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  1. WOW! 209.658 fans for group stage assistance in a U17 Women's World Cup!! That's a record!

  2. Women's U-17 World Cup Costa Rica 2014 has started! I'm so excited!! :D

  3. Thank you Repretel, you understood us who wanted to watch Paralympics.

  4. Shame on you IPC! How do you dare to block your YouTube streaming to another countries? Where did you leave your anti-discrimination ideals?

    1. Rob.


      I don't think Paralmpic coverage is a human right. Will write to Ban Ki-Moon to check

    2. ofan


      clear your inbox mau2010

    3. Gold Coast Lions

      Gold Coast Lions

      Which country are you currently in?

  5. Here in Costa Rica IPC's Youtube channel events are blocked! Yesterday I complained in IPC's Facebook page, I'd understand if it's a local channel, but it's an International Organization! Why would they block the streaming to another countries?
  6. Claro TV said in a Winter Olympics show that they would be broadcasting for Latin America, looks like this time is for Claro subscribers only cause they're not streaming this time.
  7. Hello again Sochi! It's Paralympics time!

  8. So, could we say that Sochi broke the tradition of a creative countdown for the start of the ceremony? Now here's someting I must be honest: if I was inside the stadium I would have probably been dissapointed because there was no chance of seeing the cauldron lighting from inside.
  9. The best Olympic winter ceremony I've ever seen, I'd give it a 9.5, it would have been a 10 if the 5th Olympic Ring didn't fail.
  10. A big box in a side of the stadium? This is going to be interesting!
  11. After watching the video I understand the sense of the logo, but they could have still made a more decent logo which looks tasteless.
  12. But this time it was inhuman and dangerous for both teams, more than 2 inches of snow where the ball could not roll and players had difficulties to run. There was also zero visivility, never saw that even in Europe where I see that.
  13. Lots of Snow in USA - Costa Rica Seriously, Chicas should have already suspended the match, it's impossible to play with those tons of snow.
  14. I guess this should mean for the athletes parade that there won't be a trackwise footpath like in athetics stadiums, it would be good to see a creatively designed footparh like in Salt Lake
  15. YES!!! 2014 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup is back to us! That made my day! :D

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    2. intoronto
    3. deawebo


      ¬°¬°Felicidades Ticos!! ;) I hope they won't miss this chance...

    4. Jimena


      Good to hear, a 3 hour flight from Quito.

  16. Yes, but it's still important, if it's inside people will complain that visitors can't see it, if it's outside people in the stadium will complain that they couldn't see the cauldron lighting. Obviously if you're going to build an olympic stadium pointing to OLYMPICS you must take that in count.
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