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  1. Is it providing Gaelic-language coverage? Is it a supplier? Following article I found after Wikipedia's link doesn't say much about UTV's Olympic broadcasting plans but it does mention that it hopes for a revenue boost with that and EURO 2012. Sounds like it's more in the radio realm.


    UTV (Ulster TV, named after the Irish region that makes up Northern Ireland) is the Northern Irish affiliate of ITV, the BBC's main competitor.

    Radio rights in the UK are strange. Three networks are showing most Euro 2012 games (Talksport, BBC 5 Live and Absolute). I'm not sure if UTV can air live events on radio, or if it is more updates of local athletes. I don't think they have any live Euro coverage (the 3 aformentioned channels have all England/Ireland games).

    I think CTV will have some events to itself unless simulcasted like both ceremonies.

    Probably. They did this when 3 or more big events were on at the same time in Vancouver. CTV didn't so much have live look-in and point viewers to TSN or Sportsnet as they did what CBC did in the past, while TSN and Sportsnet had more complete coverage. Might still see the same for swimming and athletics (and maybe gymnastics), but, otherwise, I agree.

    Apparently, the soccer, at this point the women's soccer, will be shared by CTV/TSN and Sportsnet but with separate sportscasters in both entities.

    If you are basing this off Wikipedia, don't trust it. I don't know where that information came from. I haven't heard anything of the sort. The only confirmed member of CTV's broadcast team is Kara Lang, who is a studio analyst. They will probably use BBC commentators for most matches. Maybe Wileman and someone (Forrest, Lang or de Vos) for women's.

    You probrably assume with the events mentioned on the Gordon Pinsent-narrated TSN Believe promos of Mary Kom (boxing), Wang Hao (table tennis), Jason Whitten (triathlon), Valerie Vezzi (fencing), Tom Daley and Alexandre Despatie (diving), Lin Dao (badminton), those sports will be featured all on TSN.

    Again, wouldn't read too much into the ads.

    As for TSN2, SN1, RDS2 etc. The channels who were part of the original deal are the only ones broadcasting coverage. I'm not sure if this was a stipulation of the contract between Bell and Rogers or not, but it is possible. Considering not everyone is interested in the Olympics, I don't have a huge problem with it. TSN2 and SN1 will have the morning loop of sports highlights in the morning. SN1 has lots of baseball too. And about 10 hours of Rogers Cup tennis a day during the second week of the Games. TSN2 has a couple NASCAR races, the PGA Championship, a Formula 1 race, an IndyCar race and who knows what else. Not to mention the extra resources it would take to put coverage on more channels.

    As for APTN. Based on the 2006 Census, some 88% of Canadians considered English or French their primary language. That includes most Aboriginals, especially in the provinces. Less than 1% use an Aboriginal language (or which there are many) daily. My guess is APTN just doesn't figure it is worth it. Most people are probably tuning in on other channels. It was worth it in Vancouver since it was the "home Olympics". Not to mention winter sports are more popular in the Territories, where those languages are more widely spoken.

    I could argue that Chinese, Italian, German, Spanish, Punjabi and others are more worthwhile because immigrants from those countries are probably more likely to identify with that language and tune in on OMNI than CTV.

    I didn't say Dutchyshen will be the face of CTV/TSN, I said Duthie would be. Dutchy may be nothing more than a SportsCentre host IMO. Just doesn't have the flexibility of Duthie or Beirness. She is the future. Did March Madness, has hosted women's hockey, might get to do TSN's NBA Finals pre-show. Knows a number of sports and learns quick.

    Wasn't this the same argument used on HDTV four years ago with Beijing when the CBC was the rights holder?

    CBC had everything in HD in 2008. As was most (maybe all, I didn't have HD at the time) in 2006. 3DTV isn't going to take off in Canada. I don't know many who want more 3D coverage. CBC tried 3D hockey last season and didn't do any this year. CTV would be wiser to spend their money on something that would impact more viewers.

  2. My NBC/CBC comments were kind of tongue and cheek about how good Canadian coverage has been for so long. CBC probably showed at least 172 hours of coverage from Athens too, although I don't have their schedule anywhere.

    I am absolutely amazed by what NBC is doing. Almost taking the lead of CTV and showing Olympics all the time, except for when news is on (and local affiliate/syndicated programming in NBC's case). If I'm home during the day during the Olympics, I'll amost certainly flip between CTV, NBC, TSN and Sportsnet. Nice to have four channels with live coverage during the busiest part of the day. And the best thing is NBC will show different things from what CTV is showing many times because NBC will save the big events for primetime.

  3. MSNBC's coverage will actually air from 9am-6pm (not 6am).

    As for CNBC, it doesn't look like they will have live boxing during the week. Or two windows for that matter. They will have 3 hours (5-8pm ET) each weekday for a total of 30 hours. Plus 6 live hours on each Saturday/Sunday for a total of 36 hours. That = 76 hours, 3 more than they had even announced (which means one weekend date will only have 3 hours of coverage). Fred Roggin will host their coverage.

