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  1. Don't be so thin skined it was a joke.
  2. Saw you made some mistakes in your post and did what I could to edit it.
  3. Isn't Istanbul considered Euro? Yeah I would prefer to see Chicago or Toronto over Durban. But that's just my North American bias coming out of me
  4. I don't see the U.S. bidding for 2024 with South Africa bidding. I see 2024 being like the 2020 race, only 3 or 4 bidders. You can almost book it that SA will win.
  5. So is it official that Paris isn't bidding? Or is there a chance of a last minute bid.

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      They've said "Non"

  6. haha the Reno 911 pic made me laugh
  7. No kidding Why do they make us wait so long?
  8. Las Vegas is crazier than Reno IMO but Reno isn't to far behind.
  9. So if I get bored of my user name can I ever change it?
  10. Haha yeah but it doesn't shock me with those stats.
  11. Dang it! should've used a different example.
  12. By these standards Munich Germany shouldn't be bidding for the 2022 olympics. What grudge does the IOC have on Denver? That they won the 1976 olympics but couldn't host it because they couldn't afford it?
  13. Yes but I must say, you know at the end where she is practicing in the basketball gym. I've played a basketball game 2 years ago in that gym!
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