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  1. Sorry for that. I have been using XP Pro for some 18 months now, and I never had such problems... (I used W98 too, before) Did you do a "clean install" or have just installed WXP upon W98? I always recommend to do a clean install. In case you didn't you could try to reinstall, but first format your HDD. But this is just a wild guess, I do not know if this has anything to do with your problem. Perhaps you should try this first: it could have something to do with your internet security settings. Try adjusting them, and see if you can eliminate the problem.
  2. I registered succesfully this time.
  3. I think in the field where you should fill in the US-state is a item with outside USA, too. No, just checked again, there isn't.
  4. I tried again, and noticed a "outside the US" link, that I missed last time. It is, a bit unlogically, at the top of the form and not with the address details. I'll try again.
  5. Rolilau and CAF, how could you upgrade to premium membership? Did you provide a US address? I am stuck, because it only accepts US states, zip codes & phone no.'s, and it won't proceed if I leave these blank either GBMod, don't I qualify for a free premium membership? I mean, when you introduced it yesterday, it was my 30th birthday, and I contributed at least part of the idea (only members above a certain level should be able to start polls, see my post on the previous page). Not that I don't think it's not worth 10 $$, I mean I just tried
  6. Read the news forum before you post questions about changes here.
  7. I agree with that, it's not funny anymore. As an alternative solution: let only members above a certain level create polls.
  8. How does one become a "premium member"? Why do you become "member" (instead of silver, gold, flag bearer etc.) after 1 year, of you're already in the "members" group anyway? I personally would consider it a setback to become a "member" after having been a "flag bearer" previously. Apart form that I think using the term "members" in both the group categories and title categories is confusing. How many stars can a member acquire? Do you get a fifth at 5000 posts? And what title comes with that? "torch bearer"?
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