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  1. One of the issues with the 2012 proposal is that it was centered around a Manhattan plan. Had it been a Queens plan from the get go, things may have been different - perhaps if it were sold as a means of primarily helping redevelop parts of the outer boroughs. NYC 2012 looked bad b/c they had to change it all last minute. Like you, I believe a Queens park proposal would make for the best attempt. But like Boston, NYC residents have what seems to be an innate cynicism when it comes to these grand proposals. NYC got further along in the process for 2012 than Boston for 2024 but, in both cases, w
  2. Exactly. I don't know why we should be obliged to be enthusiastic about this selection simply because it's the Olympics. I understand it was one of two less than ideal candidates. But that doesn't make it any better. You're right. That's the "tragedy" if you will about this whole 2022 bidding process. The IOC has a lot of work to do to make winter games bidding more appealing for potential hosts. There are many great possible venues in the world for winter games. It's a shame it came down to two places that are far less than desirable.
  3. I, for one, would look forward to viewing the ceremonies in a more wintry setting than what we've seen in recent Winter Olympics.
  4. I couldn't agree more about Atlanta. I attended these games, and largely enjoyed being there. But they were way over commercialized and I don't consider Atlanta to be one of the better sports cities even in the USA. I thought the venues were bland, as was the atmosphere. The best part of what I saw personally was the soccer (football) up in Athens @ the University of Georgia.
  5. I did not get to watch as much of these Summer games as I sometimes do. I for one think that London came across very well to the world at large on TV. I don't know if it was the same as Sydney in that many were not as familiar with Sydney and so there was the element of discovery for the viewer. Everyone knows about London or has been there. It's one of the best known cities in the world, and would be even without an Olympics. So there were expectations for London and I think they, at the very least, lived up to those expectations for a 21st century Olympics in one of the world's great ci
  6. Where? That's odd considering I don't use the moniker elsewhere. And if some comments and opinions are viewed as "complaining" then there are certainly some thin skins around, that's for sure.
  7. Does it matter? Are we in a court of law or under oath? It's an opinion. And not an unreasonable one at that.
  8. No I'm not "still bitching." In fact, it's not bitching at all. And as for "credibility" this is an open forum for the free expression of opinions. If you find said opinions objectionable, you need not continue reading or replying. I don't need your validation of "credibility." And there's no statute of limitations on when subjects can be discussed.
  9. Believe me, I'm well "over it." Different doesn't mean better. And the criticisms are warranted. Go back to sleep.
  10. Sure they were highly televised, and highly publicized. And the men's gold medal hockey game left the city, and Canada as a whole, with a warm afterglow. But all in all, these were not "great" winter games. The weather was certainly not conducive to top outdoor performances and spectating. The long track oval, and the problems there, were frankly an embarrassment considering the preparation time and money that went in. The protests left questions as to whether the citizenry was truly behind the effort, or if it was largely spearheaded by corporations and political interests. The ceremoni
  11. Regardless, a Reno/Tahoe 2022 bid would likely be a weak one.
  12. I agree in principle. The US certainly isn't entitled to another Olympic Games anytime soon. I understand there has been some friction between the USOC and the IOC recently. That aside, the US has hosted the most Olympiads of any nation. And in the past 30 years, the US has hosted four times. Only Canada has hosted more than one Olympics in that same time frame. A Reno/Tahoe bid would be interesting. But the bid would have to probably be condensed to a single place name - say just Reno or Just Lake Tahoe - the IOC doesn't seem to like hyphenated bid names. Does Reno have the rep to p
  13. Here are a few more: Rainiest Winter Olympics Most technical difficulties at a (indoor) speedskating oval (despite years to prepare and millions of $$$) Most lip-synching during ceremonial performances Most banal and irrelevant song lyrics to ever grace a closing ceremony ("He's like...so whatever."; "Hey, hey, you, you, I don't like your girlfriend No way, no way, I think you need a new one." etc., etc.) Most vulgar subject matter of any closing ceremony (talk of how Canadians "pee in the snow" or have "sex in canoes")
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