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  1. I agree. To orbit is not in style with the rest of the park. But what are they gonna do with it after the games?
  2. It still looks good. Was it renovated for the Pan Am Games? Only problem during the Games is the media stand. Does the Maracanazinho have enough facilities for the media or will they use some spectators seats? That will decrease the capacity.
  3. Hmmm...strange indeed that they built the track first. Does anyone know if the track will be a hard track ideal for the sprint or a more soft one for long distance?
  4. i miss the feeling that the Games made Atlanta a better place to live. I have that feeling with Barcelona and Sydney. I miss the feeling also with Athens. The Games were ok, but not with passion, like Barcelona and Sydney. What was the goal of Atlanta with organizing the Games? What was the passion and how does it changed the city. And don't be afraid I'm burning down Atlanta. They are still special for me: the Dutch won the volleyball title by beating the rivals from Italy in 5 memorable sets!
  5. Well, the venues are not used anymore for international sport events. Has there been any world champ after the Games? Atlanta isn't in the worlds sport picture anymore. But there is also an other important part of the Olympics. Have it brought Atlanta more welfare? Is sport a way of life for the people in Atlanta? Have the children the opportunity to sport more? What was the goal of Atlanta organizing the Games? Barcelona for example, used the Games to give the city a face-lift, show themselves to the sport world and the tourists and they give sports in Spain a boost. Nowadays Barcelona organize a lot of world-class sport events, is one of the most beloved cities and Spain is one of the best sport nations in the world. The Olympic legacy of Barcelona is huge. What is the legacy of Atlanta?
  6. An ambitious but expensive plan, or is it financed by private companies?
  7. Well, Atlanta is not the best example about the Games legacy if you look at the venues, but I don't know if the Olympics gave a boost to the sport participation in Atlanta?
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