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  1. Don't be so thin skined it was a joke.
  2. Saw you made some mistakes in your post and did what I could to edit it.
  3. Isn't Istanbul considered Euro? Yeah I would prefer to see Chicago or Toronto over Durban. But that's just my North American bias coming out of me
  4. I don't see the U.S. bidding for 2024 with South Africa bidding. I see 2024 being like the 2020 race, only 3 or 4 bidders. You can almost book it that SA will win.
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth. This is why I wouldn't but them as "Favorites" just yet.
  6. So is it official that Paris isn't bidding? Or is there a chance of a last minute bid.

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      They've said "Non"

  7. haha the Reno 911 pic made me laugh
  8. Why not? the YOGS and the actual olympics are 2 different games. why would one play into another?
  9. That was last year!?!? I never heard a word about it. The only reason I ever heard about it was because one day I was googling 2012 and it just popped up. I'm not sure about other countrys but there is ZERO marketing going on in the U.S. for the YOGS. I'm sure if Lake Placid hosted there would still be zero marketing going on for it. I can only speak for my country here cause I have no idea how big it is outside the U.S. but I have seen other people on here have the same problems as I have with it. I wouldn't like to see Lake Placid bid for the YOGs until we get this debt thing under cont
  10. Well fingers crossed that the Youth olympics are dead by 2020.
  11. Lol that video is not their actually olympic bid video Relax they'll give you a better one in time.
  12. Yes but it still makes no sense from FIFA's stand point. Let's be honest most people in the world can't find Qatar on a map the only reason I had ever heard of Qatar is because of FIFA world cup soccer... the video game!!! A country of 1.5 million almost every U.S. is bigger than that. They've never even been to a world cup!!! Ok now I feel better getting that off my chest. U.S. or Austrlia should've gotten it.
  13. Do any of yall think Qatar will get the world cup striped away?
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