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  1. I'm okay with that, as long as Ryan Seacrest is not involved.
  2. Those falls in short track hurt the most; they not only lost a chance for gold medals; they lost a shot for any medal.
  3. So Canada has jumped to 2nd in medals (ranked by gold) or 3rd (ranked by total). It's very close too : 1 gold away from Norway, or only 3 medals away from USA. We would have destroyed the medals table, had the short track skating team not fallen 5 friggin' times (among other misses).
  4. Wow - curling gold, hockey gold, bobsleigh gold, ski cross gold and silver, speed skating 3000m relay silver... the ladies are really owning these last few days. Pressure on the guys now!
  5. This is the kind of podium I was expecting in men's ski cross and snowboard cross (Maelle Ricker, Robanske, Del Bosco).
  6. I liked the 15-minute coverage of The Voice during tonight's Olympic Primetime.
  7. They're not finished, but losing a top medal contender is not exactly what they hoped for either. All eyes on Cournoyer and Jean (but tough competition with Victor An of Russia) + Maltais and Drolet.
  8. I've been watching CBC with Ad Blocker (Chrome or Firefox) - works well, haven't seen a single ad.
  9. Looking back, I think Team Canada has already done really well; with 20 medals today (which is only 5 less than the US). The COC was right to hope for the #1 spot on the medals chart. These are the biggest medals they missed : Men's snowboard slopestyle : I still think Max Parrot was robbed at worst; misled by the judges at best. Short track speed skating, men's relay : defending gold > a fall > no medal. Short track speed skating, men's 1000m : a fall > no medal. Short track speed skating, men's 500m : defending gold > a fall > no medal. Short track speed skating, women's 1000m : defending silver > a fall > no medal. Women's snowboard cross : Maelle Ricker defending gold > no medal. Men's ski + snowboard cross : 7 Canadians, no medals In other events: between JJ Anderson, Spencer O'Brien, Roz Groenewoud, Justin Dorey, Kaya Turski, Seb Toutant, Alex Beaulieu-Marchand - I definitely expected at least 1 of them to medal Luge : Canada finished fourth in 3 events. The margin: 0.1 second (team relay), 0.15 second (doubles), 0.43 second (women's singles) - all very close to bronze Men's moguls was our best chance at a sweep, with Marc-Antoine Gagnon finishing fourth, 1.01 point away from joining Bilodeau & Kingsbury on the podium In total : I'm calling 9-12 medals falling short of expectations (which would've brought Canada to 29 right now)
  10. Yes, the bar shows the proportion of gold medals for a particular country compared to other golds. It doesn't really say much.
  11. 22 if we're unlucky (guaranteed 1 for men's curling + 1 for men's hockey) What else can we medal in besides curling and hockey ?
  12. Ski cross and snowboard cross are really unpredictable. To get a medal, athletes must survive 3 elimination rounds. Each time, they have a 50% chance of getting wiped out. And as we've seen in almost every race, at least one skier always falls. It's just really unpredictable. It all depends on your heat, your starting position, and hoping no one will make you fall (aka a French).
  13. As we're seeing now, the only thing we could predict with ski cross (and snowboard cross) is that it's unpredictable.
  14. Still sad about Sarah Burke passing away two years ago.
  15. I don't know. These freestyle skiing / snowboard events are so unpredictable. Canada had a lot of X Games medalists in Sochi: Kaya Turski, Seb Toutant, Max Parrot, Spencer O'Brien, Kevin Hill - none of them got a podium. A lot of pressure on Rosalind Groenewoud for women's ski halfpipe and Chris Del Bosco for men's ski cross.
  16. Even with 24-26 medals, I think Dara Howell was our last gold medal. Things are turning out silver for Canada lately. Also, watch out for Roz Groenewoud in women's ski halfpipe. 2x gold medalist at the X Games, and world champion.
  17. You've got to be kidding me. Charles Hamelin falls. Again.
  18. The curse continues. Marianne St-Gelais falls. Again.
  19. CBC really at its peak right now; 9 feeds running live. It's giving me A.D.D.
  20. Valerie Maltais just broke an Olympic record during qualifications (1000m)
  21. Looking forward to ski cross on Thursday/Friday.
  22. I'm changing my prediction of 20 to 19 medals now. Snowboard cross is so much fun to watch though! Too bad all of the Canadians were wiped out, fell or disqualified.
  23. I think the threads are titled wrong. Isn't today Day 11 ? (NBC, BBC and CBC all refer to Feb 18 as Day 11)
  24. I think you're referring to "Reach For The Sky" by Maestro Fresh Wes ft Classified & Blue Rodeo. Selected by CBC on Feb 7th as one of the theme songs for their Sochi coverage. Link to YouTube video It's also on iTunes, Soundcloud, etc.
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