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  1. disappointed with handover ceremony....its look moreindonesia then malaysia
  2. well done, very photogenic and one of the best...olympic scale!
  3. stage construction complete Stage-finished-1 by afiq_nadzir, on Flickr
  4. why need olympic ring in asian games logo?
  5. yeah..but the idea of having transparent part or hole in the middle is there...i just guess
  6. yeah.london worst..vancouver& athen look cool..unique n original
  7. Rio 2016 Olympic torch relay details announced
  8. Vinicius and tom look so good in 3d graphic.cute! credit to gkenzo http://gkenzo.deviantart.com/art/Vinicius-e-Tom-Rio-2016-Olympic-Games-Mascots-496821448 rio_2016_olympic_games_mascots_by_gkenzo-d87slvs by afiq_nadzir, on Flickr
  9. just ok..not as impressive as Düsseldorf,baku and Copenhagen
  10. they are not muslim,just bunch of asshole who uses "islam" for own sake..sign...so shame on them!
  11. 12 points: Harbin D 10 points: Anchorage G 8 Points: Anchorage F 7 Points: Melbourne K 6 Points: Harbin B 5 Points: Salzburg G 4 Points: Melbourne H 3 Points: Barcelona E 2 Points: Melbourne A 1 Point: Anchorage A
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