanka to 2020.’ Each venue will be financed and owned by the government and each come with defined legacy goals. One goal is that the Multi-Sport Complex will house a National Sports Museum. However, the goals do not just include sport. The Exhibition Centre will be used for Bollywood productions. The goal will be to have Hambantota one of the five future ‘metro cities’ for Sri Lanka and to have a mixed-zone ‘live, work, and play’ environment. Hambantota, Sri Lanka is up against the Gold Coast, Australia to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The CGF is due to choose the host city at its meeting in St Kitts and Nevis on 11 November 2011.
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    Hambantota 2018

    Hambantota 2018 latest Survey gives Hambantota 2018 bid major support boost ahead of inspection Lanka appoints five committees to promote Hambantota 2018
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    Hambantota 2018

    NEW> http://www.hambantota2018.com/
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    Hambantota 2018

    Singapore have better things to worry about. Hambantota port etc The progress of Hambantota Airport President inspects the progress of Sri Lanka's second international airport