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  1. Thanks for your reply baron. I always throught Co-Sport would be given prority. Many smaller nations dont even have a professional agent to handle ticket requests! On a side note you should read Ric Birch's blasting open letter to the Delhi 2010 CWG comittee. Apperently he has up till now not been paid for Spectack's services for the OC and CC!
  2. Does anyone know how many percent of London 2012 tickets were allocated to the United States? Does a US Resident usually stand a higher chance of getting a ticket then say a resident of a small nation?
  3. Hello

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      haha thanks for your reply! I didnt even know people replied to this.

  4. The OC music was fantastic! Perhaps the most memorable since John Williams' 1996 "Summon the Heros" and his 1984 theme for Los Angeles!
  5. It won't be an utter failure. I'm sure brazilian hospitality and their ability to throw amazing parties will ensure a fantastic games. It just may not be remembered for it's iconic architecture or a strong recollection of venues... And prob during the games there will be some confusion where the main stadium is and counfusion which is indeed the 'olympic stadium'. some tourists and officals will get lost along the way maybe, on their way to soccer and ending up in the wrong stadium, since both are even in the same cluster. Tv viewers will be confused at first between atheletics stadium and
  6. Yes there must be room for new things. But sometimes the risk is great. Vancouver's BC Place tried many new things when it came to this aspect. Many were unfortunately not as successful in terms of immediate impact and long term legacy in people's minds, as it could have been. (Multiple Cauldrons being one of them, the inflated roof etc..) to justify having it this way in the future. It would have been fantastic if it succeeded and became the new way of doing things, like how Sydney succeeded in ceremonies that it is defined as the turning point in theatrical ceremonial productions and ever
  7. Exactly and there would be no difference between the Oslo flag and one I can buy and fly in my backyard. It just contributes to the continued confusion so many reporters have during the Handover Ceremony at the CC. They should have a new rule that kicks those reporters out who don't know their facts! Wasting precious space at the ceremonies! So why did Seoul get to do something special?
  8. Because the Olympic Stadium (aka home to the ceremonies, cauldron, athletics and soccer finals, marathon end) is like the 'anchor tenant' of any summer OG. Like we will always expect the stadium to host Soccer Finals, and we will always expect the marathon to end there on the morning of the closing ceremony (unless there is an far greater over riding reason such as Athens 04) It's just tradition as it always has been. We look forward to that 'tradition' once every four years. It's not that Athletics is a more important sport. It's just that some how, traditionally for the Summer OG, the Ol
  9. Why is the seoul flag allowed to have the colored fringes around the edges? I mean it's really beautiful and it is so distinguishable at the Closing Ceremonies. but it's not been done for the Oslo Flag and recently the unveiling of the Singapore Flag to be passed on to Nanjing for the YOG also has nothing special on it. I mean it is sort of a ceremonial flag - and could possibly have interesting embellishments, much like how a royal standard or military regiment's colors have interesting tassels hanging from the flagstaff etc.
  10. Oh i see. Thanks for that youtube video and links. ...But Athletics and the ceremonies, the two most high profile elements of the games are not at the olympic park?? It's like having a 'capital city' but the parliament and presidential palace is not located there LOL... I suppose a multiple cauldron situation might be the simple solution.... but that really, really sucks! It's so dilutive and ruins the whole concept of the 'flame'. I have yet to see a multiple cauldron situation that works. Most winter games that had multiple cauldrons, including the most recent Vancouver's was simply amb
  11. It is unfortunate that the Olympic Flame wont be burning in the Athletics stadium. Somehow that is something iconic and memorable, seeing the cauldron framed with sports taking place. Now the flame will be located in an empty stadium that will only see football finals on day 15? The Athletics stadium has always been the flagship venue in all summer OCs, and the 'heart' of the olympic park. There also seems to be no olympic park. The lack of an 'Olympic Park' also means that there wont be a concentrated 'atmosphere' that is so critical to the success of the games. Outside the actual spor
  12. Unfortunately not. Unfortunately most songs from the Opening Ceremony were not written for the purpose of the games. They were mostly generic pop songs taken from American pop/rock singers like Black Eye Peas and Shrek the cartoon movie. It was sad that they did not get the Singapore National Orchestra to compose or write original anthems/ soundtracks/ fanfares for the games, like what they did at most other games. The most iconic and memorable Games Soundtracks IMO being Vancouver and Sydney, even Melbourne CWG had a good soundtrack, and of course John William's themes from Atlanta/ Los An
  13. Hmmm more like $200 Now the lighthouse has turned into a chimney puffing black smoke out. Cauldron concept was truly original, tho it would have been nice if they had it in the center of the bay like the way real lighthouses are, and have Darren Choy literary 'walk on water' like Jesus. and though i like the olympic tornado as an innovative concept, somehow what's missing when the novelty wears off by day 2, - is the more natural looking iconic olympic flame!!!
  14. I went back to the floating stage today to see the effectiveness of the very innovative lighthouse and how the flame stands out in the day. It seems to also have turned into a 'chimney' puffing very black smoke out. Sometimes it ebbed a little like the pic below, but other times it became very thick - like burning kerosene. It might have to do with the flame being enclosed inside glass and the lack of oxygen. I do hope they solve the problem because, it looks kinda pollutive, and doesn't the IOC have regulations on the type of gas being burned, and that the flame should be 'clean' ? (no smo
  15. Great commentary baron. I still do love the old days when they had the big flag on it's own, and certainly without the 'aid' of fan blowing at it as we have seen at Beijing and Vancouver (of course indoors there would be no wind) Simple, truthful and just let the flag and wind do it's thing without human intervention.
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