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  1. I like a copy for the San Francisco one for 2016.
  2. In SF they could use Kezar Stadium and downsize it later. And I'd better not see any more ignorant bigoted trash talk about Atlanta.
  3. Wars have been fought over what some dude did to another dude centuries after the fact. Some cultures have long memories and don't forgive or forget insults lightly.
  4. Strange how there's all this talk about practical games when it seems the IOC just loves (even if they'll never publicly admit it) unreasonably extravagant games requiring numerous ostentatious white elephants. In that vain we should probably be talking about where NYC can situate a $3 billion behemoth that no one will even be allowed to enter ever again once the games are over.
  5. I'm curious as to what this "blight" is in Reno that keeps being talked about. Most of the older sections of the town were redeveloped in recent years. It should be noted lots of rich people from the Bay Area keep second homes there as well.
  6. With an embarrassment of riches I'd imagine it'd be split up. Snowboarding and alpine skiing would probably be at different sites. Sarcasm?
  7. Well, to be honest the place has never seemed that tacky to me. Sure some of the older joints are but the newer, bigger places for the most part are not. The old places are mostly in the process of remodeling. I suppose we would need to define "tacky" more precisely and what do you mean by "cheap?"
  8. Hi all, as a Northern Cali native I am excited about the prospect of bring the winter games to the region. Were you all aware that Reno has been trying to create a mass transit system that would link the airport with downtown and the university? Reno has spent a lot of money improving it's downtown. At great expense they buried a busy rail line into a tunnel that used to go through downtown at grade. They've also turned the Truckee river walk into a very pleasant experience. In terms of urban planing Reno is doing a pretty good job.
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