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  1. I would prefer Istanbul too. Really like the swimming venue. Golden Horn doesn't seem like it would be suitable for rowing. Do you have another venue Olimpik?
  2. Ease up guys, I think Jim20329u34233248 knows what is right more than the IOC and ROCOG... DUH!!
  3. I think the fact that the IOC have given it's approval for it to be the olympic stadium sort of defeats your argument.
  4. But where am I going to get all the useless venue lists for olympic games that will never ever be hosted in that country?
  5. Whilst this is true, it highlights very much how incapable Delhi is. There should not be any questioning the situation. These games need to be cancelled for the health and safety of a lot of people. Why can't the CGF accept this... it is lunacy. Something bad, real bad is going to happen, and when it does, and it will, there are going to be a lot of people in the firing line, and not just Delhi officials...
  6. CWG: Bridge collapses near JLN stadium, 23 injured Updated on Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 17:12 Tags: Delhi, CWG, foot-over bridge, collapses, JLN stadium Share Buzz up! TRANSLATE INTO: Powered by Translate Zeenews Bureau New Delhi: In yet another setback to the preparations for the Commonwealth Games, major part of an under-construction foot-over bridge near the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium collapsed on Tuesday afternoon. As per initial reports, the incident happened at around 3 pm today when a hanging-type foot-over bridge that was being constructed near the stadium collapsed all of sudden. Amid contradictory reports about the number of injured, Deputy Commissioner of Police HGS Dhaliwal confirmed that 23 labourers working at the site were injured in the incident out which five are said to be critical and have been admitted to the AIIMS Trauma Centre, while four others have been rushed to the Safdarjung Hospital. PWD officials and Delhi chief secretary Rakesh Mehta claimed that only two workers were injured in the incident. As per PWD principal engineer AK Sinha, the bridge was meant to be used by visitors during the commonwealth Games and was being erected using special technology. “It works using a system of pins attached the structure and it seems one of the pin(s) snapped due to the rest of the bridge,” he said. Fire brigade teams, along with automated cranes, have also reached the spot are working towards removing the debris from the site. The incident is likely to cause much embarrassment to the Delhi government, which is under pressure to complete the remaining construction work for the upcoming CWG events. The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, the biggest sporting event being hosted by India since the 1982 Asiad Games, will be held at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium Oct 3. The stadium, the showpiece of the event, will also host the closing ceremony. This games and this country are an absolute joke and embarrassment. Good luck trying to host any sporting event of significance in the future. They can't even host their own cricket event (20/20)
  7. I didn't ask you that question ScotGuy, 4seasonscentre did.... look at your quote. But thanks for the info...
  8. Maybe they could include Wet'n'Wild rides in the decathlon... I mean if Netball can get a gig....
  9. If Canada made a bid, would that cause USOC to bid to, knowing that if Canada wins, it would further delay the US of hosting a SGs for another few cycles...
  10. Beijing had an awesome public transport system. Subway etc But there buses were easy to understand to, in the sense that to get to the rowing I just had to hop on the lime green bus at the interchange...
  11. I can definitely understand that perception. I just love the weather and hinterland area for living. The cbd itself is a little poxy in some aspects. Each to their own though. Given another 20 years of growth, it will be far more developed and less poxy I think.
  12. Translation: Qatar aren't capable for 2022. Advantage Australia.
  13. Just because they can present a village doesn't mean the organising hasn't been a shambles. Bravo India, you delivered accomodation. Bravvvvvvoooooo.
  14. I love the Gold Coast. I go up as much as I can. Might even be living there by the time these games arrive. It is an absolutely booming area and will continue to grow. Given 8 more years and it will be fantastic....
  15. im gonna call it. Worst. Games. Ever. ...i think
  16. There ineptitude astounds me. Pigheaded lot they are.
  17. Seriously. Half finished stadiums. No reserved seating. This is gonna be the biggest joke of a sporting event in the history of existence.
  18. I dunno, it seems a little bland, unimaginative and seems more suited to a mardi gras
  19. Another forum? HOW DARE YOU stray from GamesBids!!! 154,00 seats! Well no doubt they have planned relevant traffic flow and transport options to be able to handle peak periods. Someone was critical that Australia's FIFA bid could not work with the MCG and AAMI Park (if it met standards) because of the large traffic in a small space. This is the same scenario but im sure it would work out well. Nice map RobH, if you could find the source that would be great because it would be interesting to see the other venue layouts in this form!
  20. I love it! But me thinks its a fake because the typography for the "2014" was used in mock ups for stadiums profiles someone posted on here last year.
  21. So no one has any PDF/scanned files of Melbourne 1996?.....
  22. Wow, I didnt realise it was that compact. Olympic stadium, Aquatic centre, BBall, Velodrome and Village all in one shot. Do you know what is going in place of the Bball stadium when its brought down? Green space? What is the building in between the aquatic centre and athlete village btw?
  23. It is sooooo ugly. I liked Germany2006 and SouthAfrica2010. But Brazil2014...Blah This is the WC Maradona should be manager at!!!
  24. Sorry to bump this thread from two years ago, I just went searching on google. But does anyone have any of these documents on the net anywhere. I checked BidLibrary and they only have Athens.. Thanks
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