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  1. I thought that was for medal ceremonies... not looking good. The setup definitely screams "Cirque du Soleil show". Except spread out and messy.
  2. I don't buy the Formula One legacy at all. One race a year. How is that sustainable for the people of Sochi?
  3. NBC is not broadcasting the OC live at all (not even online). clslopes54, if you want live, you could try setting up a VPN or Hola to watch another country's feed. BBC or CBC. http://www.reddit.com/r/olympics/comments/1x6zbo/streaming_thread_your_one_stop_shop_for_finding/
  4. Just announced: http://www.cbc.ca/mediacentre/cbcradio-canada-makes-sochi-2014-even-more-accessible-to-canadians-through-licensing-agreements-with.html CBC is adding last-minute agreements for customers of Bell TV, Videotron, Rogers, Telus - as well as on-demand events via YouTube. That's in addition to their 12 TV channels, 12 live feeds and apps for Android, iOS, Windows 8.
  5. CBC doing a good job so far. Great 720p quality in Canada. You can rewind at any time, and go right back to "Live". There's a useful interactive panel with stats and live results which I think is linked directly with ATOS systems. However the audio needs tweaking (you almost couldn't hear the commentators). Here's what it looked like during slopestyle last night.
  6. A note about the CBC breakdown : There are actually no duplicate events airing concurrently aside from the OC/CC and major gold medal events like ice hockey. Each of the 5 official channels is covering different events at the same time from a peak of 12 multilateral feeds. Of course, the total is spread out over 12 TV channels, but it gives you an idea of how much choice there will be in Canada.
  7. CBC is a public network (like BBC), but it doesn't require a license, so any Canadian (even those with no TV at home and no subscription) can go online or download the CBC Olympic app to watch any of the 12 live feeds or the 'CBC TV' simulcast, effectively removing the requirement to own a TV in the first place. I believe that's a first. Or am I wrong ?
  8. Thanks for the details. I changed the table for simulcasts and did a bit more research. France 2 and France 3 simulcasts are available without authentication. BBC / BBC2 simulcasts are available with a proper TV license (just like NBC). The live coverage dates in the table refer to primary TV channels. Sports on Day 0 are mostly available through red-button or online streaming only, but as far as I know, they won't be shown on BBC TV. CBC is the only broadcast I'm aware of with live TV coverage on February 6th. Also, anyone living in Germany - is there an app to watch the Olympics from either ZDF or ARD ?
  9. To be fair, the IOC could simply have restricted the app and target the right countries to begin with.
  10. CBC confirms more details about its digital/mobile coverage: http://www.cbc.ca/mediacentre/cbc-brings-canadians-extensive-digital-experience-for-the-sochi-2014-olympic-winter-games.html
  11. You're right, my mistake. From this page: http://www.bbc.com/sport/0/winter-olympics/25213838 BBC starts it TV coverage on the 7th, not the 6th.
  12. - Say goodbye to the cauldron - Adios! - See you in Sochi - They use the same one? - Just the flame - The same flame? Yeah right - They keep the flame alive - Do they? - They protect it in glass - For 4 years they keep it protected in glass? - It hasn't stopped burning - Since the first Olympics? ... That's bullshit. And thanks to NBC / CTV's coverage, no one in North America saw that.
  13. No, Thursday 3:30pm GMT marks BBC's first live coverage of sports on Day 0. The OC is the next day, at the expected time. The UK and Canada are two of the few countries with actual live TV coverage of sports on Thursday Feb 6th.
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