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  1. I'm not sure...I always assumed only American-hosted Olympic OCs were eligible for Emmys since I don't remember 1998 and 2000 getting nods (only 1996 and 2002 on). I'm pretty sure I remember Beijing's at least getting nominated for some categories.
  2. I was a little bummed, they cut the Parade of Nations on the video...I like part, even if it can be boring at times. Anyway, I think they just used the raw fee - or world feed as you called it - but skipping over the parts that wasn't shown on TV due to commercial breaks.
  3. Emmy voters are given "for your consideration" videos that aren't necessarily what was shown on TV. I bought the Salt Lake OC Emmy video on ebay (shh, don't tell anyone) which won several 2002 Emmys and it's slightly different from what NBC showed on national television (and without commentary...whoohoo!)
  4. That may have been true...and the athlete may have missed the medal ceremony because he was at the hospital. The IOC seem to accept that excuse without question (fair enough). But this is a pattern with the Iranian team. In 2004, an Iranian wrestler (who was a strong medal contender) withdrew from his opening round match with an Israeli citing injury...In 2008, an Iranian swimmer scratched from his preliminary heat which included an Israeli swimmer citing illness...and now this... When you have a government who openly ostracizes Israel (and other countries) like a 13-year-old girl in a bitch fight, and the Iranian Olympic Team makes moves like this, I think it's fair for others to speculate...jus sayin...
  5. Wait a sec...the IOC got money from the US to televise the YOG????? Or are you talking about general TV revenue for the regular Olympics? If that's true, then that's a joke because only an hour of highlights was shown daily on Universal Sports (an obscure cable network that isn't even available in all markets) and it consisted solely of what was on the official Games website...
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