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  1. The latest rumour in Russian media is that the cauldron will be lit from space. Allegedly President Putin commissioned the national space agency Roskosmos to make that possible.

    German tabloid newspaper BILD reported on that (link in German: http://www.bild.de/sport/olympia/olympisches-feuer/wird-aus-dem-all-entzuendet-34568076.bild.html), but the Olympic broadcaster also picked that rumour up in its breakfast show today.

    Sounds a bit unrealistic - but who knows? Maybe with such a lighting scenarion, they want to compensate for taking a boring unlit Olympic torch to space. ;) And weren't there even reports that they would use exactly that very torch that went to space for the lighting of the cauldron? They could pretend somehow that the flame was brought down from space with that torch, and then it triggers the "chain reaction" from inside the Olympic Stadium via that fuse up the cauldron.

    Well, we'll know in about 12 hours...

    IF IT'S TRUE It will be like in Montreal 1976 " The Olympic Flame was placed in front of a sensor that detects ionised particles and was then encoded into impulses and sent via satellite to Ottawa"

  2. That photo was uploaded to Flickr in April 2010, with the comment "The other day it's been taken for reconstruction as the authorities plan to re-install it in one of the alleys in Luzhniki." As the Baron hints, there are many photos of it in its new situation (and you can even find it on StreetView, which charmingly goes up and down all the alleys in the Luzhniki gardens).

    https://ssl.panoramio.com/photo/88587985 for a start

    Thanks God the cauldron was restored:


  3. I recently obtained a Vancouver 2010 torch :D , and OMG, I love it to bits! Its my first torch. I actually felt light headed when I held it up (and struck a pose, behind closed doors.... ;) , lol), I never relised how big it actually is.

    Questions for other torch owners...

    How did you feel when you obtained your first torch?

    How big is your collection ?

    and whats the one torch you want (if you don't already have it) above all others?

    1: Indescribably happy!!! because finally I have a real torch used in my country

    2: My collection is short because this year I started collecting torches (but I collect pins and souvenirs for 3 years)

    3: The other two versions used in Mexico 1968: the black one and the torch carried by Enriqueta Basilio in the opening ceremony... also I would like obtain the torches of Barcelona 1992 and Nagano 1998 because they were the first Olympiads that I watched

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