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  1. This was posted on the main site, but just thought i'd throw the link in here... For Immediate Release 2009OTP0057-000534 March 27, 2009 Office of the Premier Government of Canada CANADA, B.C. CELEBRATE NEAR COMPLETION OF CANADA LINE VANCOUVER – The Canada Line is on track and will open by the Labour Day 2009 weekend, about three months earlier than originally scheduled, British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell and the Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, announced today. The announcement was made as Premier Campbell, Minister Day, Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Kevin Falcon, and project officials took part in a full system test of a Canada Line train today, riding from Waterfront Station to YVR-Airport Station. “I want to thank the thousands of people involved in the construction of the Canada Line for their hard work and determination in getting this critical transit project completed as quickly as possible,” said Premier Campbell. “The Canada Line will result in an estimated 200,000 less one-way car trips every day as commuters choose this modern, convenient and efficient link between the airport, Richmond and downtown Vancouver.” “By investing in the Canada Line, our government is helping to improve public transit in one of the Greater Vancouver Area’s busiest corridors,” said Minister Day. “This project, which is on budget and ahead of schedule, is good news for our economy, our communities our tourism industry and will help us host the world for the 2010 Olympic Games.” Canada Line trains are currently travelling the complete length of the 19-kilometre line as part of testing and commissioning of the system. Finishing work continues at all Canada Line stations and the restoration of station sites is close to completion. The exact date for welcoming the public to the Canada Line will be determined in the coming months. “TransLink is delighted to have the showcase Canada Line open early in September for the improved fall service implementation,” said TransLink CEO Tom Prendergast. “We are excited about the additional capacity it will provide and pleased to be able to provide tourists the advantage of a swift, highly reliable rapid transit trip linking the airport and downtown, something most cities cannot do.” “Today’s announcement means YVR passengers and Sea Island employees are three months closer to enjoying this fast and convenient new transportation option to and from YVR,” said Vancouver Airport Authority President and CEO Larry Berg. “The Canada Line will join a series of capital expansion projects being completed at YVR in 2009, to help us continue to meet the needs of our customers and in time for the 2010 Winter Games.” The Canada Line will carry people between the centre of Richmond, or the Vancouver Airport, YVR and Vancouver’s Waterfront Centre in 25 minutes or less. - 2 - The Government of Canada, the Province of British Columbia, the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority (TransLink) and the Vancouver Airport Authority are proud partners in the Canada Line, which is also supported by the cities of Vancouver and Richmond. The Government of Canada’s $450 million contribution to the project is being managed under the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund. The Province has provided $435 million towards the Canada Line project. The $2.054 billion project is on budget and ahead of schedule. The pending successful completion of the Canada Line is a result of efforts of project partners InTransitBC, which designed, built, and will operate and maintain the Canada Line, and Canada Line Rapid Transit Inc., a subsidiary of TransLink, which oversees the project. -30- Contact: Bridgitte Anderson Press Secretary Office of the Premier 604 307-7177 Dave Crebo Communications Director Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure 250 387-7787 Media Relations Transport Canada, Ottawa 613 993-0055 Chris Day Press Secretary Office of the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities, Ottawa 613 286-6064 Steve Crombie InTransitBC 604 605-5997 Steve.Crombie@intransit.bc.ca For more information on government services or to subscribe to the
  2. hmm they should make a furry Quatchi backpack... i'd be all over that
  3. The Plush Toys are available on hbc.com... they are adorable! Quatchi is my favourite
  4. I'm a Fan. I love the cartoon that they made featuring the mascots...
  5. I just walked by the Oval last night as it's only about 5 minutes away. They just have one more arch to put up, and the building is looking spectacular. But as i was walking by, I saw a sealion swimming and a crane wading in the water... this truly makes our oval a unique mixture of nature and technology.