    Bravo will broadcast the tennis like a Grand Slam with coverage from early morning to mid-afternoon ET from Wimbledon.

  4. In regards to Jays games during the Olympics... Sportsnet One is showing 12 games between July 27 and August 12. Sportsnet One is showing less Jays games than last season (and more are on the main channel), so complaints should be at a minimum. Besides, the Jays will be out of the playoffs by then anyway (I kid, maybe).

    The Jays games that will air on the main Sportsnet during the Olympics are @ Oakland on August 3 (10pm ET start), @ Tampa Bay on August 7 (7pm ET start), @ Tampa Bay on August 9 (1pm ET start) and vs. New York on August 10 (7pm ET start). The August 9 game is what I find curious, since it will interrupt live Olympic coverage. The others will simply limit Sportsnet's primetime coverage, so they aren't a big issue.

    TSN has 8 CFL games during the Olympics. One on July 26, one on the 27th and two on the 28th. The two on the 26th and 27th are primetime games that won't affect any Olympic coverage. On the 28th the first game is at 6pm ET, so TSN will go straight from live Olympic coverage to CFL on the first day, with no Olympic Primetime.

    The next two weeks are bye weeks. TSN has games on Friday August 3 (8:30pm ET) and Monday August 6 (5pm ET). The first Monday in August is a holiday in much of Canada. They also have games on Thursday August 9 (7pm ET) and Friday August 10 (9:30pm ET). It seems to me that Chris Cuthbert will stay behind to work most of the CFL games. Gord Miller may also be free to call two games on the 26th/27th/28th because athletics doesn't start until the next weekend.

    There is one major (well kind of) conflict though. TSN will have the second round of the Canadian Open from 3-6pm ET on Friday July 27. The opening ceremony is from 2:30-5:30pm ET. That means the Opening Ceremony will air on CTV and Sportsnet (and a number of other networks), but not TSN.

    There are no other conflicts I can think of. TSN2 is showing a bunch of Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR and golf. The Whitecaps have two games (both on Citytv Vancouver), The Impact have 3 (all on TVA Sports) and Toronto FC has 3 (all on GolTV).

  5. I would be very interested in how RDS would cover NCAA March Madness with them and the men's and women's CIS Final 8--I know it's not as a big thing for Canadians as it is for us Americans. They likely would stay in Montreal and call the games there from a monitor.

    Unless its the Canadiens, Senators or Stanley Cup Finals, RDS commentators always do it off monitor. This may be true for the 2012 Games as well.

    As far as CTV's ads go, I've noticed them quite a bit on TSN lately (I watch TSN a lot more than CTV). There are two new ones that have aired recently. One, as you mentioned, features Lopes-Schleip. The other features Thomas Daley.

    I think too much is made of the other sports on US TV during the Olympics. During the Winter Games it is mostly basketball (both NBA and NCAA) and one NASCAR race (albeit the biggest NASCAR race). There are a couple PGA tournaments thrown in there as well. Its lot like sports are at a standstill in the rest of the world. The Premiership (and Serie A and La Liga etc.) races are heating up in Europe, not to mention the Champions League and Europa League returning for knockout stages. Northern hemisphere rugby has the 6 Nations in February, while Super Rugby is starting in the southern hempisphere.

    The Summer Olympics usually (not this year though) line up with the start of the European football season, especially in England and Germany. People in Europe and Australia watch the PGA Championship (and WGC event the week before) too. So, especially with the Winter Olympics, I'm not so sure there is less going on in other parts of the world compared to the US.

  6. I'm very curious as to who will call the French-Canadian language coverage of basketball for RDS and RDS INFO.

    Basketball isn't all that popular among the French-speaking portions of Quebec (NBA and college hoops weren't broadcast in French until this season). Mathieu Jolivet and Bernard Côté do college hoops on RDS; they will probably do the Olympics as well.

    That TSN London 2012 promo featuring Indian boxer Mary Khan had me seriously wondering if women's boxing will appear on TSN, as it assumes and very likely on the ATN networks since for the Summer Olympics, they focus more on the athletes and sports that appeal to the South Asian community in Canada. On that note, based on what we saw in the Believe 2012 campaign so far, we're going to see OMNI, APTN, and ATN finally get their turns for promos aired in their networks.

    Women's boxing will air wherever they have room for it. Sportsnet and TSN will show some of it for sure. Canada has Mary Spencer, one of the best boxers in the world. I don't think you can read too much into the ads. CTV/TSN are trying to introduce Canadians to athletes they haven't heard of before.

    I also don't think anyone of the channels except for CTV/TSN will show the I Believe promos. Even Sportsnet hasn't shown any yet. There are fractures in the consortium that weren't there in 2010. Outside of the 17 days of competition, the respective networks seem to be doing their own thing.

