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  1. Ah yes, Tennis, one of two Summer Olympic sports where there are millionaires representing their countries. A bronze medal is probably near the bottom of most Tennis players' list of goals.
  2. So the Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto FC are going to be nomads for the two weeks of the 2015 Pan American Games?
  3. The article mentions that he was President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Rio from 2005 to 2007. Didn't know such things existed outside the United States.
  4. http://www.thenational.ae/sport/other-sport/rios-grand-design-for-sports-is-taking-shape Barry Larkin is a baseball legend. All about Larkin: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barry_Larkin
  5. So all that Rio 2016 had to do was ask....so why didn't they do that?
  6. The only way that a Mixed Relay would work is if it's on the track.
  7. Sigh...Why doesn't baseball just give up this futile quest? http://www.insidethegames.biz/sports/2020-bidding-sports/350-baseball/1010910-baseball-prepares-for-ioc-inspection-in-germany-for-2020-olympic-bid
  8. Had Ben Johnson not been a drug cheat, would there have been a debate about who Canada's All Time Greatest Sprinter is?
  9. It doesn't hurt that over half of their roster is from Curacao.
  10. Liu was the Chinese only hope at a medal in the track and field outside of the hammer throw and race walk events. If China wants to finish at the very top of the medals table in Rio, they need to rapidly strengthen track and field.
  11. It's based on FIFA and UEFA. Great Britain does not exist in FIFA and UEFA. Instead it's England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. An exception was made for London due to being the host country. This to me is more driven by FIFA and UEFA.
  12. Dallas won't work, because the Dallas City Council is known all over the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for bickering like school children. They couldn't even agree to a new stadium for the Dallas Cowboys, which would have revived Fair Park. The result was that the Cowboys went to Arlington, in neighboring Tarrant County. They can't even agree on what to do with the Trinity River area, so what would make people think that they would even agree on a Dallas Olympic bid? They will kill it before it goes past them.
  13. Members of USA Track and Field who have said that they would try to make it to Rio: - LaShawn Merritt - Chaunte Lowe - Lashinda Demus - Allyson Felix (while not officially confirmed, she said that Rio was a definite possibility and that she has one more Olympics left in her) - Britney Reese - Jeremy Wariner - Michelle Carter - Dawn Harper (while not official, when asked about it by Matt Lauer on the Today Show "raise your hands if you are going to Rio" she raised her hand) - Kellie Wells (same as Dawn Harper) - Lolo Jones While they have yet to make their intentions known, I'd expect these USA Track and Field Athletes to try for Rio: - Ashton Eaton - Trey Hardee - Janay DeLoach - Christian Taylor - Will Claye - Aires Merritt - Jason Richardson - Galen Rupp - Leo Manzano - Nick Symmonds - Lopez Lomong - Michael Tinsley I don't know if we'll see any of these members of USA Track and Field for Rio: - Carmelita Jeter - Sanya Richards-Ross - Wallace Spearmon - Kerron Clement
  14. This should be a bit of good news for USA Track and Field: When asked on NBC about Rio, 200 Meter Gold medalist Allyson Felix said that Rio was a "definite possibility." 400 Meter Hurdles Silver Medalist Lashinda Demus said that she would get gold in Rio.
  15. Now that Sanya Richards-Ross has her gold medal, the pressure is on Allyson Felix to see if she can do the same in the 200 meters. Good for DeeDee Trotter, especially after all that she has gone through in both Athens and Beijing. Felix just ran a personal best in the 100 meters. I think Felix can pull it off.
  16. I think that the United States will win their first track gold medal of London tonight, as I think it will be Sanya Richards-Ross taking the gold in the Women's 400 meters. The last thing the United States needs is for Richards-Ross, Allyson Felix and Lashinda Demus to falter and fail to win gold and have Brittney Reese become the first American woman to win a gold medal in track.
  17. Track and Field just started and Russia is expected to do well there and Australia should get at least two medals (one of the finals is today).
  18. This will get Jamaica, Kenya and Ethiopia in the medal count. Also, this Olympics could easily seal the legacy of Allyson Felix, even if she does return to Rio in 2016.
  19. It will probably a big Carnival themed ceremonies, ending with Pele lighting the Olympic Torch.
  20. It looks like Rio 2016 will be the official Olympic debut of South Sudan: http://www.alarabiya.net/articles/2012/07/04/224315.html
  21. Even for Americans air travel is a harrowing experience, especially on domestic flights. I hear stories everyday about how Americans are furious with Airport security going overboard with their procedures, even to the point where they have to record airport security inappropriately touching little children for fear that the little children may have a bomb inside their body, which is 100% insane on the part of airport security. Of course, those recordings go up on Youtube, causing worldwide outrage.
  22. Quebec isn't a host city? We'll that's not that surprising. Isn't there focus on trying to get the Nordiques back?
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