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  1. In which the United States will roll through the competition, perhaps even without Diana Tuarasi.
  2. Speaking of which, has Dara announced her future?
  3. What effect would a Winter World Cup have in the European football transfers? Because I think that would have to be taken under consideration.
  4. UFC Rio: Headlined by Anderson Silva. I wonder if Bruce Buffer can speak Portuguese.
  5. Awesome pictures. So anyone know which internationally famous hotel chain in Rio will room the basketball players?
  6. I don't know how Brazil is going to do in Athletics other than Fabiana Murer is probably the most likely Brazilian to medal in track and field.
  7. All of this bad hype surrounding the Commonwealth Games is crazy. I don't recall the 2010 FIFA World Cup getting this much bad hype a month before back in May.
  8. London 2012 is the end of NBC's current deal with the IOC.
  9. Jamaican Sprinter Veronica Campbell Brown says that she will not be at the Commonwealth Games. So which track and field athletes will be attending the games anyhow?
  10. One of the major advantages of a North American Olympics is that the local sports teams can plan accordingly when those Olympics actually come. And they have seven years to do so. I believe the same situation came up during the Vancouver Olympics. The Canucks were on the road the opening weekend of the Olympics. In 1996, Baseball's Atlanta Braves were on the road for two weeks, in 2002, the NBA's Utah Jazz were also nomads for two weeks. I would guess that same applied to Dodgers and Angels in 1984. In Toronto's case, the Blue Jays would be on the road for two weeks. If Toronto was to make a bid for the Winter Olympics, then the Maple Leafs and Raptors would be nomads.
  11. Actual channel....they do all Olympic sports (winter and summer) except tennis, golf, basketball and soccer, unless its Olympic replays. Of course, it's owned by NBC, so they really don't need to cover tennis or golf when NBC has those sports. Olympic soccer is irrelevant and basketball is largely an ESPN/ABC thing. They recently added rugby, ice hockey and lacrosse (even though that's not an Olympic sport) to their slate of sports programming. Link to official site: http://www.universalsports.com/
  12. According to the Universal Sports TV schedule for October, they are providing the American coverage of the Commonwealth Games.
  13. According to the Universal Sports schedule for August, they are providing the American TV coverage.
  14. Seattle would be interesting although there would need to be significant upgrades to the Key Arena. Qwest Field could host the opening and closing ceremonies as well as soccer. Also, Seattle has an advantage compared to those other cities in not having to build a track and field stadium from scratch because there's one at Husky Stadium. Husky Stadium can also double as a soccer venue if necessary. I have no idea what Safeco would be used for since baseball and softball are no longer Olympic sports.
  15. Especially if FIFA chooses Qatar over the United States, Australia and Europe.
  16. I wonder if one of the 15 broadcasters includes an American TV broadcaster, possibly Universal Sports.
  17. If Ralph Wilson dies though, all bets are off. Doh! I meant when! When Ralph Wilson dies though, all bets are off.
  18. Tennis will stick around as long as the best players in the world are committed to playing.
  19. I don't think he will lose his job over this unless for some reason NBC loses its Sunday Night NFL Package the next time the TV contracts expire.....or if they lose money because of Sunday Night Football.
  20. Better keep Tiger away from those strip clubs in Rio!
  21. Were any of the baseball stadiums a part of the Chicago 2016 bid even though baseball was removed as an Olympic sport? I'd also be curious what happens with Citi Field and Yankee Stadium in a future NYC bid.
  22. Also, what would be the plan for any Olympic Stadium after the Olympics?
  23. So is baseball at the Pan Am Games done the same way as Olympic baseball? In that the teams are chosen from the Minor Leagues or Winter Leagues?
  24. Right now, I think USA Track and Field is Status Quo, although they did win a lot at the recent indoor championships. As for swimming, Michael Phelps success in 2008 made me interested in watching the sport whenever he's on. I usually don't watch Swimming, but I'll watch it whenever he's on.
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