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  1. One thing your Lotters already paid for is the sailing venue in Weymouth. Props to England for the foresight to build a proper venue well in advance of the bid. I was there in competition for the first time in 1996, and the town was wonderful. I visited the future site that the sailing venue now stands, in fact we staged there. It was not much to look at back then, but a new state of the art facility that boasts one of the best in the world now stands. If we can manage to win our own trials, we'll see you there. Folks seem to forget- sailing was one of the original sports all the way back to the first modern olympics, and currently supports 11 medal disciplins. US, GBR, and AUS were some of the all time greats, but now virtually every country on the planet has a legitimate shot at a "yachting" medal as ISAF and IOC have done a great job transitioning into economically forgiving classes that are accessable to nearly anyone who can afford a basic car. Hats off the GRB for selecting a venue for Sailing that suits- I have sailed in and around London and quite simply, it left a lot to be desired. Weymouth on the other hand and the new sailing center is truly world class. I wish the same could be said for Atlanta (Savannah) or the mistake in Quindago. I wish more organisers would realize the importance and heratidge os sailing in the games. If you want to see serious, Check out www.isaf.org www.470.org
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