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  1. WOW! 209.658 fans for group stage assistance in a U17 Women's World Cup!! That's a record!

  2. Women's U-17 World Cup Costa Rica 2014 has started! I'm so excited!! :D

  3. Thank you Repretel, you understood us who wanted to watch Paralympics.

  4. Shame on you IPC! How do you dare to block your YouTube streaming to another countries? Where did you leave your anti-discrimination ideals?

    1. Rob2012


      I don't think Paralmpic coverage is a human right. Will write to Ban Ki-Moon to check

    2. ofan


      clear your inbox mau2010

    3. Gold Coast Lions

      Gold Coast Lions

      Which country are you currently in?

  5. Hello again Sochi! It's Paralympics time!

  6. YES!!! 2014 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup is back to us! That made my day! :D

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    2. intoronto
    3. deawebo


      ¡¡Felicidades Ticos!! ;) I hope they won't miss this chance...

    4. Jimena


      Good to hear, a 3 hour flight from Quito.

  7. Thank you San Jose and Central America for this beautiful games, see you in Managua 2017!

  8. Watch CA Games closing ceremony live here NOW http://www.telenoticias7.com/envivo.php

  9. Central American Games' closing ceremony tonight.

    1. intoronto


      didn't they finish last week

    2. Mau2010


      No, it was a two week event.

  10. Watch the Central American Games Opening Ceremony live here NOW

  11. Can't wait for the CA Games opening ceremony tonight! :D

  12. I'm back! But sad about the loss of FIFA Women's U17 of course.

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    2. intoronto


      But isn;t 3 stadiums already built? You only needed one more.

    3. Mau2010


      The plan was to build two more stadiums in Jaco and Liberia, but they couldn't even have a render in these years so it killed the venue.

    4. intoronto


      I think 3 venues is fine.

  13. ¡¡¡Vamos Costa Rica, Chile y Perú por las sedes de los mundiales femenino sub17, sub17 y sub 20 masculinos!!!

    1. KRATK


      para ser honesto, preferiría que no le dieran el mundial a Chile con la corrupta nueva dirigencia que asumió. sería una vergüenza a nivel mundial. Suerte a Costa Rica!

  14. Let's go Costa Rica, Chile and Peru for the FIFA Women's U17, Men's U17 and Men's U20 World Cups!

  15. Congrats Rio, you put the Olympic logo tendency back on track. And happy new year to everyone!

  16. Merry belated Christmas to everybody

  17. Am I the only one here who will never get snow? :'(

  18. Stupid Amnet! I'm missing the Asian Games and IT'S YOUR FAULT!

  19. Stupid Amnet! I'm missing the Asian Games and IT'S YOUR FAULT!

  20. tupid Amnet! I'm missing the Asian Games and IT'S YOUR FAULT!

  21. Stupid Amnet! I'm missing the Asian Games and IT'S YU¿OUR FAULT!

  22. Avalanche and floods in Costa Rica this morning, more than 20 people dead :(

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