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  1. Don't be so thin skined it was a joke.
  2. Saw you made some mistakes in your post and did what I could to edit it.
  3. Isn't Istanbul considered Euro? Yeah I would prefer to see Chicago or Toronto over Durban. But that's just my North American bias coming out of me
  4. I don't see the U.S. bidding for 2024 with South Africa bidding. I see 2024 being like the 2020 race, only 3 or 4 bidders. You can almost book it that SA will win.
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth. This is why I wouldn't but them as "Favorites" just yet.
  6. So is it official that Paris isn't bidding? Or is there a chance of a last minute bid.

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      They've said "Non"

  7. haha the Reno 911 pic made me laugh
  8. No kidding Why do they make us wait so long?
  9. Las Vegas is crazier than Reno IMO but Reno isn't to far behind.
  10. Japan's chances are really low. Since 1988 Asian country's have only hosted every 10 years. With PC wining the 2018 olympics I would think this bid is all but shot. 2020 is looking like an european year and if South Africa bids for 2024 it will be an African year ( most likely) so Japan probley won't see an olympics till 2028.
  11. Lol Quaker you don't need to expand the game overseas? Look at these numbers 2005 game held in mexico: 103,476 spectators. 2007 game held in London: 40,000 tickets sold withing 90 minutes 2009 game held in London: 84,254 spectators If there selling out every game, every year they go outside the U.S. It's pretty foolish to sit back and say " We don't need to expand the game outside the U.S." How is it hurting the game? The game has gotten so BIG in the U.S. that playing 4 preseason games overseas and one regualr season game will hurt it? People are calling death to the preseason? Look in the stands who's there? Only the season ticket holders being forced into the game. Plus that 9 billion$$$ thing they run can become much more with adding buisness overseas. Your right the NFL doesn't need euro but euro offers alot of money if it catches on which I guess it is. if 30 countrys are playing the game. Even you would have to admit it's atleast worth the shot.
  12. Look the players have shot down the idea of a 18 game season it will never happen. The fans are calling death to the pre-season so that's where my idea came up. You don't have to send every team overseas in one week you don't have to send every team overseas. But another idea could be (for example) NFL network England or some thing like that. Broadcast your as many NFL regular season games as possible overseas hype up every game like they do in the U.S. but in the end I think there going to get most fans by getting them to watch the Super Bowl. Problem is the time zone of course so i'm not real sure how to make that work I like that idea but an 18 game season will never happen the way they're handling concussions here in america won't allow it.
  13. Well then what's your idea? Because you can't send a team overseas during the regualar season every year that's stupid and unfair to the 2 teams playing cause there in a race for the playoffs. Maybe not every pre-season game should be over there but atleast go over there for one week to try and promote your sport. You can't just sit on your butt and hope the sport grows cause it aint going to work.
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