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  1. That's exactly what I think too. I'm still really bummed about how Parrot's final run was scored.
  2. I feel the same for McMorris / Parrot. They were easily favorites coming into slopestyle. Parrot pulled 96/97 scores in Aspen. McMorris got 98 scores in the X Games. They're so capable and would easily win any X Game. They just didn't bring it for the Olympics, when it mattered. Too many falls or hand-checks. Would've loved to see 2 Canadians in the top 3.
  3. Amazing runs by the Dufour sisters. Gold and Silver! And they beat the defending Olympic champion Hannah Kearney.
  4. Yes, CBC has feeds for every practice run and every training session broadcasted by OBS (12 feeds total).
  5. Not gonna happen. There's just no momemtum for McMorris. Kotsenburg (USA) just scored 93.50.
  6. I don't get the scores either. But it looks like the X Games reward risk and tricks. Here, the judges seem to prefer technical but conservative runs (McMorris adapted for today's semi-final). His problem is consistency and catering to the judges. So far, his scores are: 29.50 (qual 1) 89.25 (qual 2) 55.50 (semi 1) 89.25 (semi 2) I'm counting 10 athletes who scored higher than 90 already. Even with a clean run, McMorris didn't reach that. He's got to figure it out quick, and do clean runs from now on. Otherwise, I'm not sure we'll see any other Canadian on the podium aside from Parrot.
  7. Anyone watching slopestyle semi-finals right now? I'm really anxious for McMorris.
  8. The only problem for some US users streaming over VPN is bitrate. In that regards, CBC may be more reliable. But you're able to get HD quality, BBC does have a neutral / comprehensive coverage. I noticed this year, CBC Primetime is starting to look like CTV or NBC, with more interviews and segment pieces "sponsored by ...". That's not good. I prefer the old CBC, when they would focus on the events and keep chatter to a minimum (BBC style). That said, CBC does good with live events so far. Knowledgeable commentary from a lot of young former Olympians.
  9. They should've put the cauldron on the edge of the stadium where everyone can see it (like Athens). They should've kept the "running past the volunteers and cast" (easily the most emotional part for me), but instead, do it across the middle of the field. It would've given a chance for the entire cast to join the rest of the audience for the cauldron lighting - seen from their own eyes.
  10. By the way, did anyone notice how there were no military for the ceremonial portion? Was it by choice? I remember soldiers carried the nation flag and hoisted the Olympic flag in recent Opening Ceremonies... Beijing, Athens, London, Vancouver. Why not here? Even the Summer Universiade in Kazan had Russian soldiers carrying the flag : http://youtu.be/5bm2rjPz0Ic?t=36m13s
  11. Hehe. I mean, I hope they make a lot! It's just hard not to make fun of (but the Twitter complaints right now are actually funnier). 20 minutes into Primetime and they're doing an interview with President Obama. Everything is scripted to speak in the present tense. "The torch will be lit"... "We're only hours away from the official start of the Games". "Let's go to Meredith, who is inside the Fischt Stadium".. And Meredith is freezing. Apparently it was very cold inside the stadium, but not outside? How come?
  12. This moment has gone viral within minutes. Thankfully it happened near the end of a segment, so the malfunction didn't linger on screen that long. That said, unlike Vancouver and Sydney's cauldron, this glitch was picturesque; too obvious visually. That's why the ring has gone viral all over the web, and it's now "the" shot every news outlet will show. Although we still had this great reaction from Vancouver : I thought it was a tradition to go through past Games? I remember Atlanta had flag runners (one of each Game), Salt Lake (same but on ice), Athens had the race runner (a finish line for each Game), Vancouver had the snowboarder, London showed all the posters, etc. Maybe it was never part of the protocol - more like an unofficial tradition ? Athens was by far my favorite. Barely 2 minutes, but a great tribute to past Games (and two World Wars): http://youtu.be/U3XWrUQZ-W0?t=58s I kinda liked the countdowns. Athens was creative (heartbeat). Salt Lake was very simple (fireworks). Beijing, way over the top (2008 drummers). Vancouver and London, a bit meh (projections/lights). Oh that was their countdown? Hmm. I couldn't follow either. But it made the parade of nations somewhat interesting. And this guy, of course: All I could think of : jellyfish. Anything can happen live. We in Canada were thinking "no problem bro, we've been through it as well"! Overall, a good show.
  13. I bet they display a 'LIVE' icon tonight during Primetime. Live... from our studios in Sochi USA
  14. Except for a few moments (notably, the entrance of the Russian delegation), the crowd felt rather subdued to me. Oddly quiet during the countdown. Perhaps it's the way the stadium is arranged, maybe the audio or camera angles, but the audience seemed distant from the action. Loved the ballet segment and visual design in general. Athlete parade was interesting, with the projected atlas. Not sure how I feel about the mascots skating around for a few minutes. Same with the floating constellations at the end. They kept blinking in and out for quite a while. Not sure it turned out as it should have. On TV, it felt like a Christmas house lights show. Also, where was the retrospective of all the Winter Games since 1924 ? Did I miss it ?
  15. Was it a direct OBS feed, or BBC's broadcast with commentary (showing more UK?).
  16. For those watching the Opening Ceremony online, it looks like you'll be able to choose between the broadcast (hosted by Peter Mansbridge) and the webcast (unedited OBS feed).
  17. Indeed. Was just checking NBC during Primetime, so it's not representative. I'm sure they're usually up to par. Figure skating, in particular - NBC has always had great veterans commenting. Personally I'm definitely sticking with CBC for the coverage alone.
  18. CBC also interviewed the artistic director for the OC/CC, as well as the stage designer on The National tonight. I was surprised to learn they are both Canadians. The director said the world can expect an "epic" show (his word). In his mind, it's 4x the caliber of Vancouver, 2x London. Very excited to see this unfold tomorrow.
  19. Switching gears a little : After a day of watching and testing various feeds, I think the most striking difference with NBC so far is the commentary. The two men commenting ladies moguls were all over the place. No idea who they were, but in Primetime, they spent more time gossiping about the athletes' home towns than analyzing tricks. Until they got to Hannah Kearney, then they paid attention and got technical all of a sudden. For that event, commentary was a far cry from CBC's Jenn Heil. Slopestyle was the worst. About half of the jumps and rotations were not even called. We had to guess. Maybe it was Day -1 and NBC commentators were being a little tentative?
  20. Personally I've always been picky about the Olympics, especially Winter (I'm in Canada). But I totally agree with your post - many viewers switch to 'complaint department' only during the Games, then forget about it a week later.
  21. True. CBC does a lot of fluff too, but only in Primetime. For actual sports, we still have the webcasts or any of their night, morning or daytime TV show. By the way, NBC spent the last 5 minutes of its Olympic Primetime show talking about.... Jay Leno. sigh. I'm so glad for CBC.
  22. I have this serious feeling that commentary during Primetime is not actually live, but instead recorded in hindsight. Some of the reactions are just too much of a set-up to hype US athletes.
  23. NBC is not broadcasting the OC live at all (not even online). clslopes54, if you want live, you could try setting up a VPN or Hola to watch another country's feed. BBC or CBC. http://www.reddit.com/r/olympics/comments/1x6zbo/streaming_thread_your_one_stop_shop_for_finding/
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