  6. Well i was watching a commercial for Millenium Water, and places were starting at around $450,000 up to 4 Million...
  7. First test of new Canada Line vehicle running in automatic in Korea - September 12, 2007 http://www.canadaline.ca/videos.asp http://www.canadaline.ca/videos.asp
  8. http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/story.html?id=a2e01a06-967f-47c7-9282-a9594d4c5e31&k=31306Vancouver named world's most 'liveable' city again The Province Published: Thursday, August 23, 2007 Vancouver has been dubbed the most "liveable" city in the world for the fifth year in a row. According to the British-based Economist Intelligence Unit, an Economist magazine affiliate, Vancouver offers the most exceptional quality of life of any of 132 cities polled this year. The survey rates cities on their attractiveness to business travellers. ****Last year, an article in the Economist described Vancouver as a troubled city where "homeless panhandlers yell at theatre-goers, while young addicts deal drugs on street corners." But that wasn't enough to knock Vancouver off the top, primarily because Vancouver is not considered to be at risk of a terrorist act like some U.S. and European cities. The latest survey rates Vancouver and Toronto among the world's top five cities, while the Australian cities of Melbourne, Perth and Sydney place second, fourth and seventh respectively. The Economist notes that Vancouver has low crime, little threat from instability or terrorism, and highly developed transportation and communications infrastructures. By comparison, mega-cities such as New York, Tokyo, London and Paris suffer from "big-city buzz," it says. "Traffic congestion and higher crime rates associated with large urban centres have to some extent offset the obvious cultural gains of living in such locations," the report states. "This is also compounded by fears that large centres like London and New York will remain targets for high-profile terror attacks." No U.S. cities made it on to the Economist Intelligence Unit's top 10. © The Vancouver Province 2007 Man, you gotta love this city
  9. Vancouver voted best vacation city, despite shortcomings But not that great on sports, shopping, dining, culture Elaine O'Connor, The Province Published: Thursday, August 02, 2007 Does every day in Vancouver feel like a vacation? Many Canadians think so. Vancouver was voted the best city to vacation in, according to a new Angus Reid Strategies survey. But while we rank high as a holiday destination, we're not the place to go to do business or find a job. We don't rank high for arts and culture, sports, nightlife, dining or shopping. And we're certainly not the safest city in the country. But despite our shortcomings, Vancouver was voted the best city in the country to live in and the overall best city in Canada. Twenty-three per cent of Canadians polled voted Vancouver the best vacation city. Fourteen per cent voted it best city to live in and 11 per cent picked Vancouver as the best Canadian city overall. The regional breakdown shows B.C. voters' overwhelming pride in their own metropolis is responsible for pushing Vancouver into the top spot. A full 76 per cent of B.C. residents voted Vancouver No. 1. In contrast, only 31 per cent of Quebecers voted Montreal tops and 24 per cent of Ontarians thought Toronto was best. Toronto took first place as best city to do business in (37 per cent), best city for arts and culture (23 per cent) and best city for sports and recreation (23 per cent). Montreal won for its exciting nightlife (41 per cent), restaurant scene (31 per cent) and shopping (30 per cent). Calgary scored well with job-seekers: 36 per cent of respondents voted it the best place to find work. Charlottetown was declared Canada's safest city. Charlottetown and Quebec City tied for the honour of having the best sense of community. The survey of just over 1,000 people was conducted online between July 17 and 18. The margin of error is plus or minus three per cent, 19 times out of 20. eoconnor@png.canwest.com © The Vancouver Province 2007 http://www.canada.com/theprovince/news/sto...6be&k=47254Link to Article
  10. Definately has grown on me I'm not sure i could say the same bout London's logo though...
  11. HAHA Well the report is part of the Countdown to 2010 series... so they gotta play that trailer
  12. I don't know if you all had the chance to see the report on CTV News at 6. But they went to the downtown eastside looking for the thousands of people evicted by the Olympics, but they couldn't find them. They questioned an APC member as to where these people are, and she could only guess on there wearabouts. The report is right, if thousands of people are getting evicted from their homes, where are they?
  13. Someone should start an online petition against the APC... haha i don't have the know-how to do it, so i volunteer someone else to do it
  14. UGH i'm tired of the APC. I feel like organizing a rally to protest the protesters haha is anyone else down?
  15. I am very happy to report that River Road is now reopened and you get a great view of the south side of the Olympic Oval when you drive along it
  16. The Olympic store is located at the Head Office. They have some pins available there, and have an exclusive "Olympic Store" pin availabe. I believe only 500 were produced.
  17. UH OH... mr. X has got his panties in a bunch... calm down dude...
  18. But with the Airport comes Burkeville... and who wants Burkeville? haha
  19. How bout a comprimise.... Lets rename the South Terminal the "Richmond Terminal"... haha that would please the masses...
  20. I was at the Canucks game last night, and the scoreboard is awesome. You definately have to see it in person to grasp how cool it actually is. There are still some technical issues with the scoreboard,e.g. a small block of pixels that are not working, but those problems are being looked after. Otherwise, a great investment, and much needed improvement.
  21. JE SUIS D'ACCORD! Giant ol' waste of time!
  22. If ya'lls want to check out some of the columns for the Canada Line, you can see a bunch of them that have already been erected in richmond. If you go to the RiverRock Casino you can see the pillars goin up everywhere.. i was excited to see them, but i'm a bit of a weirdo.
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