  7. I find it very interesting that only CTV and TSN/TSN2 aired the two Vancouver specials over the weekend and not the other members of the Canada Olympic Host Broadcast Consortium like Rogers Sportsnet, OMNI, APTN, RDS/RDS Info Sports/V, OLN, and ATN. No press release mentions of a French version, of which I'm sure Vancouver captivated the French Canadian contingent just as much, as far as I know. And that's not all: last week on CTV, Olympic legend Clara Hughes discussed battling mental heath issues as Bell's Let's Talk spokesperson on the subject. Plus, Canada AM takes a look back with a few of the Canadian Vancouver Olympic medalists like Alex Bilodeau, Jenn Heil, and Marianne St-Gelais.http://www.ctvmedia.ca/ctv/releases/release.asp?id=13458&yyyy=2011http://www.ctvmedia.ca/ctv/releases/release.asp?id=13478&yyyy=2011

    Just checking the forums for the first time in a while (to read about the 2018 bids) and I happened to come across this.

    There was a French version that RDS aired like CTV's 2 hour special. It was called Vers Vancouver 2010. I thought it was quite well done. Even better than the CTV version as I recall. You can see the press release here.

  8. Okay here go the replies.

    I didn't watch much French coverage, so I can't really comment on it. I understand French, but considering that basically everything was on in English (my primary language), I mostly stuck with it. In general French commercials are the same as English commercials, so yes for the most part they would be the same with French voiceovers.

    As for the coverage on APTN, ATN and OMNI. I couldn't watch anything on ATN because I don't get the channel and I watched virtually nothing on OMNI because I don't understand any of the languages they were broadcasting in. I watched some of APTN's English and French coverage. It wasn't too bad, the on-site stuff was directly from CTV or RDS and looked no different than it would on TSN or Sportsnet. The studio stuff was horrible though, they had some skier who I'd never heard of before analysing snowboarding halfpipe, and she had no clue what she was talking about.

    I don't think CTV ever really planned to show any of the Opening Ceremony pre-show from B.C. Place. The two hour preview show was to promote both CTV's coverage and Canada's athletes (which in turn would mean better ratings). Don't read anything into the name change, they probably just wanted to come across as slightly less Canadian-biased. CTV changed the names of so many shows so many times that it doesn't mean anything.

    Olympic Late Night didn't have a host, it was just a replay of the Opening Ceremony and other events. Olympic Morning was nothing more than a morning show, like The Today Show or Good Morning America. The only difference was that it was centred around the Olympics. I didn't watch it because it was mostly fluff pieces with a lot of filler from MTV and Much personalities. Williams had high praise for the Opening Ceremony as did Duthie and Laflamme. Otherwise I'm not too sure what everybody's thoughts were.

    All of the CTV, TSN, Sportsnet, V and RDS coverage was streamed online as it was shown on TV. Also every single event (including ones that were on TV) was streamed live without commentators. So to get the online schedule, just look at the event schedule.

    Subchannels don't exist in Canada, so if that is what you are suggesting after 8/31/2011 it isn't likely. Expect largely reduced coverage in languages that aren't English and French in 2012 anyway, there just won't be as many people wanting to watch the Olympics. As for the languages selected for the Ceremonies (and other events) an educated guess would be that they are the most popular, but I can't say for sure.

    And for what its worth, CTV changed their schedule quite a few times throughout the games. Any schedule that you (or anybody else has) is most likely not 100% correct.

  9. On the other hand, the events were also shown for the most partshown in their entirety with no commercial breaks. So I'm wondering to all you Canucks up there, how annoying were those commercial breaks from the Men's ski jump qualification/Before the Opening Ceremony to the Closing Ceremony? With the men's Team Canada games there was no commercial interruption, I can safely assume.

    There were very few commercials during coverage on TSN and Sportsnet. However, there was times where CTV and TSN or Sportsnet were showing the same thing and CTV would go to break and Sportsnet would continue coverage. However, when CTV was showing something exclusively, there wasn't many commercials. Canada's hockey games did have commercials, 2-3 30-60 second breaks a period. That would equate to about what TSN does for their international hockey coverage.

    Well, it turns out that the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies was shown on TV. Just not on CTV but at the LiveCity Vancouver Yaletown gathering as with other recent past Opening Ceremonies...and they were no more than an hour long. I can also assume that the Vancouver Olympic Preview Show, at least the portion involving Tamara Taggart, Ben Mulroney, Jully Black, and the Canadian Tenors, was shown live on all the channels.

    I'm not quite sure what you are talking about, but I am quite sure that it wasn't on Canadian TV. During the 2-hour CTV Preview show all CTV aired was a few pieces on the Georgian luger who died, a preview of the Opening Ceremony, a preview of some of the events and a preview of their Olympic coverage. I don't think they showed anything from B.C. Place, except for interviews and a preview of the Ceremony, until 5:00pm PT.

    Vic Rauters, Percy Lowe, and the Rogers Sportsnet desk blondes get blasted.

    The Sportsnet blondes improved as the Games went on. And blasting Rauter is just something I do, mostly jokingly because he comes across as if he knows nothing about curling, when in fact he knows a lot. I don't most people in Canada would take my criticism of Rauter seriously, so others shouldn't either.

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