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  1. Any transportation either road, rail each will acquire something from us if we travel through roadways there will be lot of traffic and also charge will be higher then rail. If you travel from railways you have to wait for longtime for its arrival so any transport we acquire we have to sacrifice something. So it is better if we sit at home and watch games.
  2. It is wastage of time and money. If we buy ticket we have to spend money and also we should spend our time to visit the venue so it is better if you see the game on TV. So many people who visit the venue say same thing that it is good if you see it from tv because in stadium we cant even see players faces because they are far away from us so it is waste to purchase tickets.
  3. Thats your luck there are still two stamps are remaining and if you want further details on cancellation it is better if you visit other post office there you will find exact information required by you. If not you can also get suitable information if you ask person whom you feel have knowledge of it. It is better if you visit nearer post office.
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