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  1. What is the minimum seating capacity for The Women's World Cup games? Because hosting the 2015 Women's World Cup could help Moncton, Quebec and Ottawa expand the Canadian Football League to 12 teams.
  2. Of course, but in the World Baseball Classic (BTW, a sorry excuse of an international tournament), players from Curacao are considered as Netherlands.
  3. In Europe the Netherlands could easily have a baseball team made up of players from Curacao.
  4. The chances of Baseball ever returning to the Olympics is probably 0%, especially if the Major Leagues say no. Unlike with the NHL, MLB won't disrupt their season for a month.
  5. Ryan Seacrest, who gained fame (and millions) because of his hosting duties on American Idol, will help host the London Olympics for NBC: http://www.deadline.com/2012/04/ryan-seacrest-to-help-host-london-olympics-for-nbc-and-stay-with-idol/
  6. Baseball was removed because of the lack of MLB players. If Major League Baseball decided to agree to allow their players to play in the Summer Olympics, it might be back.
  7. golf was added in the hopes that the world's best golfers would have a chance to compete at the Olympics.
  8. I think of pro wrestling, I think: United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Europe (the WWE always does well in Europe). Then again, they have done well in Qatar, UAE, Turkey and China. Who knows though, there could be millions of Brazilians who are as fanatical about the WWE as they are with football and MMA. Brazil is one of the last countries I would think of when I think pro wrestling. The WWE has done well with events in neighboring countries though (well, namely Ecuador, Chile and Argentina). I don't really know anything about Brazilian interest in the WWE, just seeing it from an outsiders prospective. However, Brazil is an emerging economy and the potential for a new market overseas while their American fanbase is diminishing is good for the company. Hopefully, you and the other Brazilians can fill me in, because I really don't know.
  9. Not sure if this is going to work out well:
  10. Would the theme to this year's opening ceremony be 50 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign?
  11. Depending upon a November 2012 referendum, 2012 could be the last time we see Puerto Rico in the opening ceremonies of an Olympic games. Also, am I correct in saying that the London games is a bit too soon for South Sudan to debut in the flag of South Sudan?
  12. I think it's likely that South Sudan will be under the IOC flag for London as I don't see them making their official Olympic debuts until Rio 2016.
  13. Another New York bid would probably end up with the Olympic Stadium becoming a home stadium for a second MLS New York team. As for Philly, I would think that Lincoln Financial Field would be used for the opening and closing ceremonies as well as the soccer matches. Track and field would take place over at the University of Pennsylvania's Franklin Field, where they have the Penn Relays every year. Of course, basketball would take place at the Wachovia Center. A few things are for certain in any USA bid: First, the Olympic Stadium would not be a "white elephant" venue after the games and second, that means that the Olympic Stadium will not be used for the IAAF World Championships, which I doubt the United States will ever host.
  14. A return of Baseball to the Olympics isn't likely to happen. It's not like Olympic Basketball or Olympic Hockey where the best players in the world compete. All you will see is what happened the last time baseball was in the Olympics: Minor Leaguers from the United States and Canada, second tier players from the Latin American countries who are playing in the domestic leagues, American Minor Leagues or in Asia and Japan without names like Ichiro or (if he signs) Yu Darvish.
  15. Argentina loses the bid, they will probably blame it on the West.
  16. Istanbul, Doha, Casablanca, Rabat, Dubai and Baku are the only ones likely. Besides, all of the other countries would likely be forced to cover up their female athletes.
  17. I saw Ms. Paes in an English language film once. Her English was decent.
  18. 2019 will go back to Europe, or even to China. I don't expect the United States to make a bid at all. The World Athletics Championship is one of a few that the United States will never host.
  19. If San Francisco were to be the host city in 2024, chances are that the 49ers will turn the SF Olympic Stadium into their home stadium after the games end, with a year in their current stadium as renovations to turn the Olympic Stadium into a football stadium get underway. The 49ers need a new stadium in the worst way as Candlestick Park is very old. Having the SF Olympic Stadium as their new home would mean that San Francisco can finally tear down Candlestick Park. Remember what happened in Atlanta with their Olympic Stadium? They tore down a part of that stadium, removed the track and it became Turner Field, the home of the Atlanta Braves, who were playing in Fulton County Stadium, which was very old. Had New York won 2012, the plan for the Olympic Stadium afterwards was that it was going to be a new stadium for the Jets, meaning that the Jets would have only spent one season in the Meadowlands. If New York was to bid again, I think that Olympic Stadium would be the home of a second New York MLS team, which has been rumored for a very long time. Farmers Field in Los Angeles isn't a done deal by any means. If Los Angeles bids again though, I wonder if they would try the Coliseum again like they did in 1984? Also, there had been talk of two NFL teams in Los Angeles, one at Farmers Field and one somewhere else in Los Angeles. Maybe if the Coliseum doesn't work out as an Olympic Stadium this time around and they build an actual Olympic stadium, the Olympic Stadium could host that second Los Angeles team. Or the Olympic Stadium could be reduced to be the home of MLS Chivas USA if they ever wanted to leave HD Center. Or the Olympic Stadium could be the home of USC or UCLA if either need a new stadium. I think had Chicago won 2016, they would have used the Olympic stadium after the games for many uses like concerts, high school sports, smaller colleges, festivals, trade shows, etc. If San Diego were to ever bid, the plan would be for the Olympic Stadium to become the home of the San Diego Chargers. Same would happen if Minneapolis ever bid and won, as their Olympic Stadium would become the new home of the Minnesota Vikings. Seating would be reduced and the track would be removed. Both Chargers and Vikings need new stadiums. Likewise, if the Canadian city of Toronto was to make an Olympic bid, their Olympic Stadium will either be to lure an NFL team (possibily the Buffalo Bills) or be the home of the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL. So there would likely be uses for Olympic stadiums in American cities, not all sports related though.
  20. At least American host cities have plans to use the Olympic Stadiums after the games to prevent White elephants.
  21. So if the United States were to ever bid, the venues would not be a problem. The cities would probably be: - Los Angeles (Rose Bowl, LA Coliseum, new LA NFL Stadium) - New York City (New Meadowlands Stadium) - Chicago (Soldier Field) - Miami (Sun Life Stadium) - Phoenix (U of Phoenix Stadium) - Dallas (Dallas Cowboys Stadium) - San Francisco (Candlestick Park) - Boston (Gilette Stadium) - Philadelphia (Lincoln Financial Field) - Houston (Reliant Stadium)
  22. What are the stadium requirements and number of stadiums needed for the RWC?
  23. If there is ever enough interest in the sport, then the United States can make a bid. Interest would be an issue, but as with an American bid in the FIFA World Cup, venues would not be.
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