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  1. I'll just say this; CBC only does that for its Daytime and Primetime shows (when there are no live sports in Sochi time). BBC does none of that. They don't even a studio (they do, but only using it as a command center).
  2. Nice montage of Day 4 by CBC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awxV9BpTuq4
  3. CBC opened its pre-show with a 2 minute intro called 'Let the Games Begin' (the video is on YouTube but is geo-restricted; you can try to watch with Hola extension for Chrome/Firefox or via VPN). There were more segments, but I can't remember off the top of my head.
  4. Lamarre's score reaction Howell's reaction after completing her run And score reaction
  5. I have to say, the snow conditions were terrible compared to snowboard. Soft snow means the skiers have to deal with unpredictable landings and not getting as much speed (resulting in some of the crashes); whenever you saw an athlete land one jump but skip the next is because they knew they didn't have enough speed to carry their jump.
  6. OMG that was an amazing run! No one scored over 90 in qualifications and she just swoops in there! I hope that score holds up. Lamarre and Tsubota (2nd and 4th in qualifications) still have a chance for the podium.
  7. So sad that she wasn't able to put a good run. Considering she got knee surgery a few weeks ago, I'm still amazed she's skiing at all. Finished 19/22. All eyes on Howell, Lamarre and Tsubota (sitting in 1st, 2nd and 4th) for the final in a few hours.
  8. Ugh, Kaya Turski's fall is what I was afraid would happen.
  9. I'd be shocked if USA didn't dominate the podium for snowboard halfpipe. Shaun White with gold. Another silver or bronze.
  10. CBC had a one-hour preview show. The production was very similar to CTV, with mini-features on Canadian athletes, a short retrospective of Vancouver 2010, a segment on Russia itself, a quick overview of the venues, the new events, and an introduction to the broadcast schedule planned for Sochi. One segment also mentioned athletes to watch from other countries. In terms of coverage, I'd say the ratio is about 3/5th in English, 2/5th in French. Radio-Canada is relying on RDS, TVA Sports, ArtTV, RDI and Explora to carry some of the coverage in French. CBC has TSN, TSN1, Sportsnet, Sportnet One and CBC News. There is a daily block between 5-7pm where none of the channels have Olympic coverage, leaving them clear for the news.
  11. All eyes on Kaya Turski and Dara Howell tomorrow in women's ski slopestyle. Turski claimed gold in the last 2 X Games (and 3 of the last 4). Pegged as a favorite. Howell claimed bronze in 2 of the last 3 X Games. In contention, but long shot IMO. But as we've seen with snowboard, anything can happen so I'm not getting my hopes up.
  12. Yes, lose some, win some. Makes the Olympics more exciting to watch.
  13. A good day for Canada; now sitting 1st in the medals table. All 3 medals today were won by Quebecers! I do think we're short 2 realistic medals in the predictions so far. Many were hoping for 1 more in men's and 1 in women's slopestyle, considering we had 3 X Games champions, all under-performing (Parrot, Toutant and O'Brien). On the other hand, Gold/Silver for women's moguls was a surprise; I don't think many expected Kearney to end up with Bronze.
  14. I had mixed emotions when Gagnon came in third, knowing it had to be him, or Kingsbury. Oh well, wtill proud of all 4 Canadians skiers today.
  15. Gold for Bilodeau - 26.31 (CAN) Silver for Kingsbury - 24.71 (CAN) Bronze for Smyshlyaev - 24.34 (RUS) Gagnon was close to the podium, but realistically, he never scored higher than 24.16 (in run 2) Bilodeau scored the highest overall on that course, so I'm glad the medal reflects that achievement. (I'm still bitter about Max Parrot scoring the highest overall in snowboard slopestyle and ending up with no medal)
  16. A bittersweet day for Team Canada, I'm sure. Silver for Team Figure Skating was going to be our best shot. Russia was unbeatable with Plushenko and the amazing 15 year-old Lipnitskaya on their team. Difficult day for Spencer O'Brien in slopestyle who finished 12th (and last). No Canadian podium in downhill. Seb Toutant is already scheduled to fly home to Canada. And the medal ceremony for Dufour-Lapointe happened a few hours ago.
  17. BBC said on its press release that a total of 330 hours selected from the events would be available for replay on iPlayer. Does this still hold true? I watched the BBC coverage of Women's Snowboard Slopestyle (from Canada). The excitement from the commentators was contagious, and when all three of them started crying, I cried too. Also liked the moment when they caught Anna Gasser and her coach slipping - the BBC folks were hilarious.
  18. CBC is airing medal ceremonies daily, as well as live-streamed and on-demand replay. You could try their website (with a VPN).
  19. Maybe that's the intent. But they're not going to change the sport that way. It may work in figure skating. Not snowboard. Reading the reactions of veterans X Games commentators (ESPN, Dew Tours, and Craig McMorris himself) and several snowboard athletes in Sochi, it's clear that despite the prestige of an Olympic medal, the truth is they only happen every 4 years. These guys will go back to competing every 6/8 months in X Games and World Cups, which reward very different criteria and which have much more influence on the sport than the Olympics. The Olympics will have to adapt, not the other way around. But I'm just blabbering here
  20. A good day for Team Canada, overall. The two sisters upsetting Hannah Kearney for gold/silver is definitely a highlight.
  21. It's been almost 12 hours since slopestyle final. After looking through the recaps, I still don't understand the scores. - the judges have awarded gold to a run that had a prominent hand-drag (and lean-back) - Parrot scored 97.5 in qualifications (highest score overall), yet the exact same run with no mistake gave him 87.25 in finals - can someone explain what went wrong? - is it accurate to say that the railings were overvalued and the triple corks were undervalued compared to an X Games ? (I certainly think so) I'm okay with the podium. I just want to understand what standard was used to calculate these scores.
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