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  1. I thought that was for medal ceremonies... not looking good. The setup definitely screams "Cirque du Soleil show". Except spread out and messy.
  2. Sochi is already remembered in large part for its political shadow. Unfortunate, I agree. But there's nothing you can do about that.
  3. Also, has anyone noticed the complete absence of military in the Sochi Olympic/Paralympic ceremonies? Every host since at least Salt Lake City has given the honor of carrying and/or hoisting the national flag to members of its military. Except Russia. London Vancouver Beijing Torino Athens Salt Lake City
  4. The whole I'm Possible segment was great. And I loved the reference to Tetris! However, no offense to the Russians, the singing of the national anthem took forever at this ceremony.
  5. Momentum continues today : Charles Hamelin just won the gold in 1500m short track (World Cup in Montreal). He's aiming for 2 other medals this weekend (500m, 1000m and possibly team relay). Denny Morrison also won gold at the 1000m event (speed skating World Cup in Heerenveen, Netherlands). He's now 2nd overall in World Cup rankings. Also in the Netherlands, Ivanie Blondin of Ottawa won bronze in the women's mass start event.
  6. Also on the podium this month, Justine Dufour-Lapointe won gold at the moguls World Cup. Her older sister, Maxime Dufour-Lapointe (who didn't medal in Sochi), won bronze. Maxime proves she had what it takes to get on the podium, and a sweep was a real possibility in Sochi. Marc-Antoine Gagnon (fourth in Sochi), won silver in the men's moguls World Cup. Mikael Kingsbury (silver), won the bronze this time. Alex Bilodeau finished 4th at the World Cup. A couple days later in Japan, Mikael Kingsbury won gold in dual moguls. A newcomer from Montreal, Pascal Olivier Gagne, won bronze.
  7. Well, some Canadian athletes got better luck after the Olympics. In snowboard slopestyle: Mark McMorris (bronze in Sochi) won gold at the US Open. Maxence Parrot (didn't medal) won bronze. In snowboard cross: Dominique Maltais (silver in Sochi) won gold at the World Cup. Chris Robanske (didn't medal) won bronze. Short track speed skating World Cup is also happening this weekend; the Canadians should hopefully stop falling left and right.
  8. I have the full BBC broadcasts, including Women's Curling on Day 13 (bronze). Sent you a PM.
  9. So Russia collects 70% of all the medals handed out so far at the Paralympics. That's insane!
  10. I don't buy the Formula One legacy at all. One race a year. How is that sustainable for the people of Sochi?
  11. David I know you've worked for NBC in the past, including a few Olympics? NBCSN had live coverage of the Paralympic OC, but didn't show the Olympic OC live - is it because they thought the Paralympic OC would generate more viewership/revenue in daytime vs. primetime?
  12. Here's the full list of countries with access to live IPC streams on YouTube: Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada China Croatia Czech Republic Finland France Germany Iceland Ireland Japan Kazakhstan Netherlands New Zealand Serbia Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey NBC (US), ABC (Australia) and Channel 4 (UK) hold exclusive rights and didn't grant access to IPC streams.
  13. I found this link for the media guide. Looks like the IPC live streams on paralympic.org and YouTube are available in 30 countries, but not the US, UK or Australia due to exclusivity terms with those 3 broadcasters. For Australia : ABC UK : Channel 4 US : NBC / USOC
  14. Here's the full Opening Ceremony from the Paralympic Games' YouTube channel:
  15. Whether or not you're sympathetic to cord cutters is irrelevant. Although I'm sure NBCSN has been great for Comcast. No matter how you frame it, I still give kudos to CBC for embracing cross-platform coverage. Ubiquitous content is important for young adults/students. They are a key demographic for the Paralympic/Olympic movement, and these people are moving increasingly towards digital media/mobile streaming and away from the cable bill. The time difference this year has only exacerbated this trend. I'm part of that demographic. It's not just that they don't have cable. They live on campus, apartments; they have Netflix, Apple TV or Roku, they follow sports on their laptop/smartphone/tablet, they do Twitter/Instagram, they like to stream. To reach that demographic, CBC has done a great job. They made all of the live feeds and TV simulcasts open to everyone, they hired developers over the summer to push out apps for Android and Windows Phone (up until now, CBC had favoured iOS only). They had zero requirement for a login or authentication. And the deals they signed with Yahoo, YouTube and MSN are unprecedented. No matter how you frame it; NBCSN hasn't been nearly as accessible. It came with a bill.
  16. The Paralympic Games' YouTube channel has all the live feeds, and I believe they're not geo-restricted: http://paralympicsport.tv/
  17. Sportsnet will have primetime coverage: http://www.sportsnet.ca/schedule/ Yahoo Sports Canada will have direct access to live feeds from CBC Paralympics: http://ca.sports.yahoo.com/olympics/sochi-2014/ And the Paralympic Games YouTube channel also has live feeds: http://www.youtube.com/user/ParalympicSportTV
  18. I also think this ceremony was better than the Olympic Opening! No idea how they suspended that giant icebreaker.
  19. Here is the online schedule for CBC coverage: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/paralympics/online-schedule Broadcast schedule (CBC-TV): http://www.cbc.ca/sports/paralympics/broadcast-schedule
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