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  1. Well I did not think it rained a whole lot during the games (it is the pacific Northwest after all)....in fact I though the weather was great. Also I think the most teachnical glitches for speed skating occured in 1992 in Albertville. What I remember... - Great opening ceremonies - Best atmosphere I have seen during a olympic games. - Wonderful fans and people - Great events and Venues. - Fantastic vollenteers. - Beautiful City and wonderful free events downtown. All in all other then a few hiccups I think this was a top notch games.
  2. This is a hard games to rate, on one hand you have excellent venues, excellent crowd participation which filled every venue, excellent TV ratings, and a population that embraced the games not seen since Sydney. In that regard this was the best games since 1994 due to the excitement and emotion On the Other hand you had a death of a Luge athlete, problems with some mechanics , and a few bumps along the way with some of the events. I have been to 3 Winter games and 1 summer (96, 98, 02 and 2010) and I must say from a spectator point of view Vancouver was the best, no contest. Form a TV point o
  3. Hello, I am brand new to GamesBids but I have been a lurker for sometime. After reading alot of reviews for the OC I think alot of posters did not get what Dave Atkins was trying to do. As an Asian American who has studied Fine Arts and has lived many years in Canada and other places I see this ceremonies as something diffrent, and I got what Atkins was trying to do. The main idea behind these ceremonies was not to excite or thrill the audience but to enlist a emotional response, and create a story full of ideals and symbols. To me he did just that, and offered a unique take on Olympic cerem
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